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    are coming to an end after 3 1/2 years.

    Interesting comment from his announcement:
    I've said it many times before, but I feel very fortunate to be living in what is this medium's real Golden Age. There may not be a single touchstone work like Maus or Watchmen, but between Scott Pilgrim and Punisher and Fun Home and Fell and Exit Wounds and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Perry Bible Fellowship and All-Star Superman and Usagi Yojimbo and Ultimate Spider-Man and Tokyopop's Planetes and Acme Novelty Library and Scalped and The Walking Dead and Buffy and Criminal and The Three Paradoxes and Dynamo 5 and Green Lantern and DMZ and Optic Nerve and The Killer and Persepolis and Shaolin Cowboy and Kick-Ass and Super Spy and Queen & Country and Chance in Hell and Abandon the Old in Tokyo and Daredevil... that's seriously just off the very top of my bald head. I've forgotten more good books than I can remember. Has there ever been a better era to be reading comics? Ever?

    Thanks to Brian for recommending Doktor Sleepless, Narcopolis, and other Avatar books over the years.