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    As for the comment about him being a coward for grabbing a bigger gun... well that's relative isn't it? Connor doesn't have any moral delusions; he said as much to Arkady. In Connor's mind, they're all evil anyway, they'd have to be to do the Big Push. Connor's frustration wasn't just that they aren't morally good, it was more that they were incompetent crap, and he couldn't stand being part of a group so stupid it can't figure the easy shit out.

    I didn't mean that I thought Connor a coward for trying to kill himself.

    What I meant was, in reference to one of the ideas in the past that saw Connor as cowardly (whether right or wrong), when a kid that is picked on or ignored, and that kid finds a big gun (i.e. Connor's upgrade), his personality might shift. This person might have felt that everyone sees him as Jack sees him, and now he is one of the few with a measure of power over the others. It would be interesting to see if he stays altruistic and noble, or if he spins another direction, a more polar opposite than Luke or Mark. For example, imagine if Kait was the one with a major upgrade. Her version of The Way Things Should Be might not be everyone else's cup of tea. Connor's version of keeping the peace might be a little darker than him sweeping in and saving everyone from a potential future under Mark and Luke.
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    No, I got what you meant. "Bigger gun" = Package upgrade. Connor didn't have the balls to deal with the situation in his current state, so he's using the package upgrade as a crutch. It's a fair criticism.

    One of the central themes of the story is that the kids never get the consequences to their decisions that they expect (or at least consciously expect), so I think the prediction that there could be unexpected consequences with Connor's decision is spot on.
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    The next episode will probably eat your brains.
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    Ooooohhhhh, goody! Oh, the possibilities!

    Let's see, four people in a room, one gun, and tensions high over the recent torture/killing, with two of the people responsible for the torture/killing in the room, with no upgrades...

    ...I'm literally scared now.

    EDIT TO ADD: What am I talking about? Make that three guns.

    EDIT TO ADD: Considering it's Jack and Kait, maybe five or six guns.
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    The next episode will probably eat your brains.

    Heh. other words, Friday, then?
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2010
    Only 19 hours until what's left of my brains is eaten...
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    ...Oh mon gode!!! you're not kind M. Ellis!
    • CommentAuthorDoktor B
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2010
    ...and this is what I like so much about Whitechapel, opposed to other boards! We have such a broad degree of interests and life-experiences represented here that anyone, even seated at his computer in some 'burb in America's heartland, can all-of-a-sudden get smacked by something he hadn't noticed about Sartre's play, even after reading it for years in both languages. My gratitude to the administrators and the participants for provding opportunities for learning--in a friendly, inviting atmosphere--that's hard to find elsewhere.
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    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2010
    The next episode will probably eat your brains.

    One of them will become a zombie?
    • CommentAuthorSilhouette
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2010 edited
    Maybe I'm nit-picking a bit, but I kind of wish that the fourth panel on page five was varied from the third panel on that page. It looks like it zoomed in but, I wish her mouth was opened a bit more, to emphasize her anger in that moment. I say that because this episode flowed really well and that was the only thing that stood out and jarred me a bit. Again, I may be the only one but...I just really love the movement in this episode, so that seemed a bit odd to me.

    I'm really glad he's okay. I knew he would be, but I had a moment of doubt. Yay Connor. =D

    I kind of ship Connor x Arkady now. =D! Yes.
    • CommentAuthorSnapDragon
    • CommentTimeSep 10th 2010
    I agree @doktor B
    This suspence is killing me and...I enjoy tihs!!!
    It's a kinda christmas day
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    Mind Field Panic Panel. Disturbing. Beautiful.

    Have you considered taking some of the panels from this series and turning them into t-shirts or posters? To sell. For profit. Cause I'd buy them.
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    next friday cannot come quick enough!
    • CommentAuthorSilhouette
    • CommentTimeSep 10th 2010
    Oops, I think I wrote my commentary in the wrong section...or the Episode 108 thread hasn't started yet. I feel like I'm in a parallel universe haha, two updates in one week? Sweet. =D

    The images here are really beautiful, parts of it remind me of Evangelion and that's always a plus to me. =D
    I find it fitting that the 'recorder' is doing what he does best, even on the brink between life and semi-death.
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    Look up in the sticky section.
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    You magnificent bastards.
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    Something is broken here. Besides my mind, that is. I click the link to episode 0108, but wind up here. At least that's what the big purpley neon letters behind me spell. "HERE" And all the prior posts are giving me this major deja vu.

    Wait. There's... who is that, standing there on a crumbly bit of motorway? Mark??

    No, my bad. It appears to be Skeletor. And he's pointing the way... to The Future. Wow. Thanks.
    (Hey, Skeletor. Stop sniffing my ear. That's just creepy.)
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    Calm down, man. There be eels here.
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2010
    @gummint spy -- You mean, CUIDADO! Hay anguilas!

    [CUE: Eel Slapping Dance]