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    what are the top few live shows you have ever seen? bands, venue size, performance notes and general storytelling is highly encouraged. just a start: my absolute favorites were seeing TEAR IT UP both times-once in my friends living room with DOWN IN FLAMES in front of an absolutely packed people-in-th-kitchen-jumping-off-of counters crowd of 30, the other was in LA at the smell with:

    LIFE'S HALT (last show ever)
    FUERZA X (all the way from brazil)

    packed house, 400+(?) kids going completely insane, people flown from all over the world for that one. one of the most totally nuts 24 hours of my life with the road trip and such. i accidentally killed a duck at lincoln park (uh, i think) when i was trying to save it, we got lost in little tokyo, i woke up at the beach without remembering that we had left phoenix, etc, etc,etc...i could go on. i love hearing these stories! i want to hear yours!
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    Off the top of my head:

    1) DAFT PUNK (Toronto '07)
    2) FLAMING LIPS (Detroit '06)

    rest of the best, not in order...

    THE RAPTURE (Detroit '07)
    SLOAN (Sault Ste Marie, Ontario '03)
    BLOC PARTY (Royal Oak, MI '07)
    !!! (Detroit '07)
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    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds + Mercury Rev (Brixton, London, 2004)
    David Bowie (Royal Festival Hall, London 2002 - Meltdown festival)
    Apoptygma Berzerk (Bradford, 2007 - Infest)
    The Cure (Hyde Park, London, 2002)
    Ardor & The Toxic Blood Dollz (The Cockpit, Leeds, 2006 - Beyond The Veil)
    Robyn Hitchcock + Rasputina (Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, last week)
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    Seeing Iron Maiden in Brixton when they were only playing stuff off the first four albums was amazing. The early stuff is always better and seeing them in a venue that was pretty intimate by their standards was great. There's nothing quite like wallowing in nostalgia for the good old days.

    Whitehouse live damn near took my head off. A combination of hardcore alcohol abuse, punishing soundscapes and the fact that I got groped by Peter Sotos made that one particularly memorable.

    Seeing My Dying Bride in Bradford with a bunch of people who had driven all the way up from Cambridge was pretty special. A friend had been killed in a road accident that morning and I only found out when I showed up to the gig and everyone looked miserable as sin. The band were amazing and the crushing misery of the music was more appropriate than ever.

    Lastly, seeing The Misfits live was something I'll never forget. There was only Jerry Only left from any kind of line up I recognise but they played every single goddamn Misfits song in the world and then hung around signing everything in sight and chatting to the drooling fans. I was drunk as a bastard and vaguely remember offering Jerry Only oral sex but he was clearly used to that kind of weirdness and very kindly refrained from braining me with his bass guitar.
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    1 Radiohead at Glastonbury.
    They had this mini-documentary on telly interviewing random people in the street asking them what the best moment in thier lives was. Everyone said things like wedding, baby being born, passing an exam. Sod that I saw Radiohead at Glastonbury. The glastonbury part was probably more important than the radiohead part.
    2. AFI at the Forum in Kentish Town. Seen them a few time since then, and even if thier latest album is a pile of wank they are still one of the best live bands.
    3. Black Sabbath at the Civic Centre. A tiny fucking hall in the shitty town where I live, a warm up gig before they did the Download festival a couple of years ago. They were the definition of rock. Even though they're all 50+ now.
    4. Nine Inch Nails at the Brixton Academy. The best live band I've ever seen.
    5. Flogging Molly at Reading. Played a mellow set on the main stage in the morning then one of the most energetic sets I've seen in the Punk tent in the evening. It was insane. I nearly died. My friend accidently elbowed his girlfriend in the face, then lost his t-shirt.

    Also amazing: Prodigy at Download, Tool at Download, Bloc Party at the Astoria, Death Cab For Cutie at the Astoria. Arcade Fire at Reading, Smashing Pumpkins at Reading, Dirty Pretty Things at Brixton, Machinehead at Download, Enter Shikari at Download, Muse at Reading, My Ruin at The Garage, Dresden Dolls at The Roundhouse, Sick Of It All at Reading, Flaming Lips at Glastonbury, Howling Bells at Reading, I'm probably forgetting a load..
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    @ATOMIC SLOTH-AFI live used to be UNBELIEVABLE. the shows from like 96-99 were some of my favorite ever. just pure fury. especially the first time through after SHUT YOUR MOUTH, that definitely goes in my list-


    in a room that was too small, with a six inch "stage" that kids were still flipping off of. kids were diving off of my back as i was sharing the mic with davey havok-unreal. it was the first time i saw actual hardcore dancing, it was pouring all day (strange in the desert)and i had lost my virginity about 20 hours beforehand :). i was a happy, happy guy that weekend!!

