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    Saturday Night Open Mic: for those newcomers who don't know the drill, Saturday Night Open Mic is when I listen to you, like the kindly Wise Man Of The Internet Forest that I am. Saturday Night Open Mic is for venting, reporting, talking about your future, dancing, drooling and enumerating the many disturbing and yet seductive ways in which you love me.

    What's happening with you tonight?

    -- W
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    Good evening!

    I've spent today working on my website redesign - one day I'll launch the new site, but I seem to have been working on it for months now. On the positive side, I'm very pleased with it so far.

    Took a break from it this evening to catch up on some crap TV and share a bottle of wine with my partner, who probably thinks I spend far too much time with the computer and far too little with her.
    • CommentAuthorvrittis
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2010
    Just finished watching Primer, liked it. now i'm the only one awake in the small apartment. the girlfriend is sleeping not four meters from here and will probably have a go at me with baby toys if this post goes on for too long. the baby is dreaming of the weird gray worlds of his choosing in his room. the cat is dozing up there on the highest spot he could find so we can always be reminded that we are prey and that in his dreams he feeds on our tender insides.
    as for me, i'm considering geeking out the rest of the wakey time or calling quits

    in fact i'm even considering whether quitting the current job where i code-monk the days away - with occasional brilliance - is a good idea or not, and whether i should fear or not the impending kick in the 'nads i've just sent my own way in the form of an auto-evaluation thingie (in france it's called a abilities checklist (kinda: bilan de comp├ętences) which makes me giddy thinking that it'll be my very own character sheet)
    anyway, this rocket has been launched, might as well try to jump with it...
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    It's my birthday! I'm getting wasted with my friends and showing off my amazing brand new tattoo.

    birthday presents to my self so far- sushi, a copy of Warren's book Available Light, the aforementioned tattoo, sleeping late.
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    I am drinking crappy whiskey and coke and trying to finish the second of 2 short stories before I turn 30 at midnight.
    This one should be easier than the last, but I am drunker now and the footie starts soon. May have to change my plans to "finish it before I go to bed after I've technically turned 30".

    And Happy Birthday krakatoakatie!
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    Happy Birthday Katie!

    *tosses confetti and does a strip tease*
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    Awesome! I always wake up Sunday morning and kick myself for forgetting about open Mic Saturday night. I think that tonight I will get loaded and write a blog about how much I loathe my audience. I just started a blog to accompany my comic which I had avoided because I was afraid that I would slip up one night and tell my entire readership to go to hell for being the most frustratingly silent audience in webcomics. They come week after week, read the thing and leave. I'm not charging for this, is it too much to ask for the unqualified praise of strangers in return?

    I figure that if I force the hate blog out of me I can get it out of my system and not have to worry about accidentally revealing the bitterness I feel towards those that silently appreciate my work.

    Tonight will involve downing a bottle of Red Breast Irish Whiskey (the good stuff) and angrily pounding on my keyboard.
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    Internet Forest, huh? Oh mighty Bear God, grant protection from your minions as I perch tent tonight. I promise to leave appropriate offerings. If someone asks me why I left Red Bull and Jamesons for the bears, I will warn them to still their wagging tongues!

    So, yeah; Camping again. We're on the verge of Autumn and I've felt and smelt the edges of it. It's an awesome thing, the smell of a season change. It's one of the better parts of living, in my opinion...
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2010
    Last saturday I moved from the desert back into the city with my father and brother. This saturday i am back in the desert, staying at my mothers place for the weekend. In a few hours this girl will be coming over. If it werent for here Id never return to this place aahhhhh D:<

    Been job hunting and stuff. Made up a logo for this friends website and he paid me. He wants me to do the cover art for a 4 song ep he is in the process of recording. My mother and her husband are having me do all of the covers for this magazine they are publishing, and Ill also be putting together their website for it, too.

    Eventually, I'll find some time to doodle my own silly comics again.

    Here is me, terrified in the desert.
    Saturday Night Open Mic (4sep10)
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    that was long, nearly two weeks of working, hah! I'm expecting them to call again by the end of the month when supposedly the production is meant to pick up. I'm not sure why I'm the one getting fired (ok ok, I know, they're cutting down the number of assembly lines due to small amount of orders again, yeah) and not the people who pretend to write the english translations of our work manuals. I say "pretend" cause... well...
    TO CHARGE FIRST TO TRANSFER THE TV TO THE NEXT PALLETTE TO STICK STRIPED FOOT, which is an ACTUAL QUOTE I scribbled down today from one of the manuals is meant to be the "english" for something I quickly translated as... "set the tv vertically, push the set's base under rubber strap and place the barcode sticker under the base of the set". There. Wasn't hard at all. And while the "sentence" above is an extreme example, there's plenty more. (Ok, I'll stop before this becomes a total rant, I just tought someone might find the above "english" funny.)

