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    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2010
    Favoritest is probrably bringing in the new people & scaling Whitechapel for sustainability, from "c'mon it could be fun" to "anyone who tries to hug me will be shot dead."

    But god so much to love... Anything and everything KK-related, Arkady pushing at the boundaries of the package, flashback sequences that shed more light on who/what the 'angels are.

    And, because it's me, I have to say I really love coming to the boards here to talk about the strip and really get at the meat behind it, the ethics of the world post-push, the implications of mind control/erase, ideas, suspicions, and so on. I love that you give us food for thought and space to play with our food, as it were.
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    Luke and the hole in the head speech, yes. Give the man a BAFTA for that.
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    I took this question as an opportunity to re-read the whole webcomic, and to make notes while I did so, so this might be a little over-detailed as I go through all five fucking books like the absolute nutter I am:

    In the first book, I like the abundant dialogue scenes and how well they establish the characters. There was only one moment that later became an apparent inconsistency, in episode 10, when Kirk and Karl discuss their murder of Mark as if only Karl was involved directly in it -- and in book four, it is revealed both of them were directly involved.

    In episode 5, a lot of exposition is delivered, but Alice pauses it to thank Connor for the bandages (which are sloppy, exposing his lack of experience). That was a nice touch, inserted smoothly between changes of subject. Luke is always an interesting character, and the moment he's lying face-down on the ground muttering "I'm going to fucking kill you one day Kirk" (episode 9) establishes his grudge against the Freakangels in general quite well, and it's interesting that later, in episode 69, he doesn't kill Kirk when he has the chance to, revealing a reedeming quality to his character, even if he clearly intended to be admired for his "mercy".

    Arkady is introduced. Of course, like everyone else, I love Arkady, especially how quickly her mood swings. In episode 11, she gives Luke a second of her overdose experience to subdue him (excellent splash page) and then threatens him. On the next episode, she's hopping around being lovely and helpful to everyone, in a contrast that defines her unpredictable personality. And in episode 13, she can't help smiling, almost naughtily, when someone asks about Luke, to which she replies "Luke's keeping out of trouble".

    In episode 15, the relationship between Jack and Sirkka is summed up with perfection by Jack: "You've got like twenty people in your bed right now, Sirkka. You wouldn't be able to see me if I was in the fucking room with you." Sirkka goes on to protagonise another of my favorite moments, in episode 22, when she and a bunch of semi-naked people get a huge minigun ready to fire against an oncoming boat attack. The last panel is brilliantly drawn, with the projectiles coming out in a spiral.

    On to book two. In episode 28, the mass-call held by the Freakangels as the day is ending is quite well-written, and the first panel of episode 29 is fantastic (Miki touching a little girl's belly and making it transparent to see the organs). From then on, there's a series of memorable character moments, such as Miki asking if there's anything she can help with, and her reaction to the little girl's mother replying "Not unless you can roll back the tide and give us our lives back". In episode 31, there is an interesting flashback that contrasts Arkady then and Arkady now. But my favorite of these character moments is Alice's reaction upon eating a fresh strawberry (episode 34).

    Then, action. Episode 36 has an amazing splash page of six Freakangels with glowing eyes that I quite love for its eerieness (and, of course, the insanely beautiful art). Episode 38 has a great conversation between Kait and Arkady, and then back to the action in episode 40 when KK and Carolyn use their powers against three attackers in a frightening display of power.

    Arkady teleporting everyone in episode 43, another amazing splash page. Miki doing the talking in episode 44, and the static line call in episodes 45 and 46. Miki telling Kirk they have to grow up all the way was a nice bit. Oh, and “Anyone who tries to hug me will be shot dead.” I also like KK teasing Connor and getting the armpit on episode 47, because it's good to see them act like they like each other after the amount of arguing they've just done. Oh, and Alice going "I still didn't get any fooking dinner" was a perfect end to book two.

    Book three. Great splash page with Kaitlyn on episode 50, and I love her little flashback on episode 51. Episode 52 has "Chikkinz!", and episode 54 has a hilarious moment when Arkady is freaked out by a dead body, to disastrous results, leading to a great line by Kaitlyn on episode 55 ("The damp kind.")

    I like Alice taking matters into her own hands (i.e. using a trash can lid on Luke's face) in episode 58, as well as Alice and Carolyn playing the in-and-out game beforehand. Episode 60 has the great moment the torture pit is revealed, where a very good exchange between Kirk and chained-up Luke happens in episode 63. I like the entirety of episode 64 for being comprised of splash pages that work both visually and narratively, and then there's Luke's escape attempt in episode 68, where he proves he's cleverer than he seems. There's his aforementioned "mercy" moment in episode 69, followed of course by him shooting down KK's bike, which leads to an excellent splash page of KK crashing it into a roof in episode 71.

    Book four. How the world ended. I love Luke's line in episode 74: “We don’t really have the time for you to fuck everyone into submission, Sirkka, darling.” And in episode 75, the dark side of Mark's personality is further foreshadowed by the way he makes a cop's head explode when the cop no longer posed a threat, having been trapped inside a crushed police car.

