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    THE TOWN is #1, beating out EASY A and DEVIL.

    Making yet ANOTHER weekend where a "realistic" ensemble actioner does surprisingly well against stiff competition. Should be the same for RED.
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2010
    Was at a friends house this afternoon for grilling and drinking and an ad for RED showed up on the TV, all 9 people in the room agreed based on the one commercial they had serious interest in seeing RED. Huzzah.
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2010
    DEVIL was quite good on its own, i really hope all this stupid shiamalan bashing ends.

    I also wanna check the town but looks quite predictable...don't know.

    did anyone watched wall street 2? is it any good?
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    It's good if you're a fan of Gekko.


    I was hoping for more of an explanation from Gordon as to WHY he didn't give Winnie the money. Like, "Hello kids, you don't really expect me to let you burn up my life's work when the market's at bargain basement prices?!"
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2010
    I am not to sure of where else to put this and starting another topic seemed silly. I take reviews with a grain of salt but still I find them useful for more information on any particular film/comic/game and I am glad to have seen the first 5 reviews I have read about Red be positive. They were nice reads.

    the first four are on and another one is on Ign