    So I plan on using the extra free time to draw a fuckload of new things. Do a second b&w sketchbook, finish off the issue of short stories, draw some more, then hit it off with a b&w graphic novel. And in the meantime keep on sorting notes/writing/sketching for my 6000-8000 page project, so I can have a nice running start.
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    I launched my project yesterday (I'll figure out where it's appropriate to hype it on the boards and do so later tonight), and I haven't gotten any pledges yet. I won't start my big initial push for a few more days, but you'd think a friend or family member would have pledged something to help me get off on the right foot. It makes the cynic in me gleeful, but the rest of me isn't digging the feeling. I'm entertaining thoughts of screaming, Anthony-Hopkins-like, in the mirror "I'm gonna kill the bear!", and that's just silly. That said, I'm off to distract myself awhile before spending the evening trying to convince people my shit has value.
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2010
    I am really really really not callingemailingfacebookingwritinglettersto a man who flew me out to visit him and then came to visit me and talks like he is interested but then does not keep in touch. at all. I am really fucking confused.

    Also, I spent the day shopping with my parents and have a rant the length of my arm if it were made of slinky about how much I despise shopping and malls and Americans and entitlement and all that, but really, it just makes me feel better and right now I also have: a net to keep knitting so that I can hang it on my wall and from it hang bits of periodicals that I've cut up and collected to put in letters that I keep writing to people who live in the town I just moved from.

    I Am Missing The Football Game in Lincoln, NE today. WIN.

    Former housemate and I decided to each take a year to do a project that we'll share with each other when the year's over. I've crocheted a sort of web thing from hooks on my (HUGEASS) chalkboard to hooks that I put on its supporting shelf and will call that the canvas. I'm not a visual artist and the canvas I found for her is Huge, so I've got this notion of yarn work + writings + random free screws (as these seem to be my objects). Not sure quite what else yet. It is good to have it begun. Also, short stories to write so that I can send mail to yet another old friend.

    The experience of being around creative people who DO STUFF inspired me to write again. I chose to start by writing letters to people. I have loved it. And they seem to like to get letters as well. We'll see if anyone writes back!

    Now, if only I can find a job in Northwestern MO during a recession...

    Also, Happy Birthdays!
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    Gone midnight. There go my twenties, I regard them much like Douglas Adams regarded a deadline. They made an interesting noise as they wooshed by, but have had no real effect.
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    like the kindly Wise Man Of The Internet Forest that I am. Saturday Night Open Mic is for venting, reporting, talking about your future, dancing, drooling and enumerating the many disturbing and yet seductive ways in which you love me.

    Happy Birthday krakatoakatie!

    @Aurora Borealis: What is the language they are "translating" from?

    Well, venting would have worked best last week, when I ended up driving my mom to ER because she experience Transient Global Amnesia. Because, you know, driving one's mother to ER because she can't remember what the hell is going on is totally normal for 25 year olds. On the bright side, my dad has finally learned the lesson of don't-talk-to-potential-buyers, and the buyer (bullying asshole) is finally out of the picture (both reasons contributing to why my mom was so utterly stressed out). However, my aunt continues to be difficult and wanting more, even though she's barely doing any of the work needed to get her part of the land sold. Oh, and now she's gotten into her mind that her part of the land should actually be larger, even though it is more valuable with flat cleared land and a boat house/fish house which is a)historically valuable and b)is very rare and can't be built anymore. Really truly. The only reason it is still standing is that my grandpa kept it up and gave the DNR guys an earful any time they came by. Anyway, now my mom and aunt are getting a mediator so we can get it ironed out, her part of the land can get deeded over to her and then it will be her stress to deal with and my mom can finally deal with her own life. On the bright side, I can tell my second cousin that the buyer is no longer, who will be very happy.

    Currently my future involves keeping an eye on my mom and putting aside money for taxes. It also may include teaching drawing to some 10-ish year old girls and helping with photography for 4H for the same girls, which should be a lot of fun, and help me focus on my own art. Also, the basement might finally get cleared out.

    As for today, I slept most of the day and discovered frozen yogurt that I had put in the freezer downstairs. Woot.

    Oh Wise Man Of The Internet Forest, your meadows are the meeting places of strange kindred spirits, and your words sustain our minds, and we love you for it.
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    Discovered earlier that the bottom-left corner of our bed has been about an inch lower than the other corners for years because of an absent castor. Stuck a book about Requirements Engineering under there and suddenly the vertical lines of the world seem a bit more plumb. My spine is unwinding. The lesson here? Students: those textbooks might come in useful some day.

    Just wanted to share that because it's pretty great.
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    Edit: changed my mind about drinking the good stuff when I discovered this offering.

    Jim Beam and Cola!
    • CommentAuthoraudiorape
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2010
    I'm in the process of ruining someone else's life rather than my own. I'm doing that by ruining my own life - but I get a sticker out of it. I'm thinking this is a good trade off.
    • CommentAuthoraudiorape
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2010
    It's a shiny sticker, too. It nearly completes that one page in the sticker book of footballing gits.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2010
    Ye Gods, is that the time?

    Good morning all.

    I was going to grumble about being telephonically besieged by psychotic women. About how i doubted it would work in the first place but was too polite to say and about how they are both sweet in their own very special and particular ways but dear sweet merciful lord of the bosky internet glades, not both on the phone at the same time (one mobile, one fixed) when i'm tired and trying to 'get things done'. About the joys of listening to tales of unreasonable mothers, landlords, now ex husbands and employment agencies. About trying to sound sympathetic and concerned while suppressing the urge to run away screaming with my hands in the air. About lots of things.

    And then i found this:-

    and everything is better.

    Tomorrow i shall ride to the rescue like the daft old git that i am.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2010
    Oh and happy birthday Katie.