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    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2010 edited
    Saturday night open mic, which is for everyone, even the people who don't normally post here:

    How are you this week? What shall we do tonight?
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2010
    Well, had an AWESOME night last night, meeting up with oldhat, oddbill, Peter Kelly and Florence Chan. (See the relevant thread for pictures of ALL of our fine selves. Well, not ALL of our fine selves, as clothing was worn. Maybe next time, pervert.) Also, got new glasses, as I lost my old ones at my parents' house. (I know, right?) Right now, I'm in an internet cafe and can't shout or be naked, much as I would like to do both. That's what I want to do tonight : SHOUT AND BE NAKED.

    Soon, my pretty. Soon ...
    • CommentAuthorLe Dude
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2010
    Hi there. This is maybe the second time I've ever posted in Whitechapel, although I find all kinds of amusing links and videos in the Stuff Around The Net thread and religiously read the comic.

    I'm Rick, and I'm doing all right this week. Just been working and trying to relax and exercise. It's been hot here in inland Southern California this week. I'm tutoring a friend three times a week on English grammar so he can improve his score on the standardized business-school entrance exam. We're making progress, which makes me feel good, and we're also seeing way more of each other than we have done for the past few years, which also makes me happy.

    I also got my new (to me) camera body in the mail a week or so ago. Just before that, I brought my dead-for-a-year-and-a-half body back to life. Now I have a camera and a backup. Excellent.

    Why are there so many ants in my bathroom? Why can my favorite football team not score one stinking goal today?

    Maybe this is why I don't post -- I can't think of much to say that's extraordinary or very interesting. Oh, well, that's cool.
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    Going back to work on Monday after two weeks off. So rather depressed about that... but despite the imminent return to wage-slavery and the dismal four hour daily commute, I'm quite at peace with the world and feeling very fortunate - am reasonably healthy, almost solvent, nice house, lovely partner (we seem to have stopped trying to kill each other for a bit), three beautiful girls, reasonably employed, and with some fabulous, inspirational and talented friends. So taking a temporary break from usual misanthropy.

    Was at an old friend's wedding on Thursday, am clearly too old to drink for 10 hours, am still in recovery. Tonight's an early night...
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2010
    Not bad, fasting is going ok, universe seems hellbent on preventing me from writing and/or drawing but thats normal...hows you?

    WE SHOULD MAKE BAD PEOPLE CRY. or something.
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    Well I'm going camping in Northern New Mexico. Not really far from home, but there's supposed to be clear tonight and that means really good viewing of the stars. Here's hoping for some good pictures! Obligatory picture follows...

    As far as ideas for 'doing', I'm fresh out of anything original. Draw a 'W' on your right hand and take picture of it?

    What? It's been done? Damn...
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    Good evening.

    I'm tempted to say we shall listen to slowed-down Justin Bieber all night, but I'm more tempted to stay among the living. So, well, I shall be having some dinner at a restaurant while writing down ideas on my moleskine (as I regularly do), then finishing up a movie review (INCEPTION) that I've been avoiding because it somehow ended up with two thousand fucking words and it needs meticulous, headache-inducing trimming.

    Actually, the link that I liked the most this week was nowhere near Bieber's unknown talent for unwittingly making pleasant music (that was just the most surprising), but the gorgeous SOLAR SYSTEM video you posted on your website. Not just for the fantastic illustration, but the music. I was appalled to find out that's a score from a Michael Bay film, as I am to find anything even remotely artistic or interesting in a Michael Bay film. It's good to see it in a video that actually makes good use of it, rather than THE ISLAND. So thanks for that link.

    Life's been a mess, but I'm not too bad right now, so I can look at it with a certain sense of humor. My mood swings returned and I've gone from "meh" to "I'll cut my wrists" like a broken pendulum all week. A few things happened which might bode well for my future and might not, too early to tell. My mind's cluttering up with anxiety, so concentrating on, say, my webcomic is being more difficult than usual (hence not updating it very much this week).

