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    Im @ work again, so no picture.

    My daily routine starts at 5am, and due to moving all this past week (love my new apartment) I've been seriously sore and tired, due to the neighbor's office shining a bright light in my bedroom all night (now I have a tapestry covering it so's I can sleep) and last night I went to bed too early. Thank god I did.

    Was woken up promptly by my girlfriend who was supposed to be staying at a friend's house for a round or two of drinks. Apparently they got into an arguement and she left her friend's place at 3 am, and walked to my place, drunk.

    She's an attractive female walking around drunk at 3am. Guess what happened?

    Well, at 4am, she stumbles up the steps, sobbing. I wake up, and go into protector mode, and she's sobbing and won't tell me what happened. I don't turn on the light because she's already freaking. But no, she wasn't assaulted, thank god, no she wasn't hurt, and no she wasn't mugged. She was accosted to some degree by a couple of hoodlums, who basically just scared the shit out of her.

    I basically just had to hold her while she cried herself to sleep until my alarm went off, and then I had to get ready for work. Normally, I'd have just called in and stayed with her, but I just missed the past week of work due to the move & hurting my back, so today is a very impotent day.

    My plans? Finish fixing up the apartment, make sure the female is alright, and quit bitching. And everything was going so well...

    EDIT: I came off sounding pissed at the girlfriend. I'm not. I'm pissed that she didn't catch a cab; that she was felt that she couldn't ask me for cab fare, that other things got in the way of her safety, I'm pissed that something terrible could have happened to her quite easily, while I slept. I'm pissed that it would have been very easy to prevent all of this.
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    Posing with a Floating Head

    Here I am posing with a floating head. Been reading, writing, drawing and teaching myself to play an instrument (well, kinda two). And felt that I needed to do all of them better and more. There's also a very annoying kid next doors who, in the last week, has gotten into the habit of yelling out for attention from his window. People seem to think it's cute. I think I now know why Nina Simone shot at her neighbor's kid.