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    I don't have much to say about the original U SMILE and Justin Bieber in general -- well, I do, but it's mostly swearwords and strong hopes that someone will throw a grenade at him instead of a fucking bottle --

    However, musician Nick Pittsinger slowed down U SMILE in 800% and now it's 35 minutes of surprising beauty.

    Yes, I know you could make a song out of nails scraping a blackboard and have Chris Tucker on vocals and it would still sound good in comparison to anything Bieber ever made, but this -- this is actually pleasant. I listened to all 35-minutes of it, stopping only to listen to the original U SMILE out of sheer disbelief.

    Not that it's anything like a carefully-composed piece by an actual musician with actual talent, of course, but as accidents go, this is a good one.
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    A friend of mine posted it to my facebook earlier. Here was my reply:

    "Holy shit it sounds like Future Sound of London discovered Zen Buddhism and Brian Eno produced the album."

    It's actually unbelievable how good it is.
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