    And I'm still losing my hair, of course, although I've already started to treat the problem. One quick look at the list of things I must do and I almost feel like just shaving my fucking skull completely. Almost
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    Was tired, finally got some sleep today. Going on a boat ride soon. I was going to go to a cafe. What I'd like is a good conversation. And to do those drawings I've been researching for. That's about it.
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    I SHOULD be drawing (2 more pages to go on Box #2 for Strip Magazine) instead I'm wrestling with my computer (catastrophic hard disc failure) - hard disc is ok, Time Machine backups are good and remaining very important files where also on Drop Box (all shall praise it!). Instead of just restoring like a smart person, I'm rebuilding the configuration, better, stronger, longer. (I may have mixed up the bionic man with those emails I occasionally get)

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    Still breathing fortunately or otherwise, I’m going to draw some pictures and watch some bad Italian horror to celebrate the thing called “weekend” which has absolutely no meaning to self employed
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    (also: pleased to find I'm in this weeks 2000AD - Judge Dredd by me and Al Ewing - subscribers get it this saturday, otherwise it's wednesday at the newsagents for the rest of you!)
    • CommentAuthorbmstrong
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2010
    Rainy, hot and humid northern Ohio. Waiting to see if the Browns can get the game in...
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    Oh yes, John McCrea was round last night, where we whined and moaned about the comic industry, John attempted to use my mac and cintiq (to get some scanning done) and then he spilt half a bottle of ink over a page of art (easily fixed)

    Me? I'm hob nobbing with the industry...

    (Actually, now that I think about it, there's been a lot happened this week, it's just sort of bunched up together. Couple of days ago decided to go to the NY Comic Con, paid for flight and organised a floor to sleep on with fellow irish comic artists Wil Sliney, Declan Shalvey and probably others. It's going to be a VERY tight budget - but 2000Ad are also going, so at least I can probably leave my coat somewhere. We've decided to up sticks from Belfast and move to Armagh - once we find a house and sell our flat. And I banged out three pages pencils and inks in 2 days, which used to be considered fast, but these days people are knocking out five or six pages in an afternoon... )

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    About to make some sage and pancetta encrusted tilapia with mashed yams for din dins. Busy week, getting the offspring prepared for pre-k. Let's dance, whitechapel (knife fight dancing is cool too)
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    Risen again after a long night watching a particularly boring but close-fought election, here in the Antipodes. Surprised to find there aren't masses of people out on the streets, wailing & burning tyres. I was really, really hoping the governing ALP would win by a very comfortable margin with the exception of Sen. Stephen Fucktar-- I'm sorry, I meant Conroy, being ousted. Glad to see Wilson Tuckey & Stephen Fielding being shown the door, but there's still quite a strong chance the Liberals/Nationals Coalition may take it yet, and that's leaving me with a very heavy feeling in my gut.

    I'm envious of all you people here who had the foresight to prepare a shit-just-got-real kit for zombie survival etc. I'm barricading my apartment door with couch cushions just now, but I don't envisage that holding out for long against a crazed prime minister dressed only in speedos pounding against it with righteous fervor, demanding I switch off my internets and read this bible he's brought for me.

    It'll happen.
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    It's been a good week. I visited my sister and her family in small-town Iowa on my days off. This was a good visit, with lots of watching the various kids, mine and hers, play together. On the way down we unexpectedly stumbled across a small-town war memorial, and across a civil war memorial on the drive back. I love small-town memorials. They are such bald statements of identity and value, I have to respect them.

    Did you know that Iowa sent the most soldiers per capita to fight in the US Civil War? I didn't know that previously, either. Iowa wasn't a slave state, and they were far enough away from the bulk of the fighting -- those men didn't have to go (before the draft, anyway.) But they did.

    I don't know about any of you, but my evening consists of work -- air traffic control, that is -- and writing on my breaks. To that end I have loaded my Zune with a playlist of classical music, mostly Russians.

