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    I'm do volunteer work this community radio station and can't believe they've lasted 35 years. Radio shows are run ragtag group of vollies. Used to be more radical but has mellowed out gradually. Eclectic, raw and never dull. I never know what to expect. Best time to listen would be after midnite/graveyard if you're looking for interesting music. If only my radio reception was as good as the stream...
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2010 edited
    Tend to let the weekly Hour of Slack buzz around in the background when I don't have headwork to do. Mostly a seething mass of incoherent babbling and disturbing audio collages, but I do occasionally find some interesting bands in there. Most recently, the Pink Lincolns.

    Edit: Oh, wait; there is, of course a difference between an online radio station, and a radio show that's available online...