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    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010 edited
    Previously on FREAKANGELS: The 'Angels totally fucked up the world but then Mark went a little crazyevil mind-overlord so they ran him out of town and Kirk and Karl were all like "that shit's a little weak" so they killed him with a FreakSpike to the FreakBrain only it turns out he's not dead and he came back to town right around the time Luke was shooting up the place so Jack shot Luke in his FreakFace only it turns out, you know what, the 'Angels just can't fucking die so Luke and Mark are both alive (albeit unconscious because, hello, they both just talk too fucking much) and Arkady, well, we're not exactly sure how many times she's died but I don't know if she was ever really all there.

    And now: It's Friday, it's FREAKANGELS.

    Good morning, Whitechapel. We've probably got a few folks that've been scarce the past three weeks while the comic was on hold -- how's everyone doing?
    • CommentAuthorErisah
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    Whoa, did Connor just shoot himself? Or did Arkady explode a bird?

    Bewildered and perturbed.

    Awesome ep as always.
    • CommentAuthorthud
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    That was connor taking extra credit courses at FA university!

    So nice to have this story back! Yaay!
    • CommentAuthorthud
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010 edited
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    Wow. What a cliffhanger! Got to feel when this trade comes out, it wont have the same impact. Glad to have Freakangels back.
    • CommentAuthorTichrimo
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    And Kaz was going on about being the clever one; seems Connor was the one who put two and two together. Sides are even now -- Connor and Arkady stick Mark and Luke.
    • CommentAuthordraxxx
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    Good morning. Back with a vengeance! Great episode.
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    Looks like Connor shot himself to me.
    We're going to be moving into rented accommodation in the next couple of weeks so my wife can be nearer her work/mother for the last few months of pregnancy, while we sort out the flat and sell it, and buy somewhere with more than 1 bedroom. I can't say I'm looking forward to leaving West London for the Essex borders. I realised I've lived in this flat for longer than anywhere else.
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    Connor shot himself? But who gave him a weapon? Jack?
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    • CommentAuthorDan Kelly
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    Nice recap! And what an episode

    Things going nicely, We're 6 weeks out from our sprog appearing (at least we hope that we're 6 weeks out) and trying to get the spare room turned into a nursery and the rest of the house in a state where we won't need to tidy it for a while...
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    hee hee hee poor emma
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    Holy shit. Way to come back with a bang.

    The last three weeks have been interesting. Working like a dog, I lost more hair from work stress, and I've been scripting like a sumbitch. My birthday is in two weeks, which gives thalidomide-baby idiot children free reign and carte Blanche to call me bald, fat, and old. Which is awesome.

    Glad to see duffield back on his feet! We need you healthy, dude!
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    Great episode! Now all you need to do, Paul, is never get ill ever again. I think that's doable!
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    Loved the panel where Arkady is looking at Connor's insides - amazing execution as ever by Mr Duffield.

    As for my week - I successfully navigated a day-long audit that, if failed, would have led to some serious questions being asked of me by some serious and important people - as it was passed tho' I'll be left to get on with things as normal for another year...

    Outside of work, really the only thing worthy of note from this week was the creation (alongside @Seantaclaus, ably assisted by the organisational fortitude of @heilbrittanica) of international crack-team Team Whitechapel (#teamwhitechapel on twitter).

    well it beats working, doesn't it....
    • CommentAuthorAnscealai
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    hahaha I know it's only been 3 weeks since the last ep but I actually forgot how much happier I am on a friday after reading FA!!! Loved two panels in this one, Arkady seeing conners insides like that and just the simplistic image of arkady looking at a bird than in the next panel "what;s it like to be you". Oh and the blood splatter from the bullet coming out the window, something about that image screams "bullet time". Amazing how in one image duffield can convey time being slowed down!
    love it :D
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    That's it Duffield, back to work you slacker.

    Has Connor really shot himself, or is Ellis fucking with us again? He had me (and some others) totally convinced that Arkady killed him however many decades ago that episode was.

    Now what would be really funny would be if he has shot himself, and is actually dead and not coming back.
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    ...and back on form for another great episode! Things I wonder...

    1: Does Arkady (and the other upgraded Angels) have permanent x-ray vision now?
    2: Did Connor shoot himself, or was someone (one of Mark's zombies?) waiting for him?
    3: Does a three week long near-death experience upgrade comic artists as well? Page 3 frame 1 and page 4 frame 3 are fantastic Paul!

    My three weeks? Nothing much to report. Did get around to reading Ocean, and had the weird experience of realising halfway through that it was the story I read a fairly critical review of on a blog years back. Didn't affect my enjoyment of a really rippin' yarn however.

    Oh, also stumbled over the Warren reference hidden in Fallout 3. That's about as exciting as it gets around here.
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    Welp, it starts. One day one of them is going to build a board with a nail in it so large that it destroys the world.

    Glad you're back, Paul. X-Ray Arkady is fantastic.
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    Ahh, I needed that. This week has been a royal ballache on the road to a long birthday weekend, so getting my FA fix was much appreciated.

    Man, I hope for Connor's sake that deliberate, self inflicted injuries aren't the big nasty loophole in the immortality deal. Particularly if you consider the potential for FA's forcing each other to off themselves using brain trickery. That said, we know they will all end up together forever, whatever happens ... don't we?

    On another note - SKELLINGTONS!