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    I spent most of this morning drinking a sub-par mocha, and sketching in one of my numerous sketchbooks. The sketchbook pictured is one sent me by my friend Kat, and it's becoming home for sketches and doodles based on one of our projects, holding the previously mentioned sketch of Merrick, the Elephant Man. The small child previously mentioned, and her dad weren't there, but some friends were.

    Back to the sketchbook. I prefer tough, heavier-weight paper, with a smooth finish. I like something that doesn't feel like it'll fall apart by looking at it- and I cannot stand drawing on newsprint, finding the thin paper's texture and weight distasteful to my sense of touch. I like Bristol with the smoother finish, because it soaks up the ink well, and I don't have to worry about ink bleeding through, or the paper wrinkling that much.
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    And I thought I was to get to see inside one of your sketch books....
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    Not yet :)