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    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2011
    I troll on here too much... used to post a lot I swear... but... I had to comment.
    I've had my Droid for about 8 months now... the original Motorola Droid (on Verizon) so I've had plenty of time to play.
    I don't download too many games, because the original Droid lags out a bit too much for my tastes, but I do still play Dragon Hunter, Stupid Zombie, Angry Birds, and Alchemy. Alchemy is fun as hell as a time waster when standing in line or in a waiting room at a doctor or the DMV.

    As far as non-game apps go...

    Urbanspoon - To help me decide where to eat if I'm going out.
    Machinima - For gaming whatsits... and Mortal Kombat Legacy.
    Fandango - The check movie times.
    Strava - A biking app to keep track of my rides, how long and how far.
    Mixology - For drinking, 'nuff said.
    Kayak - For flights and other travel stuff, it searching all of the travel sites to find you the best deal.
    About 20 Soundboards... I like movies...
    Boing Boing - Self Explanatory.
    PB Tech Digest - A Tech news rss aggregate.
    Ghost Radar - Obviously fake, but fun. Tells you if there are ghosts nearby.
    EMF Detector - Once again, probably fake (who knows with all the hardware in these things) but fun.
    Lightning Bug - White noise generator, helps me sleep sometimes.
    Ebay and Paypal
    MtG Tracker - Lets me build Magic: The Gathering decks, and store info on them.
    MunchLevel - A Level counter for Munchkin... I suck at math.
    Color Flashlight - Flashlight app that can do strobe, colors, spirals, and other amusing things.
    Verizon Data Usage
    Wikitude - It's a GPS/"what's around me" app, that is working on putting out a GPS that uses your camera to actually give you a HUD... awesome.
    Google Docs, Talk, Calendar, Gmail, Goggles, Books, Earth, Sky Map, Translate
    Trillian - For instant messaging.
    MoonPhase - Shows me the phase of the moon, has a nice widget.
    Twitter and Facebook
    IMDB - I look up stuff on their site all the time, so it's useful.
    Slacker Radio - I hate Pandora, and Slacker is just... fun.
    SoundHound - Basically Shazam.
    Kindle, Amazon Mp3, Barcode Scanner, Foursquare (never use it, but I have it... *shrug*),,
    ING - For my bank account.
    Haunted Sights - A list of supposedly Haunted locations... it's actually kinda useful if you're into that sort of thing.
    Horror Clock - Uses "horror like" fonts for a clock widget.
    gStrings - A guitar tuner, and it's actually really accurate.
    Mr. Number Caller ID - Uses it's database to see if anyone who uses the app has the phone number that's trying to call you to tell you who it might be. Only useful if you agree to share your contacts with it, but it's very secure and private, so...
    My Tracks - Another biking app for keeping track of how long I'm riding, etc.
    Open Spot - Database for parking spots, pretty cool, and has come in handy in a city or at the beach. You simple look for an open spot, post when you're leaving your spot, etc.
    ROM Gripper - video game console emulator. Nothing like playing NES games on your Droid.
    Same MMS.
    Scary Wallpapers - I only got this so I could have this one really cool background they have of zombie arms. Really high quality wallpapers though.
    Sonic Screwdriver - All the Doctor Who screwdrivers, with sound!
    Spare Parts - List of harder to find, less used, but important phone settings.
    XBOX Life Statistics - Syncs with my XBOX Live account, I can see when friends are on, what they are playing, and even send messages.
    Zombie Run! - Uses GPS to see where you are, brings up a map, and puts zombies on it moving towards you. You designate a destination and then try to get there avoiding the Zombies. TONS of fun.

    That's not quite all of mine... but that's the majority of them. I don't use them all THAT frequently... but I do use them all haha.
    If you have any suggestions, feel free... I love playing with new apps.
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    Just got a G2X today, so I'm adding for further playing around/research this week. Thanks all for the thread
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    @ravnos - Nice list. I'm playing Stupid Zombies now, but I'm not sure whether to thank or curse you. ;)
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    Muahahahahaha. Stupid Zombies has this atari feel to it for me for some reason. Like playing Tank! for the Atari 2600... Ah nostalgia.
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    I switched my calender to Jorte and haven't looked back. Also, K-9 for e-mail.
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    I have tried getting into keeping a calender first via google, and right after I got my Droid... but I just can't do it. Cannot keep myself organized that way. Not sure why. Calenders are just not for me.

    I did just acquire the Google+ app, and PB Tech Digest, which is basically an rss feed that is pre-loaded with a wide variety of techy news sites (I snagged it just for Ars Technica).
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2011
    I started using SwiftKey x today, it was amazons free app of the day. I had tried the demo but am to cheap to pay for it. So far so very good.
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2011
    I finally rooted my phone which gives me complete control over everything on my phone, it was not as easy as I hoped using a Droid X, the one click is not supported, but I found a way, through LifeHacker, to root and maintain GB. I'll be honest, the first thing I did was get rid of Blockbuster bloat apps. Also, some of these apps are paid, some of which I got for from through the Amazon appstore but some I ponied up for because they are essential, to me, to make all of the automations that I want.

