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    For coming from a little village in England, there's real multietnicity in Freakangels. Caz is Jamaican, Miki is Oriental, and I think Arkady's parents are of Russian origin. KK (Kolfinnia KokoKoho) and Sirkka are Scandinavian of Finnish,I think. Jack, Mark and Luke are good English names, Kirk, Kaitlyn and Connor are Scottish or Irish, and Karl is probably German. And what's that"package" who makes them all very similar to each other and that supersedes origins in the case of Caz and Miki? Was it a genetic fluke, a genetic experiment? An entire class being subject to some freak radiation? Or a being fromanother dimension taking possession of them all? That's why they return to life with a restored personality even with a destroyed brain, like Mark and Luke?
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    You've got a couple different questions here, I'll see if I can help you sort this out.

    First off, when looking at the simularities and differences of the assorted FA, I think it's important to look at the material that has influenced the series.
    Reading the Midwich Cuckoos, or watching Children of the Damned should give you some idea of the FA's origins, that they may not have a wholly natural or earthly heritage. It has not been made clear to us how closely their origins follow the works that has inspired FA, but one can assume it will have impact at some point. It may be possible that whatever creator had a hand in shaping the FA could have just wanted them to end the world, but had given them too much free will and now is unhappily watching the FA's try and save it (or perhaps IT is sitting back and laughing, watching them try).

    As far as what the package entails, other than the colour of their eyes and the fact that they have abilities, it seems the limitations stretch as far as they push, and are expanded upon their deaths.

    I'm not telling you anything that wasn't just about spelled out for you at some point. The information is there. Most of it is in the comic itself, the rest Warren's doled out piece by piece. I do notice that you seem to really enjoy creating topics to ask what is going on... We like to discuss a lot of theory, or the things that are debatable. The black and white, the "what episode did Arkady say CHIKINS!" kind of questions get boring fast. Not trying to censor you, Sir, just, keep in mind that there is a lot of information at your disposal, if you choose to look for it. A lot of your questions can be answered by reading the series slowly, taking time to let the details sink in. I hope you do not think me rude; I'm just hoping to save you some time & hassle in the future. Hope I helped.
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    It may be possible that whatever creator had a hand in shaping the FA

    I'm inclined not to make this post for the same reasons as govspy's last paragraph...BUT...let's not forget that the FAs could've made themselves. woo grandfather paradox!
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    I think since the question asks mostly about incongruities in the package, it perhaps reaches outside the story and what is evident to a careful reader, and onto the topic of author intentions, which it's perfectly fair to speculate on until the cows (or the arse eels) come home.

    I think a good answer is that the package is governed both by technical in-world factors (i.e. they all share certain traits that can be deduced for the comic), and by creative story-telling factors (i.e. if they were all the equivalent of identical twins it would be a very different comic, and perhaps not one that Warren wanted to write, although I'm just guessing at that).
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    My guess is the media sought to find a euphemism to describe their abilities in order to downplay the threat to the public and the kids adopted it, just like they adopted their name "Freak angels" from media stories that were told about them.
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    @john skylar: I thought the same thing as I read his question. Not sure if Warren would take that route though, but that's exactly where my mind went, especially in light of recent events (also somewhat influenced by a recent viewing of Alex Grey's CoSM movie, specifically the part about conception). It's natural to imagine the omnipotent hyper-beings that spoke to Luke "in death" also exerting some influence on the circumstances of their collective births. I'd have to do a much more careful re-read in light of these recent events to either develop or dismiss this theory, though.

    @Paul: very diplomatic of you to weigh in there, Our Most-Esteemed Illustrator! and welcome back to the functional not-near-death side of things.
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    If they were all identical twins, with the same personality, it would have made a much less interesting story, donìt you think?
    Come to think of it,The "Package" may be a sort of shared consciousness, a hive mind.
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    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2010
    Maybe they did the reaching back through time thing and added the package to themselves in utero
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    We should be careful making assumptions about nationality based on names. Someone made a comment abour KK's heritage way back when her full name was revealed, speculating that she's half Scandanavian and half Japanese, and Warren stepped in to say that her parents were simply hippies who liked exotic names.

    Ah - here it is

    Also - not wanting to blow my own horn (especially since I haven't even updated the episode list for the last few weeks - my bad) but the FreakWiki has a lot of the background detail all in one convenient space.
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    If they were all identical twins, it would have made for a pretty damned incomprehensible comic, no?
    • CommentAuthorchett
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2010
    Uncomprehensible indeed.
    We are forgetting a little detail: they couldn't put the package on themselves, and they most surely were not altered in the wombs of their mothers, for one little motive: they were all born (if I recall it precisely) exactly at the same time. That means they were already conceived special. Any other explanations are incredible, but there is no contradiction so far... and if the story wasn't incredible it wouldn't be so great.
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    I think that the package is a beginning, a beginning leading to a power achievable only by them...
    They are on their way to becoming gods, and I always think to myself:

    When they have unraveled their "package" enough, as much as it will go, as much as they can access, being humans, or having the brains of humans, they will become timeless gods. They will take time to the beginning of time itself, and become the "gods" of the Earth as we see it now. (personally I don't believe in a god, but it would be cool if they were our gods and just went through this whole plight to conceive our world.)
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    crazy thought: what if, after more upgrades to the package, they are capable of planting that package onto their own unborn selves or somehow "plant" the seed into their own parents? The term "timeless gods" by Chobbers678 put me on this track... In that way it might be some kind of circular movement thorugh time, although it becomes very irrational as where to put an exact start to the whole stream of events. For in order to be able to plant the package they have to exsist, but they can't exsist without being born. A kind of reversed paradox of timetraveling.
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    The phrase you're looking for there is a "causal loop" or a "closed time loop", where an effect is its own direct cause. Illegal under Newtonian physics, they're theoretically possible in the brave world of quantum mechanics.