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    Morning Coffee
    Day 248-Sunday morning coffee

    Hope that everyone here is doing well. I've been reading about the Peloponnesian Wars this week . . . it's interesting how little human nature has changed in the last 2400 years.
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2010
    @lx - He didn't wear glasses. You definitely have more of the face for it than Timothy Olephant, though. However, he *did* have the body down perfectly. Do you have a barcode tattoo on you? :P
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2010
    It looks like flickr watermarked my chin, doesn't it? Fuck, that's annoying.
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2010
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2010

    About to go into the Tim Burton exhibition in Melbourne, demonstrating exactly how wide my wide angle lens is.

    Back to cold, quiet Hobart again today =o(
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2010
    Shite. I suddenly feel compelled to take a picture with a gaping maw.
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    I am rather tired today. I have been learning ASL and it takes time, effort and stamina to learn another language at my age.
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    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2010

    Ultra Slaaaaash!

    Inspired the "Doctor Ultra" piece ...
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    As my husband would say, Yo.

    Day 250-Sleepy!
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    And Whitechapel Meetup - Seantaclaus + Miss Spite : We'd like to remind you to not fall out of your seat from the sheer power of our awesome.

    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2010
    The eternal question: Does it rain because I'm in a rainforest? Or am I in a rainforest because it's raining?

    In the Quinault Rainforest
    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2010 edited
    Awesome Miss Spite/Seantaclaus crossover!
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    @oldhat You should know its been heavily photo-shopped to make us look hu-mon.
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2010 edited
    I tried to do lazer eyes on this one to emulate Fauxhammer but I am so rubbish at Photoshop. So here's the plain photo. I appear to be sulking.


    EDIT: Smiling, happy, fun version:

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    We need more smiling pics up ins, y'all. I know I have no room to talk, but still.
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    Okay, I'll smile
    Day 251-Say Cheese!
    Here's my overbite :)
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    Yaye!! Smiles are lovely. :D
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2010
    @texture Kitty Carnage on the iphone; it's meant for cats, but it works fairly well on us humies as well.
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2010

    My sister was in from Utah so we went to Dinosaur Land.