    NIN at brixton- did that happen to be the same show as the infamous ATARI TEENAGE RIOT noise set?
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    Since everybody seems to be using caps...

    ROB ZOMBIE @ The Orange Pavilion in San Bernadino, CA
    Giant Robots + Strippers + Monsters + Fire = Win.

    GOGOL BORDELLO @ The House of (everything but) Blues in Anaheim, CA
    Eugene and Co. were spracked out on Red Bull and flying all over the place. He even crowd surfed on a fucking marching bass drum. Elijah Wood always seems to be hanging off to the side of the stage when I see them. (Yeah, I know he's dating one of the girls)

    ANTI-FLAG @ Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA
    Chain is such a small venue and so many people showed up that any kind of law & order went right out the window. Met Justin Sane after the show. really cool guy.

    THE MARS VOLTA @ The UCI Bren Events Center in Irvine, CA
    It's better if you know their back catalog, because it was all a giant solo session. It was interesting to focus in on a certain sound and watch the musician have fun with it.

    NOMEANSNO @ The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA
    I'm just glad I got to see them before one of the members croaks. They still play like they're in their 20s. Great Band!!!

    BAD RELIGION @ The Cox Arena (lol) in San Diego, CA
    I had a backstage pass for doing some stage work with opening act, El Centro.

    Les Claypool, Buckethead, Brian Mantia and Bernie Worrel packed that venue tighter than I'd ever seen before. The sheer energy flowing throughout the room would have made Tesla proud. I got tired during the last 10 minutes of their 3 hour show and decided to head back, except that I was trapped up front by the crowd.
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    Les Claypool, Buckethead, Brian Mantia and Bernie Worrel packed that venue tighter than I'd ever seen before. The sheer energy flowing throughout the room would have made Tesla proud. I got tired during the last 10 minutes of their 3 hour show and decided to head back, except that I was trapped up front by the crowd.

    I am jealous.

    As for me:
    Foo Fighters at the Oracle Arena in Oakland this last Saturday
    Gogol Bordello at The Fillmore, September 2007
    Primus at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, spring 2004
    Flogging Molly at the Empire in Sacramento, November 2007
    Queens Of The Stone Age at the Warfield in SF, December 2007
    The Phenomenauts at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma in September 2007

    I've seen bunches of other shows between these, but these ones are either fresher in memory or more memorable. I also saw Gogol Bordello open for Primus back in 2006, but I forget the name of the venue.
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    I also saw Gogol Bordello open for Primus back in 2006.

    I saw that tour also, but I was pretty let down. I'm sure it had to do with the fact that it was in UCSD's basketball court. Les made a couple of Pep Rally jokes, and berated some guy for giving him the finger like it was a "thumbs up"

    He seemed really ticked off and it kind of came out in his music. That's not the Les I know and love. :(
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    I'm breaking the CAPS thing here, but:

    King Prawn@Salisbury corn exchange. My first gig, at a provincial town hall nonetheless. Introduced me to the joys of skanking like a motherfucker, and the masochistic pleasure of post -gig tinatus. Plus, one of the only punk gigs I've been to that seemed to have a genuine sense of unity.

    Tomahawk@The Melkveg, Amsterdam. Got to see Mike Patton work his twisted magic for the first time live, and The Melvins were the best warm up act a band (or a fan) could hope for.

    Super Furry Animals@Brighton Dome. Awesome setlist, awesome stage design, a bonus DJ set, a serrupticious doobie in the crowd without getting yanked by security, and yeti suits.

    PUSA@ London Astoria. Everyone there seemed to be a fan from back in the day, and the crowd exploded from note one of song one until the end of the show. I think the band were expecting a slightly more muted reception, and the pleasently surprised look on their faces made the evening.
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    THE RAMONES - NYC 1993

    Nothing will ever top that night, not a single thing and definitely no other band for sure.
    Simple as that, fundamentally the BEST live show i have ever been to and will ever see.
    That would explain why im always posting Ramones video and singing thier praises.
    Even better theres actually footage of that show on youtube(not very good), i remember being near the front and i actually had hair at the time.

    Social Distortion - every time ive seen them 10+ but particularly in the early 1990's.
    ALways hardcore and tight, one of the best R&R bands out there doing thier own thing blending genre's, and Mike Ness easily has one of rock & roll''s greatest voices of all times.

    Agent Orange - 2007 in a small club here in Baltimore, unbeliveable how fast and hard they played and how good they sounded and how the youngest of kids knew the lyrices to songs almost 25 years old from a band most people never heard of, lotsa stage diving including my old ass and a helluva circle pit with no BS..great time.

    Bad Religion - everytime.

    The Cramps - one time, wow.

