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    CROOKED LITTLE VEIN is my comfort read. When I am tired of everything else or just particularly annoyed at the world, I read it. Beyond his blog entries, which I suppose drew me into reading the book to begin with, CROOKED LITTLE VEIN stands as my introduction to Warren's work. While I do enjoy Warren's work in comics, I have never had a strong interest in the medium, which leads to a preference for SHIVERING SANDS, DO ANYTHING, and AVAILABLE LIGHT. When I finally get around to reading COME IN ALONE, it will likely go beside them.

    Though they may not be on top, I do love both TRANSMETROPOLITAN and FELL and I've been enjoying SUPERGOD. Never miss FREAKANGELS either.
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    Ok, I don't know if anyone said it (too many post to go through them all) but I will go with some really old things:

    Dr. Doom 2099

    I have a hidden spot for the 2099 universe, that was when I began to buy comic books, I got in the midde of the chaos of the age of apocalipsis and mistook deadpool for spiderman in a cover!

    I think I have most of the 2099 titles, and what really stands out there is the Doom 2099 of warren ellis. If i dont remember worng (might be!!) it was when doom conquered america. good stuff. At least in my memory!

    and of "newer" things:

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    I like

    and most everything.
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    Mostly in order:

    1. Freakangels
    2. Anna Mercury/Ignition City (sorry but these tie as sort of female-empowerment action-adventure red head shoot out)
    3. Transmetropolitan
    4. Planetary
    5. No Hero
    6. Black Summer
    7. Astonishing Ellis-Men *just clumping all three arcs together*

    Loved Do Anything, then Come in Alone, and I missed a good majority of the Bad Signal emails.
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    as there is still no love for any of his marvel things I will come up with another one that shocked me in its day and Im still trying to get (the spanish edition)


    Might not be the best of its work, but I'm considering here the shock of being used to read a "happy" marvel universe comics and came across this destruction of it.
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    Mostly in order

    Stormwatch / The Authority (first Ellis's books i've read)
    Black Summer
    No Hero
    Desolation Jones

    But in fact i likes every single thing i've read by M.Ellis so far...
    Crook Little Vein had just been plublished in french, so that i can be able to get it pretty soon
    Can't wait for SuperGod TPB, NewUniversal II (?!?)...
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    -Ocean this title is still my favorite read by Mr. Ellis
    -CROOKED LITTLE VEIN goes is a separate drawer. Fun read!

    I still hold out hopes for A History of the World from the mind of Warren Ellis but I have serious doubts if it will be.
    On and on and on.....just about anything from his mind is rewarding in some way.
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    Different books for different moods, but some of those stories are unbeatable. Transmet, Nextwave, Planetary... I can't read a page without reading the entirety of whichever volume is in my hand.

    @Jack Crow - you've just reminded me of an untapped Ellis vein! I've still got to read some of those, and 2099 was a favourite for awhile. I certainly liked Spidey 2099 more than the whiney 90's one...
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    In order for me:
    Black Summer
    No Hero
    The Authority
    Everything else
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    Hey, I second Jack. The Authority and Planetary were game changers, but I have some fond memories of Warren's early Marvel work too. I loved the 2099 books, Worldengine or his Excalibur run with Carlos Pacheco.

    One thing that comes to my mind is a Dv8 issue... I've forgotten the details but Michael Lopez was on pencils and there's this panel with a girl lying on a bed because of... some drugs, maybe? Back then, I thought It was a breathtaking story. I should look for that one and give It a reread.

    Also, City of Silence, anyone?
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    Desolation Jones
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    city of silence..just readed it once. Have to read it more.

    I also just remembered a brief run in THOR mid 90's....again in the same touching period of being totally unprotected to Ellis' radioactive exposure I went to find a story where nord things die and the hero of the story (not thor, some constantine wannabe, or i recall it like that....) was smashed to death.

    This weekend I just went and purchaused Crecy and Frankentein┬┤s Womb....just wow, if someone says he has lost the touch lately, they should read that comics...
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    Ignition City, for sure. There's just something about the fusion of the hopeless futurism mixed with a classic Western revenge narrative that gets me off.
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    I'm still reading everything I can get from Ellis and besides Freakangels ( which is my favourite so far) I like really alot of:

    Global Frequency
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    I'm certain Marvel is never going to publish any work which is going to be better at pisstaking everything ABOUT Marvel while celebrating the creative wonder of the comics medium...than NEXTwave: Agents of HATE.

    Why Joe Q continues to publish comics when they've already sold and shoved aside the best book Marvel has ever seen, or ever will, is beyond me.
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    I have a soft spot for Strange Kiss and a softer spot for Available Light.
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    the one's that made me do it ;)
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    Desolation Jones, Transmet and Nextwave
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    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2010
    I am completely obsessed with the Doktor...
    Where's my fucking jet pack?