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    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2008
    The week began slowly and with bad weather, weather that doesn't believe our local, regional Groundhog that spring is on its way. either that, or spring and winter had a wretched break-up and winter wants to make sure we don't forget before spring shows up and makes everything pretty again. but spring around here means headaches and allergies, rain storms that make no sense and tornado season starts anew. it means the smell of dirt and plants growing up through death and decay, it means the constant fear of the late frost, like last year's, the kind that killed all of the little apple buds which meant that the nebraskans were snacking on apples from michigan during our apple season. it's the kind of thing that makes you question your own need to be isolated and superior.

    the male cat has become my nursemaid, watching me carefully as i ease my overly sore and battered body into and out of bed. he treads around me under my blankets and doesn't complain when i grab him for a cuddle. his sister is pissed that there is still plastic on the windows - she needs to see outside, to know that the world is more than a hallway with a bed at one end and a view at the other.

    i appreciate the attention he pays. it is slightly odd, because i've had dogs as nursemaids before, but most of the cats i've lived with have been more concerned with my mental well-being than my physical. i guess that's what happens when you crack your tail-bone these days. Hunh.