    Hope you all are well, Whitechapel!
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    I was confused and astounded to learn this week that my dad knows Bryan Talbot quite well - apparently he's a Northern soul and has a house in my current residence of Wigan (Yes it is as bad as that, and no, it's not in any way romantic). Obviously I must engineer some sort of meeting or something (or I may just die of fanboyishness [a dreadful disease]). They use to take psychedelics together or something way back when.

    Moved in with my dad for a month or so, which sucks, but in isolation to do thesis which is good. Not done any yet, which is bad. Not unpacked either which is not only bad but downright deplorable since I've been here two days already.

    What I want to do tonight is engage in silliness and suavity with aplomb to get it out of my system and then sleep. Precious, wonderous sleep. The sleep of the fabled dead. Oh dear god yes...
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    @ SigridEllis

    Russians make the best classics. Like Beethoven at his most dour and morose. Any dear old Igor Stravinsky on there?
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2010
    This week has been fantastic. I've been working on some very fun articles and found that an editor wasn't trying to screw me over (thereby validating my Professional Approach of "Never, ever act like an asshole in paying relationships.") I'm also learning the art of wedging my-writing-time into the freelancer schedule, using it to write a book for a friend as a gift. Then I'm going to stick it on Lulu because we live in an awesome future where the answer to "How can I write a book?" is "Write it."

    The only sadder note is the realization that I'm probably never going to permanently return to Ireland. As a side-effect, the song 500 Miles is starting to make me emotional. Luckily I have friends, long-distance communication, and Redbreast 12-year.

    A total vanity-failure means I didn't photo myself this week, so here's me in the heart of my home country (Guinness brewery)

    This one is from this week: my fine Kink-Engineering friend Archean helping me install a Necronomicock in my prototype iPhone killer, the plastic cup phone. For money. We both get paid for doing this kind of thing. I may miss Eire but never got to play like this there!

    Tonight, I'm off to rescue my wife from the genetic engineering laboratory (not a joke, that's really where she's working in the final stretch towards Doctor-ness) and escort the lovely lady to a palace of oysters and beer. One of those words is a lie, and since it's neither "beer" nor "oysters" it is utterly unimportant.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2010
    Saw comedian Steve Byrne and his friends at the Improv last Saturday. Never heard of him before but I ended up really enjoying the show, funny shit. Also completed new Space Shark the other night...big fucking deal. He's my only friend and drawing his life is fun and keeps me balanced and my mind fresh. I've been drawing it out of fun/love so as long as money or outside forces don't seep in to corrupt me then each new comic will keep on being packed with whatever is deep inside me, haha.

    Bitchy today. Hot and muggy all week here in L.A. Sick of co-workers hovering and just tired of people being around me all week. We work in a fucking furniture store/warehouse and the other salesman acts like a fucking teenager on his cell phone and chilling all day and he's like 38 years old. I had one of those "Oh, I get it" moments yesterday at work; the asswipe salesman is all buddy-buddy with our two drivers. I usually ask anybody if they want something from the shop when I step out and then I saw them all magically eating chinese together. I wasn't offended or hurt, but like I said it was more like "okay, I see how it is." Like I'm some nobody not even worth mentioning. So I just walked out for my coffee today w/o asking them if they wanted shit. Fuck em. I'm too fucking awesome and sharply dressed for this high school level bullshit. I have zero tolerance for sad old fucks with no personality or creativity.
    Business has been fucking dead and the guy finally sells a stupid mattress and thinks he's hot shit suddenly. I feel sorry for him since he's super short and aged and compensates by cramming fruit in his face all day and tries to come off like a fucking health nut.

    I hate that I'm bitching about my stupid job. I just babysit old bastards who have me beat in the neurosis department all week. I'm here everyday so by Wednesday I'm done pretending to be nice and start seeing everyone as insects [/Mwahaha]
    What shall we do tonight?
    Plan is to get reacquainted with booze & evil and more focused on Space Shark than before. But mostly getting in touch with evil again. I think I've finally gotten over of my residual positivity from sdcc finally. Let's get rotten.

    PS: my night-murderer shit on the carpet this morning. I cleaned it. I'm disappointed but I guess I truly am a father now ^__^