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    I posted these on some other person's blog, and that seems rude to me now. I'm basically just keeping track of the odd dreams I remember. Here's two I wrote down earlier.

    Anyways, so I guess I'm at a party or something, and in the middle of this very long table (the whole room is very much upper crust type dinner party-- something I've never been to, but this is how I imagine it; white linen, candles, silver silverware, etc.) there's a prehistoric cavewoman frozen in a block of ice in the middle of the table, and everyone is eating their hors d'evours and generally chit-chatting it up.

    I guess at some point she thaws out (and she's not bad looking, in her mud paint and furs (she's not a realistic cave-woman, a very Hollywood cave-woman)) and starts butchering the party guests.

    She is wielding some sort of long, sharp machete-like object and she corners me. I'm waving some very puny futile type of defense in front of me, and she gives me this look, a very clear thought in my head of "are you serious? I could just kill you where you stand." and I falter.

    She kind of motions for me to extend my arm, and raise my defensive weapon to where she deems it acceptable, and then she takes a swing. She cuts off the end of my weapon, and we do this two or three times until whatever it was that I was holding is just a handle.

    Then, as it's clear I am completely defenseless, she motions for me to lie down. At this point, she is almost friendly and sweet in her gestures. If you've seen The Happening (not a great movie, imho, but it's a feeling I'm going for here) the kind of lazy, passive feeling the people have before they kill themselves, that kind of feeling overcomes me.

    I lie down, with the cave-woman standing behind my head. I can see she is holding like a giant wooden mallet of some sort. She lowers it and touches my forehead, just outside of my vision, she taps me gently with it, like practicing her swing. Then she raises it up, and swings with all her might. I close my eyes. I hear a loud snapping sound, like a crunch, and I think she just hit behind my head. Then I taste blood in my mouth, and realize she just crushed the top half of my skull, and I find I am suprised that I can think any coherent thoughts at all. I also think how funny it was that I didn't feel any pain.

    Then I wake up, shocked not to be dead. I find myself disturbed for the next couple of days. Still am.

    A more recent dream:
    Lots of mixed dreams last night, but one thing remains clear: At the end of my dream, a terrifying, floating and spinning robed Warren Ellis with glowing fiery yellow eyes was vomiting a firey plasma everywhere. I woke up pretty confused why the world was still intact.
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    So last night, after an evening of awesome Thai food, I slept and dreamt a very happy dream, and woke up disapointed that it wasn't real.

    A group of me and my friends are having dinner at a big round table, drinking and talking, and some people walk in and ask for me. I identify myself and they explain to me that some Russian family has died, and because I had done some obsucre thing like make a donation or something somewhere, I am a beneficiery to their will.

    They count out several thousand dollars on the table, and hand me the title to several cars. After being suprised and extremely overjoyed, I wake up to find out I had been left no such thing. But I was still in a good mood upon waking, so there's that.