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    that no-makeup week trend thing inspired these:

    nooooooo makeup. Well, also no makeup actually.

    (i have to start drinking more water for the sake of my skin.)
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    William Joseph Dunn
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    William Joseph Dunn, explain this interesting-looking pastime in which are involved. If you feel it not to be sufficiently interesting - lie.
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    not that interesting actually. I'm dremelling off some metal from the back of a painting I'm working on. I used to wear safety goggles and a dust mask when doing this, but the goggles used to get fogged up from the dust mask so I figured I'd used my gas mask that I had instead. I think it works pretty good actually, but my studio mates thought it was funny so a picture was snapped.
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    dammit double post....
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    So pink

    almost done with pink hair, don't know what's next.
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2010
    @Rachael-My what beautiful eyes you have!
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2010
    @Rachæl ...I have discussed with you what short-haired women with glasses do to me, right?
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    Smudge . . .
    Day 270-Smudge
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    @ eric & oldhat - My eyes are rarely considered.... beautiful. Thank you. I keep cutting bits of my bangs shorter.
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    We had some... excitement at the hospital I work for a few weeks ago, so I went home that night and drank several of these. I don't draw, so for the drink and draw, I shall contribute a stomach.

    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2010
    Explain the internet to me.


    No, I don't buy that

    that filament of your imagination doesn't explain this. links to inexplicable interwubs activity.

    No, it doesn't.
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    My friend Moose and I perform a skit for the 75th anniversary of DC Comics. (I'm Superman)

    75 yo Superman and Batman
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    In the name of vanity, Beardy, goaty or childy?
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    Dear creeptastic man who hit on me at work obnoxiously, returned to my workplace and asked to speak with me even though you did NOT have a question about cheese, and then gave me your business card after I said "boyfriend, and no you can't have my number." HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR CARD.

    I had a shitty day. This made it less shitty.

    Edited for clarity and so the crazy seems a little more rational.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2010
    @Dorkmuffin: Ask Warren if he can astral project some Arse Eels to that guy's house (or basement).
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2010
    We could also just give me a Sizer-Joker makeover. Then I wouldn't ever have this problem.
    • CommentAuthorSteadyUP
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2010
    Yeah, I saw the photo before I read the post and I totally thought that was a bag of pot for a second.
    • CommentAuthorRanRan
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2010
    @PintSizedCat: Go with the Beardy. The Goaty & Childy make you look like a serial virgin-deflowerer...
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2010
    ^Technically speaking -- Moustache + Goatee + (Soul Patch) = Van Dyke
    Just sayin'
    *strokes Van Dyke thoughtfully*