    Adfree - Removes some pesky adds, Scrabble defies it.
    Advanced Task Manager - I use this for the Autokill feature that kills processes on screen off
    Android Assistant - A much better viewer of the active processes and has in depth information on start-up and other tasks
    Antivirus Free - Scans freshly installed apps
    Amazon Appstore - Daily Free (usually paid) apps
    Connectbot - SSH terminal emulator and
    ConvertPad - pretty wild conversion app
    Docs - Access to Google docs
    Dolphin Browser - Strong browser, sometime I use Miren though.
    Droid X Bootstrapper - Required for ROOT
    GO Launcher EX - My launcher of choice
    Hacker's Keyboard - I use this keyboard if I am in connectbot or Terminal Emulator
    Jorte - excellent calendar app
    JuiceDefender - I am still messing with this it is supposed to help with battery life.
    K-9 Mail - Much, much better mail app. (with Doctor Who reference)
    Link Shortener for TinyURL - Self explanatory
    Netflix - Sometimes I get bored, chews the shit out of the battery.
    On Air - File transfer over WiFi (still working on this one)
    Picplz - Fast photo upload to Flickr
    Quick Boot - Reboot with very few clicks also easy access to Recovery and Bootloader.
    Root Explorer - Best way to access the root power of you phone (easy access to remove bloatware)
    ShootMe - Take screen shots
    SwiftKey X - My primary key board
    Tasker - This app lets you automate pretty much everything, I am still tinkering with it, so far I've automated the times for WIFI to turn on and off, when to set night mode and to only turn on GPS when I open Maps or Navigation.
    Terminal Emulator - Linux terminal
    Titanium Backup - Backup everything on schedule, both apps and settings.
    TweetDeck - Twitter and Facebook updates.
    z4root - The root master.
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    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2012
    I'm sorry for digging up this thread but I acquired an Android device (HTC Explorer, cool low cost smartphone) and I'm looking for apps to read eBooks. I have Moon Reader but just found out it doesn't support PDF.

    Gmail, Reader, Sky Map (don't know why, I can't find Google Goggles through the Market app)
    Opera Mobile
    Advanced Task Killer
    App 2 SD Free
    Go SMS Pro
    Go Contacts
    Antivirus Free
    Barcode Scanner
    Comixcology (haven't tried it yet)
    Fruit Ninja-slice fruits and get points
    Snappy Dragons-Angry Birds without the birds where you shoot fireballs
    Dragon Fly!-try to fly away as long as you can before mother dragon finds you
    Drop and Give Me Twenty-thanks whoever recommend it, it's such a simple and useful app

    I still have to root it to uninstall all the crap the provider puts on.
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    Get rid of Advanced Task Killer. Task Killers in general are a bad idea, as they tend to kill system processes that automatically start up again, which causes stability issues and makes your battery drain even faster. Apps that aren't in use generally aren't actively running anyway (unless they're e-mail or reader type applications that need to routinely sync, and you shouldn't want to use a task killer on those). Apps that are using the CPU when they aren't active are generally doing so because they're badly coded, in which case it's better to get rid of them altogether then to rely on another app to shut them down routinely. And if you need those apps, you can kill them manually through the system itself.
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2012
    I was considering opening a new thread but spotted this one still clinging to life. It's over a year since I posted about my noobish infatuation with QR codes (which lasted all of 5 minutes) and 6 months since the last post to this thread, so fingers crossed it hasn't sunk so far nobody notices it.

    Royal Mail permitting, today I join Generation Tablet. It'll be running Ice Cream Sandwich and was wondering if any of you old Android/tablet pros have any more-recent recommendations for handy apps, tweaks and the like; particularly one I can use for entering lots and lots of text, along the lines of a word processing jobby? It's (supposed to be) coming with a keyboard dock/case already.

    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2012
    @Foamhead: I have to confess to being obsessed with QR codes for 26 minutes or so as well. I'm pretty sure there is documented proof earlier in the thread.
    As far as apps for tablets, here are a few I've found helpful on my Toshiba Thrive (still on Honeycomb):

    Folder Organizer - Allows you to tag apps and make folders out of the tags.
    Handrite - A handwriting app that I found useful when taking notes.
    Pefect Viewer - Great comic book reader
    PS Touch - Photoshop for your tablet. So cool.
    SketchBook - Also nice for doodling and drawing.
    Just Notepad - I use this for word processing, but I don't do much of that on my tablet.
    Sworkit - Convenient workout creation.
    Solid Explorer - Great folder viewing app that incorporates FTP and Dropbox as well.