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    Last night ranks highly in my favourite live shows.

    Great set from Fuck Buttons. laying out of a suitcase in the middle of the stage doesn't give you much to look at, but you're too busy getting lost in the sounds to care.

    Introduced to The Dirty Projectors next - fantastic set that I wasn't expecting! Not to everyone's taste what with some falsetto male vocals and meandering jazzy thru to noisy metal guitars, but tickled my spot well. I realised halfway through that they were covering some Black Flag tracks, then find tonight that the last album was a re imagining of BF's Damaged. Brilliant live.

    Battles where as good as the first time - it even seemed to be the same set... still, good stuff especially when the pogoing started.
    • CommentAuthortomas
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2008
    My Bloody Valentine sometime back around 1990 at ULU in London with an absurdly and wonderfully long version of 'You made me realise'. My brother says it was 25 minutes long but I think the drugs and beer may have pushed him into a timewarp.
    Hamell on Trial about 5 years ago at the Borderline telling sick jokes and strumming his guitar in a demented fashion.
    Throwing Muses far too many years ago when Kristin Hersh came back for the encore and performed 'Delicate Cutters' on her own.
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on the Abbatoir Blues tour 'THERE IS A WAAAARRRR COMIIINNNGGG!!'
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2008
    Oh, right, I forgot to get back to this. The Neubauten gig was definitely one of the big ones (I never did realize the high pitched thingies, e.g. in Stagger Lee, weren't the other Warren Ellis or some guitar torture, but Blixa shrieking) but these still top it:

    Circle, ca. 1993, @ Shadowclub. I remember one of the guitarists stumbling into the audience, arms held high, the moshpit ripping strings of the guitar as a solo of sorts. Afterwards I could wring rivulets of sweat out of my t-shirt.

    dEUS, 1999, @ The Point, Dublin. I have nearly no recollection at all, except for the fact that I was, once again, drenched in sweat after the show despite the fact that I had not moved at all during the show. Emotionally completely drained. Blur, as great as they were, made me leave after the first few songs.

    Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, 2006, @ Tampere Jazz Happening. When this one really kicked in, I had to physically repress the urge to stand up and scream my lungs out. The first half hour after the show I spent in a state where I was mostly able to cry.

    Note: I am not overly emotional and I do not do drugs at shows.
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    Once again (= for the 20th time or something like that!!!!!) saw SMOKE BLOW on stage yesterday. You may never have heard of them , but they're Germany's finest "Hardcore/Punk/Rock" band and one of the best live acts in the whole fuckin' universe. I love 'em.
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    hmm, interesting- i will try to check them out. theres a lot of good german hardcore that i like.
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    @joe: If you want me to do some sort of best of compilation for you or something - no big deal! Would love to do that.
    They actually became pretty well known nationally over here during the last few years, but outisde of Germany (maybe plus Austria and Switzerland) no one has ever heard of 'em ...

    by the way: which german bands do you like? this could be pretty interesting to me...
    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2008
    Jesus, I got on this one laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.

    Seen Tool three times, twice at the Xcel in St. Paul and once at the Target Center in Minneapolis. All three were amazing, but the first one, with Tomahawk opening, was probably my favorite, even though we had kind of shitty seats.

    Type O Negative twice, once at the Quest (RIP) in Minneapolis, and once at First Avenue in Minneapolis.

    Prong at the Minnesota Metal Fest at First Ave.

    Strapping Young Lad twice, both at the Quest, the first in the Ascot Room. Most metal show EVER.

    Static X at the Xcel on the Family Values tour, with, unfortunately, Linkin Park, Staind (before the were 100% sellouts), and Stone Temple Pilots.

    Weezer at the Fargodome, Pete Yorn twice, Echobrain once, Mudvayne once, Lynyrd Skynard twice, Weird Al once, ZZ Top once, Joe Satriani once, Bright Eyes twice, Drowning Pool, Metallica, Eric Clapton, Matchbox Twenty, Anal Blast, Cephalic Carnage, Flickerstick, Helio Sequence, and a zillion local metal bands. And probably some other big name bands I can't think of right now.
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    Uh I just saw Tom Waits a few nights ago. I may never ever recover. Never ever ever.
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    Seconded, i shat my pants with glee
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    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2008
    All dates iffy and approximate, because while I always remember where, when is hard for me to pin down.

    BLONDE REDHEAD (tiny show at Oberlin College, circa 2001). This gig was packed, shoulder-to-shoulder, chest-to-back, and it was right when they were getting big. It was brilliant. The venue is tiny and has a low ceiling, dirt-cheap beer, and surprisingly good lights. I was one row of bodies back from the stage. It was like being trapped in a shoebox with a rock band from Mars, and deciding to have a party. My wallet got stolen. I basically didn't care.

    LIGHTNING BOLT (Warehouse show in Cleveland, circa 2002). They played in the middle of the cement floor, crowd packed around them in a circle, lit by trashcan fires and clip lights, and they made my chest thump for days.

    RADIOHEAD (at Blossom, Cleveland--outdoor amphitheater show). I had a covered seat, but I only stayed there for about half the show. Went back and stood on the hillside where I could look down into the light and see the whole stage, or up into the blackness. Lay down in the grass. People walked around and over me while they played "Everything In Its Right Place."