    Rollins Band - every time..especially in the 90's.

    Supersuckers, always fun...going again this Thursday.

    MISFITS 2007 - right after a lousy Danzig show the previous weeks, where Glenn fell off the stage and broke his shoulder.
    At the Misfits show which was Dez Cadena, robo both formerly of Black Flag and Robo with the Misfits along with Jerry in a small club playing both classic Misfits and Black flag tunes, thats what mmy avatar is from...i had met Jerry a lot of times, from doing Horror film conventions and going to shows, but this show felt like a real old school show with a small bar of maybe 150-160 people and loud amps, stage diving, pits, just a great night and Jerry Only is the nicest dude in music ive ever met.We also got him to say Fuck Glenn on camera which was really funny.

    Anyone that knows the real BS that Danzig caused by trying to keep everything for himself and then not letting them perform as the Misfits til they took his ass to court would find that funny, people always priase Glenn and sure he was a talented vocalist and worte some great lyrics, but as far as the look and the collaboration, Jerry and Doyle even tried to get Glenn on baord after he didn't want to pay them when they wanted to reform in the nineties, and he basically told them to f off, so they went out got Graves and Hideous, neither of whom i was real fond of, just not vocally.Id rather Jerry belt the tunes out monotone while playing bass.They still play well and are tighter thane ever and the addition of Dez singing back-up since he used to sing lead in Black Flag before rollins, works out nicely.
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    speaking of danzig...if youve ever seen the video of him getting knocked out, that was my editor for one of the sites i write for. he is a scary dude!
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    I've gotta say, that Misfits + Black Flag combo sounds mighty tastey.

    And this always makes me laugh...
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    yup, thats the guy (danny) i went to the comiccon and fucked with people with. we are imposing, him much more so.
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    Should have stopped by Glenn's booth and said "hi' ;)
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    @ Joe, yeah Glenns a little guy..wide in the shoulders but around 5'4..he does know a helluva a lot of MA, seriously.
    In his defense in that vid, the guys foreram grazes him and its a slippery linoleum floor, but he initiated it by pushing the guy first trying to show off, it would haev been interesting to see them go toe to toe if the people had formed a barricade right after he slipped/fell.

    When we saw him he sounded good, and Doyles band opened for him and the promise was that after all the Danzig and Samhain songs there would be a Doyle and danzig doing classic Misfits songs set, which never happenned because Glenn fell.
    Nobody knew he broke his shoulder till later on, we waited by his bus and got a bunch of shit for handing a graves era Misfits poster to his entourage to take on the bus for him to sign since he wouldn't come out and sign, the guys said thats Jerry's shit hes gonna rip it up and you might ont get it back, he signed it..but the helper said Glenn's got a message for you guys " Thast disrespectful and its also a bootleg" bwahhhh, i said tell "Dad i said thanks for straightening us out"...

    We told Jerry the story when we saw the Misfits a week later and he was laughing his ass off, he looked at the poster and said he couldn't believe Glenn signed it, plus we talked about some other shit he gave me some freebies for my kid, we talked about the Ramones, since Marky doesn't play with them anymore and i had met Marky a week earlier for some Sirius appearence he was making in town.


    @Octegon..Black Flag sung by Dez Cadena and with robo on Drums and Jerry on Bass...equaled pure chaos..Rise Above, My War...Tv Party...marky

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    It's been so long since I went to a lot of shows... I went to lots of Nine Inch Nails shows around the Broken era, and was floored, but I was a silly angsty fangirl then, too...

    Most recent show I went to was stellar, though:

    mew @ the fillmore, sf

    Right combination of disturbing/beautiful images and incredible music to slightly torque souls. As a coincidence, i went insane that same week. So yeah, good show.
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    A silver mt zion - columbus, ohio. they just tore right through me and captured me in every note in every song and it was perfect.

    envy - the underworld, london. unbelievable energy in such a small venue.

    earthtone9 - The garage, London. this was their last show together, and earthtone9 got me into music and i made so many new friends and connections through them that it was both musically awesome and personally moving to see their last show.

    Melvins @ ATP festival, Minehead. they played 2 shows in the space of 12 hours and played completly different sets both times, including a short Big Business set. was unbelievable.

    other notables include, Boris, Fantomas Melvins Big Band, Porn, Meshuggah, Taint, Art of Burning water, Pig Destroyer and 5ive's CRP.
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    wanna see pig destroyer soooo bad. jealous.
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    @joe that night was mental. two of my friends were roadies for their whole UK tour, pig destroyer wanted about 10 people to jump off stage in the first ong but i was the only person in the venue up for it! then JR fucked up his back during some crowd surfery and was taken to hospital, so as an encore my other mate Ives stepped in on vocals! they were immense.