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    1. The Last Exorcism (Lionsgate) NEW [2,874 Theaters]
    Friday $9.4M, Saturday $7.1M, Est Sunday $4.8M, Weekend $21.3M

    2. Takers (Screen Gems/Sony) NEW [2,206 Theaters]
    Friday $7.5M, Saturday $7.7M, Weekend $20.3M

    3. The Expendables (Lionsgate) Week 3 [3,398 Theaters]
    Friday $2.7M, Saturday $4M, Weekend $9.5M, Cume $82M

    4. Eat Pray Love (Sony) Week 3 [3,108 Theaters]
    Friday $2.1M, Saturday $2.7M, Weekend $6.8M, Cume $60.5M

    5. The Other Guys (Sony) Week 4 [3,181 Theaters]
    Friday $1.9M, Saturday $2.7M, Weekend $6.2M, Cume $98.9M

    6. Vampires Suck (Fox) Week 2 [3,233 Theaters]
    Friday $1.6M, Saturday $2.3M, Weekend $5.3M (-56%), Cume $27.9M

    7. Inception (Warner Bros) Week 7 [2,070 Theaters]
    Friday $1.4M, Saturday $2M, Weekend $5.1M (-44%), Cume $270.7M

    8. Nanny McPhee Returns (Working Title/Universal) Week 2 [2,798 Theaters]
    Friday $1.3M, Saturday $1.9M, Weekend $4.7M (-17%), Estimated Cume $17M

    9. The Switch (Miramax) Week 2 [2,017 Theaters]
    Friday $1.4M, Saturday $1.9M, Weekend $4.6M (-45%), Cume $16.4M

    10. Lottery Ticket (Warner Bros) Week 2 [1,973 Theaters]
    Friday $1.1M, Saturday $1.7M, Weekend $4M (-62%), Cume $17.4M

    14. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - $2,466,000 - cume $26,128,000
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    That's depressing. Any idea how many theaters are still playing the epic of epic epicness?

    I wonder how it's doing in the UK... Everyone over here seems to be going for it. On the other hand we are tiny market. On the other other hand Donnie Darko was a wonderul slow burner on DVD sales due in large part to it's popularity here leaking over the U.S.
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2010
    Kind of surprised The Other Guys has pulled nearly $100mil. Don't underestimate Will Farrell I guess. And Scott Pilgrim made less than Vampires Suck's 2 week cume? Ouch.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2010
    Got the sinking feeling this week the plugs getting pulled on Scott. Better go see it again while I can ^__^
    • CommentAuthorRyan C
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2010
    If I'm not mistaken, these are notoriously bad weeks for film. Scott should have opened this weekend. I think it would have been number 1. It's amazing what media hype can do for an opening week.
    • CommentAuthorjustineger
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2010
    I contributed to The Expendables take this weekend. Say what you might, I enjoyed it.
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    Scott should have opened this weekend.

    Opening a Michael Cera film when a huge chunk of his demographic were busy moving into their dorm rooms would not be a good idea.
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    Damn, TAKERS made back two-thirds of its budget already. Another "realistic" ensemble actioner cleaning up. Bodes well for RED.

    What's left between now and October 15? THE AMERICAN and MACHETE open this week and will drop off fast after Labor Day. RESIDENT EVIL two weeks later of course, but that skews younger. Then it's a solid month of talky dramas. The action crowd will be starved for something new.
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    What's left between now and October 15?

    There’s not supposed to be anything left. September and October were created by ancient clairvoyants who wanted to protect us from movies that should really be going direct-to-DVD.
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2010
    But what about Piranha 3-D?
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2010
    PIRANHA 3D is amazing. 70% gore, 30% tits/asses. Aja (the director) knows exactly what he's doing, and the movie uses 3D quite well. Couldn't stop smiling/laughing.
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2010
    I think that pilgrim might be good looking but without having read the comics and just by the general look of it...I will not like it. amongst other things for the incredible ammount of publicity everywhere(the lonodon underground was so full of its posters that people can barely go inside) and people drooling all over it on the internet...ugh (go to AICN or was quite disgusting to read about it between the comic con and the release of the they suddenly have shut up....what a surprise!!!)
      CommentAuthorJohn Skylar
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2010 edited

    Odd that you're saying it's over-advertised in the UK. In the US I feel like it barely got enough TV spots, wasn't advertised during the regular television season, and I haven't seen a single print ad that I remember. On top of that the trailers made it seem like another quirky-but-funny rom com where Michael Cera plays Michael Cera. And ZOMBIELAND proved that Jesse Eisenberg plays a much better Michael Cera anyway, so I think a lot of people saw that and decided to stay home.

    I don't understand why marketing people seem to be so bad at predicting what's going to fly or not. They played up all the things about this movie that I'm pretty sure the target audience of SCOTT PILGRIM hates and played down its strongest elements. Why is it that people who should be going to see this film are saying, "I saw the trailer and it looked stupid and full of Michael Cera"? They should be saying, "Oh, I saw something about that in the paper" or "in the subway/metro/helltrain" and "I want to check it out."

    I am reminded of a couple of other movies for a similar target audience that should have had huge numbers. In those other cases I feel like weak marketing also killed them. It's sad.

    Also, I wonder if maybe the racial "mix" of the cast had an effect on receipt of the movie, but that might be reading into it way too much and raising an issue that's best not raised. EDIT: I mean to say by that comment that it might have been seen as insensitive that with a handful of supporting and minor character exceptions, everyone is white.
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    it was quite disgusting to read about it between the comic con and the release of the movie..

    Oh, you poor innocent soul. Your fragile sensitive eyes. How awful for you.
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2010 edited
    exactly, that's why I keep on going to that websites. to get my sensitive eyes hardened :)

    and by the way, joblo is nowadays better than AICN, at least in the speed of getting the news. I think i still go to AICN daily because it have been too many years doing that just not to! (and sometimes AICN has good exclusives or interviews).

    @john Skylar

    the advertising might have been only in posters and on the papers, I really don't watch a lot of telly so I don't know if there were lots of commercials airing, and at least I saw its trailer in a movie (the illusionist) and posters all around various cinemas (huuuuuge one in leicester square!)

    anyway, not having seen the movie or read the comics I have nothing to add. Probably will catch it on the cinema just to give it a go.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2010
    went to see Scott again on Monday. a light but decent crowd of people still going to see it.
    I just don't understand people who do not want to see an Amp VS Amp throwdown with dragons and sasquatch spirits.
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    If SCOTT PILGRIM ultimately dive bombs at the American box office, I intend to blame that failure on the general lack of coolness of the American moviegoing public.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2010
    I had heard good things about Salt, but it seems to have sunk out of site.
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    Hate me. I didn't actually enjoy Scott Pilgrim. I found a little bit of everything just a little distasteful and actually got bored 3/4 of the way through. Maybe have to give it another try at a later date (may be one of those I find grows into something I love? I dunno). Loved the comics, just not the film.

    Braced for boos and eels.
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2010
    I saw Scott Pilgrim a second time with my friend who was also watching it for the second time and has never once read the comics but loves the movie dearly. The theater is only playing the movie three times a day so it's definitely about to disappear sadly. I want to see it again, and will just have to wait for the DVD.

    It really needed to come out a week later, the conversation on how the movie did would likely be a bit different.

    On the bright side, they didn't split the movies into multiple films, we probably would never have gotten to see the ending on film.