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    Guys, I don't want to litter your site with cheap promotion...this will be the only time I mention this...but, I would like to announce my first issue dropping in

    It's Superheroes...please tell a friend, and thanks for any interest.

    ps And one day I will give a printed copy to Warren...just to prove him wrong.

    And here is the cover (without print)

    First Issue Cover
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    Pure mad superheroic joy.
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    @stuthersneil Could I use that as a pull quote for my website??
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    Please read and spread the word!
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    The pencils and inks are now up.If you are a process junkie, get looking.
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    We have a publisher. Just thought you guys might like to know. I am so happy.
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    Check out a five page preview of Foreign Matter #2.
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    Issue #2 is up in two versions. The deluxe version can be seen at

    And the other version can be seen here:
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    Cover for Issue #2