    SONDRE LERCHE (at Housing Works bookstore, New York, NY, 2006). Solo show, low platform stage. I sat about four feet away. Like watching your new best friend play great songs for two hours. There aren't all that many people who can stand around on a stage by themselves with a guitar and make me want them to never leave, but he can. Quirky and charming and obsessed with Elvis Costello, and a hell of a guitar player.

    LANSING DREIDEN (at the Mercury Lounge, New York, NY, 2005). I go to see plenty of loud bands, and I like a lot of them, but many of them give me the unfavorable impression that they're being loud just for the sake of loud. I want to get something from your loudness. I want you to be loud for a reason. These guys were the best version of loud I'd heard in years. Nine people on stage, two of them drummers. Three vocalists. Intense, screaming harmonies, and rhythms that other people just don't try to produce without computers. They were thrilling.

    THE WIYOS (at the Gravity Lounge, Charlottesville, VA, 2007). Seeing them perform is like stepping back in time. They play vaudeville songs, old-time, ragtime, blues, and primitive swing, and they do it in an unusual, beautiful, authentic way.

    Of Note:

    Special Award for Talking Shows: Henry Rollins. Others have already weighed in. I've seen him four or five times, and I never regret it. He's like a shot of B-vitamins in the ass of your brain.

    Special Award for Local Awesomeness: Corsair. Newish Charlottesville band that blows the top off my head. They deserve to be superstars, but for now I get to go crouch down right in front of the monitors at my bitty local club and rock out.

    Special Award for Big Band I Was Prepared to Dislike: My Chemical Romance (heartily agreed, joe.distort). I saw them a couple years ago and had such a good time that their pop-culture standing became instantly immaterial. They're a fucking tight band and they play like they love it more than anything in the world.

    Special Award for First Big Gig: The Violent Femmes. Saw them in Cleveland when I was in eighth grade. It was a good way to start out.
      CommentAuthorWill Couper
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    @ rickiep00h: I've seen SYL a few times myself. First time I saw them there was about thirty people in the venue and it was great. When Zimmer's Hole supported them a few years later it was just an overload of joy.

    Most of my favourite concerts were held in the Barrowlands. I saw Pantera there and Metallica. The Metallica show was insane and showed what was fantastic about the venue.

    Seeing Machine Head many times in the Barrowlands too was fantastic.

    The Berzerker and The Haunted playing the Cathouse were insane nights. Much bruising was incurred.

    Down a couple of years ago, was fantastic, despite Phil Anselmo being so sloppy drunk that he almost fell off the stage at the start of the performance.

    Those are just some highlights.

    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2008
    @will I was at that down gig! and SYL! seen them a couple of times

    i'm also adding Jay-Z, Leonard Cohen, Seasick Steve and Sinead o Conner at Glastonbury!

    forgot about this thread
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    i was actually thinking about the fact that i havent seen that many GREAT shows this year, then out of nowhere, a rainy as fuck night, a bunch of friends, a couple beers and LA QUIETE and PHOENIX BODIES completely destroyed my brain...ive been thinking about it (and sore from the dancing) all day!
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2008
    Mogwai - The Junction, Cambridge - So fucking intense, and the loudest gig I've ever witnessed. Couldn't hear properly for 3 solid days after. Hearing is fucked forever now, but by god it was worth it.
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2008
    Saw Reverend Horton Heat on Wednesday and it was great!

    Pure rock 'n' roll (with the necessary amount of posing), sweaty, greasy and raw. The tracklist was virtually a best of with tracks from Liquor in the Front, Lucky 7, The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds etc. The band was super-tight and the sound really good. Jim Heath has to be one of the best guitar players around, with an amazing style, great presence and brilliant sound, and his voice is nice and suitably gritty. All in all a great gig, with the minor exception of a series of unnecessary covers they did (even though the surf rendition of Greensleeves sounded ok). Played for almost 2 hours too. That's the stuff...
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2008
    Butthole Surfers, I-Beam, San Francisco, with the blue and green strippers.

    The Residents, Pen and Teller opening, Warfield, San Francisco
    Speaking of which, Snakefinger and his group were a great little bar band.

    And all those times I went to see American Music Club.

    .. ah, I haven't been out to a live show in a loong time. I am ashamed.
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    Turbonegro-The palladium Worscter ma
    Dimmu Borgir-the palladium worscter ma
    Gwar-the palladium Worster MA
    CKY-the palladium Worscter ma
    kc and the sunshine band-universal studios(they hapened to play in the park that night for new years eve, so me and the fam watched)
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2008
    King Crimson, Chicago park west theater a few weeks ago.

    Place to bury strangers, tulsa OK.
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    Frank Black (and the Catholics), March 1996, 9:30 Club Washington DC. His band wasn't technically called the Catholics at that point but they were all present. Lyle Workman was with them instead of Rich Gilbert. Frank strode out onstage sipping wine from a large goblet and proceeded to annihilate our eardrums with what seemed to be a near 2 1/2 hour show. He opened with The Marsist and ... Holy Crap that shit is hot live. And yes it is my humble opinion that FB & the Cs kick the Pixies' ass live.