    I like that the end of the world is never explicitly shown, and that in episode 81, we only see the aftermath through the Freakangels' eyes.

    In episode 86, back to the present, I like Arkady's vision (as it elegantly foreshadows that the Freakangels cannot die) and Luke frustratingly going "why does everybody fucking hate me". Then he's killed in episode 89, and Paul draws the shit out of this scene. We go back to Mark and Kait, when Mark is about to attack Kait and is surprised by the other Freakangels (episode 90), and the Freakangels laughing in delight at the fact they've just rebuilt the building they took down (episode 92), followed by Kait trying the door and realizing they didn't do it that well (episode 93).

    Book five. It's great, how the narration in episode 97 is revealed to be Luke trying to understand what the fuck is going on. Then there's the "Fuck. My. Life." panel on Episode 98, and Luke's rant starts, kicking off two absolutely fantastic episodes (in the beggining of episode 99, when Luke is interrupted, his expression and body gesture as he pauses are absolutely perfect). The rant ends in the first half of episode 100, which starts with a wonderful splash page, followed by another when Arkady convinces Connor to stay by dumping episodes 98 and 99 in his head (episode 103).

    And finally, the last panel of episode 104. Of course.

    At this point, it's almost if not in fact utterly needless to say I'm loving this webcomic. Congratulations and thanks to Warren, Paul (feel better, man), Alana, Ariana and everyone else involved.
    • CommentAuthorDarkest
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2010
    I quite like the opening sequence. The panels really stuck in my head. I'm having quite a lot of difficulty pinning a specific one down on accout of it all being amazing.
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    I love the empty, deserted, crumbling urban vistas; they all seem so eerily quiet. One of the endearing things about Freakangels is the frequent undercutting of tone after an epic speech or development: "Who does that? Who forgets how doors work? If any of you ever try to build anything for me I will shoot you." (Episode 0093)

    By the way, when Paul recovers from his bout of ill health is anyone going to tell him that the four-digit numbering scheme means that he's going to have to illustrate another 895 episodes?
    • CommentAuthorrobb
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2010
    I was able to look at man with a hole in his head bleed and bleed and bleed for the length of the strip-long monologue yet I was intrigued by what he was saying. It felt “natural” despite the absurdity. Proper visual story telling.
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2010
    Luke asking for a painkiller for his head-ache after being shot through the head. I would suffer a lot more than just a head-ache after getting a bullet like that.... if I would still suffer. ;-)

    "Chickinzzzz!!!!" And many other sequences involving Arkady. She is just such a changing girl, hard to get a grip on. And yet so understandable, sometimes so childish, sometimes the most mature of all.

    "Anyone who tries to hug me will be shot."

    and much, much more.
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    Thinking back through the series to try and find a favoured moment that hasn't already been mentioned I landed on Luke hurling Kirk across the floor like an avenging angel, his eyes aglow, a halo of raw power flickering around his head and the rain pissing down in ep 69. Had me thinking "He's totally lost it - Kirk is dead".

    The fact that he hadn't and Kirk wasn't just made it even better.

    I'm also inordinately fond of the Kait/Arkady/Miki/Chikkinz slapstick sequence - the way it degenerates from a police procedural to complete anarchy and then snaps back again is comedy of the highest order.

    Miki's "decoration" of Luke's forehead is also a favourite. A bit of uncharacteristicly juvenile behaviour from one of the more mature 'Angels.
    • CommentAuthorNebula
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2010
    Arkady- " I has Chikkinz!!!"
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2010
    The top moment for me is still watching the slow, steady sunset in the second chapter. There've been some amazing, hilarious, and jaw-dropping scenes and panels since then, but for sheer beauty and craft, that's what does it for me.

    Also - Chikkinz.
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    If I was asked this question 5 minutes ago, I'd have had to say "Chikkinz". Now, however, I think it's got to be today's episode (107), page 4 panel 4. That's one scary chick.
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    never should have entered this thread. since i very recently started reading it hehe. i'm new here by the way:)
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    I like the young Freakangels looking up at the sky after the Big Push.

    Although, "Chikkinz!" is a very close second. Arkady's delight in the simple things is infectious. As is her skewed priorities: "It smells like poo!"
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2010
    I'm afraid I can't remember too far back, but I know there have been a lot. Recently, definitely Luke's zombie sequence, and Miki drawing a dong on his head. Arkady bitchin' out Jack. Alice has a lot of good moments too.
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2010
    The ones that make my skin all tingly:

    Any time the glowy eyes happen in a group - one person doing it, it's cool (KK sobering herself up) but there is something so completely inhuman about it that really shows up in numbers.

    The mostly white panel of Luke reacting to Arkady's second of OD.

    Any images of the tower that show its height.

    The breaking and re-building of the building. Especially the door.

    Kait cracking jokes, even (especially) when they are unintentional.

    Also, I love Alice and her moments. She walks into conversations at the best times.