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    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2010
    MASTERPIECE! thank you people
    • CommentAuthorAisforAmy
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2010
    Is Kait going to want a power up now, to contend with Mark and Luke? Is anyone else?

    "Okay, everyone gets ONE bullet to the the head, but that's IT."

    It's the only way to be fair, right?
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2010
    The lower panel page 2 is awesome. And page 4, this angry look is striking.
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    Awesome art, Paul! The expressions on Arkady's face are stunning. Jack got the scare of his life!
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    Arkady angry is one of the best drawings of a pissed off person I've ever seen.
    And then to have it followed up with her yelling at the other two... it was wonderful. Seemed really real to me right there.

    Thank you.
    • CommentAuthorkrel
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2010

    I have actual tears in my eyes. I actually started to worry, just for a second, that Connor would not wake up. The love Arkady shows for Connor is so wonderful and pure. Visually there is so much feeling there, too. Just a perfect episode.

    Connor and Arkady have long been my favorite characters, this just makes me love them more. I really love Jack too, but he's such a dick. Maybe that's why I like love him so much.

    Thanks Warren and Paul, for your continued excellence in story telling.
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    What an amazing episode. You guys pack more into this little Friday morning present to the world than most acts of published literature on any given release date. Thank you all.

    All is well in So. Arizona; Press aside, it's not as bad as THEY want you to believe.
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    Ah, fabulous! It's a lovely cool windy day, after a hot week and ridiculous humidity yesterday. And lovely Freakangels to start the day!

    Go, Arkady! I agree - that's the best visual of someone seriously pissed off that I've ever seen. Jack had that coming. And then some. I think he needs another kick to the crotch.
    • CommentAuthorKaryl
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2010
    Oh, Lurch! How awful that you know what that feels like from a real standpoint!
    Arkady has been my favorite character for a long time--and now I really know why!
    • CommentAuthorzinka
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2010
    I've lurked here for a long time and this is the first episode that's forced me to post...

    I think I'm in love with angry Arkady.

    Other than that...I guess I have to post now that I have an account:) And since this seems to be the norm: Everything is good in Georgia, just getting over a hangover. Ha ha.
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    Betcha Connor was lying there alive the whole time and just waiting for the best possible moment to chime in. Because it's hilarious, and because Jack deserved a little scare, jaded cynical bastard he's been lately.

    Arkady's face in this episode is more amazing than see through skulls and picture vortexes. I don't believe we've ever seen her so steeled, so serious, or so down to Earth.

    MY LIFE: Science! marches on. Stubborn little things that do not work abound. As usual.
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    Man, talk about what could be considered the most sadistic and evil practical joke. I laughed the same way when Cassidy got up from the coroner's table and asked for a cigarette.

    Now then; So he's probably got more of the package. But what else has he done? He could wind up like Phineas Gage with a completely altered personality. Not a pleasant thought, considering Conner's reputation for kindness...
    • CommentAuthorArsnof
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2010

    And thanks to The Package, you'll live.
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2010
    With teary eyes: thank-you for not making me wait a week for that last panel. Thank-you, Thank-you.
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    Arkady's glare at Jack made me realize that she may frequently sound spaced, but when you get her back up YOU DO NOT WANT TO FUCK WITH HER, EVER.

    Me: Labor Day weekend arriving, time for film catch-up and birthday celebrating.
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    I wanted it, Warren and Paul does it! Arkady is fast approaching the position of most lovable character in fiction.

    (Mr. Gaiman's Death holds first place by the way.)
    • CommentAuthorMark R
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2010
    Arkady is my favorite.

    Great episode.
    Thanks to all those that make it happen.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2010
    Right, i've just got in, i'm tired after a tough week and there is Freakangels, which is good. Yes, i am enjoying this, the usual combination of plot and art is working its friday magic, i am entertained and the cares of the week are drifting away.

    Dum de dum de dum, page four, last frame...


    I sit here now, picking bits of plaster out of my hair, wondering if i dare have a look at page five. Mr Duffield, Mr Ellis, assorted associates, you know, you really are rather good at this comics thing, very good indeed. Yes.
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    The suicide-off has begun! Who'll be the next to join in on the race? I could see Kait since she'd see it as a threat to her ability to maintain order and uphold the law as she sees fit. Maybe Miki both out of curiosity to learn more about the function of the package and maybe to gain more power with her medical abilities to reduce the need of medical supplies.
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    I loved that this little piece started with humor, and that the last line was dilivered so wonderfully. Kait's still my favorite, but I do love Connor a little more now. I wounldn't be suprised if Kait decided to try upgrading as well... but how far would she take it? The art is, of course, fantastic, Paul. Thank you guys.

    @ Jenny - "(Mr. Gaiman's Death holds first place by the way.) " - that was almost disturbing and upsetting, and would have been more so, had I not known that the character's name is Death.

    As for me, I have been on a rollercoaster lately, but I'm keeping afloat in all this madness. Work is extremely hectic, but seems a sanctuary, since my family is going through so much. Between my mother beginning chemo and my younger brother trying to kill himself for real, it's been... difficult.

    Thank you for giving us FreakAngels to look forward to each week folks. And thanks to all the Whitechaplers for being the most awesome "bookclub" ever.