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    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2010
    It has been an epically shit couple of weeks, but things are finally starting to look up a bit. Work ended this week on a rather positive note and I'll have a new FlashINK interview with a name very familiar to Whitechapel online within the next week or so.
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2010
    good evening warren, ariana, fellow whitechapelians how are you all?

    Me? Why I'm nice and drunk and not even a good drunk, I'm drunk on that weak assed swill that we american's call beer. No not some cool well crafted micro brew, a large multinational conglomerates beer is what is doing me in tonight. Why you ask? Well for a couple of reasons, if it's cold enough this pigswill tastes like water and while I generally prefer actual beer to this crap, I was in the mood to get good anf drunk this evening and when that happens I'm not going to waste the good porter or lager I have in my fridge, I'm going to get good and wasted on one of the 3 big boys because it's also dirt cheap. Oh.. why did I want to get drunk? Well first of all, why the hell not? I find dunrekness a fairly great state to be in as long as I'm not driving or trying to start a fight, and I rarely start fights (I'm also about 6'4" and about 250#s so few people try to start fights with me) also there is a sporting event thingy that cause this as well, but all fans of a sports team, regardless of the country or the sport, can relate to your team causing you to want to drink. So that's it and I think I'm going to go sleep now. No I do not consider it passing out if I can get to my bed under my own power - so there.

    goodnight fellow whitechapelians, warren and ariana. You're all cool people and have given me much awesomeness wrt music, movie and book recommendations - and I think you all for it. and I think firefox for automatic spell check otherwise this would have been much much more funny/embarassing...
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    Evening Folks,
    It's been an up and down kind of week. Monday I broke up with a girl who asked me to talk to her again in 2 weeks, to see if I've changed my mind. I did this for a dozen reasons not worth getting into, part of me hopes she can't work up the nerve to call after next week.

    I fell backwards in to a D&D group Thursday. I quite welcome the socializing, though I fear some members of the group haven't really considered that your only cleric being neutral evil could be bad. Must round up more dice.

    Today was my Uncle's Funeral. It was so packed they had to set up a screen in another room so that people who couldn't fit in could see. He was a popular guy. I got to go straight from the service to work. Slow Day, at least.
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2010
    I've had another lovely week, mostly. Had a bit of an adventure or two.
    Yesterday, riding in my roommate's car to come home for the long weekend, we started smelling burning antifreeze (which, oddly, smells like making homemade lollipops). We pulled off on the first exit we came too, and the hood was pouring out smoke. We stopped in this sort of industrial area, pretty much devoid of people. The roommate was crying, calling her dad and trying to figure out what to do. I don't even know how to change a tire or check oil, so I was no help. Luckily, a man came over, helped us out, told her what was wrong and seemingly fixed the problem. He then pointed us in the direction of a store to stay in while the car cooled down, because the neighborhood wasn't a good one, and he was a bit scared for us.
    Unfortunately, the guy that was so helpful had no clue what he was talking about, and the car looked like it was going to burst into flames again before we reached the parking lot.
    The store in question was a place called "Cabella's" which I'd heard of but never entered. It is a shrine of sporting goods. On top of a mountain, there is a palace of fishing rods and guns, where they feed you buffalo burgers, and the walls are lined with taxidermy. Despite the fact that I am not an outdoorsy person, there was enough there to entertain me for 45 minutes or so while my sister made a drive to pick me up.
    I really wish such a place existed for comics. I'm determined to dream of one tonight.
    I followed this all up by eating some pretty expensive sushi with my sister. Sadly, I realized the hard way I am not a fish person in any form. Whether it's a tuna sandwich or a sushi roll with caviar sprinkled on top, I just don't like eating fish.
    Also, I have no idea how I'm getting back to school on Monday. Or Tuesday. Whatever.
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2010
    I have had a week mostly full of me yelling at myself to stop moping and being depressed and get back to doing something, anything else. Usually this resulted in failure. I am still badly searching for work that results in more then $50-100 a week so I can move out of my parents where I am currently stuck at, my vehicle is broken and I have no way of repairing it so must share one with my little brother, this results in me essentially asking him for permission to go anywhere. The job market seems to only be shrinking more and more everyday, and it wasn't that big to begin with, I keep hearing the words "overqualified" for any minimum wage job, and "under qualified" for anything professional. While I have always been told school and education result in better job prospects, all I can see with two degrees, and a third one coming my way by the end of the year is a huge pile of debt and no job.

    What's worse is that every time this week I have wanted to create something, or be productive, something has reminded me how badly I need money that I drop what I want to work on and instead fill out more applications and send out more resumes. This results in more anger at myself and typically nothing fucking gets done.

    Miraculously last night I seemingly ran out of places to apply to (in the St Louis region, as well as Chicago, and Pittsburgh) that I was able to get some work on the at this point very late third issue of Make Something. It should be long done since I've ended up getting so many submissions thanks to our great lovable and suave leader, but I pretty much got crippled by the cycle I described above.

    On the bright side, I went for drinks with friends this week, for the first time in nearly a year, and it was nice. Pints of Guiness make me happy, and a bit broker then before. This month should be good, if I can pull everything together I need to, there is a comic convention and the big gaming convention/nerd orgy that is Archon upcoming and I'm set on going to both. Also my friends are getting married, and I get to house sit for them while they honeymoon which should be fun. Also I am starting a short term freelance position doing some research for someone's book in two weeks, AND I will get to see William Gibson talk about his new book.

    For the rest of the night, I am going to watch some movies and/or anime and then get up early tomorrow to finish the damn story I've been working on for way too long, and write up a nice pitch to an artist friend about the comic we have been talking about for about three months now, but have yet to really nail down what the story will be. We have the world, we have the society, and tons of more factoids, but the main story hasn't been settled yet and it is time for me to get all my random ideas into something solid and get this going.
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2010
    Back down south to the 45th parallel from Anchorage, and despite some tribulations it feels like a bit of a relief. ANC never had a Summer this year and have landed in PDX just in time for the transition to Autumn. Haven't experienced a 90 degree day since 2008...

    Saw Avatar today as my first IMAX, first modern 3D movie. Initial 1.5 hrs of the film was fairly revelatory despite Cameron going so heavily to the 60/70s blacklight poster well for inspiration. 3D rising from the grave in the 21st century might be more than a flash in the pan if this film and some of the CG previews are any indication.
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    Missed Saturday night. As in went to bed stupidly early after bickering with partner...

    Not a bad week -three month depression lifted, really suddenly, around a week ago - not sure if anyone else has ever felt this, but it was like weights being removed from all my limbs - the first few days of the week were euphoric, kept cackling and flexing my arms and legs and thinking 'THIS is how things are meant to be'. Don't know how long it will last, am exercising frantically to try and keep it going and not sink back down.

    Plans - start recording music and photographing again. Everything's been on hold for so long, haven't been capable of doing anything other than focus on being domestically and professionally adequate.

    Morning Whitechapel.
    • CommentAuthorcdthomas
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2010
    Of course, I lost my comment. A precis:

    A three-day holiday's too short.

    The fact that stores now carry canning materials would be better if they carried the tools that aren't so common, like canning jar-lid holders.

    I somehow got through seeing stage-fighting guys and MACHETE without loathing mankind. That was accomplished by walking around A Taste of Colorado's carnival of overpriced pitches for three hours.

    Still deciding whether I'll see TOY STORY 3, AVATAR or a full canner, the rest of the weekend.

    And I luv U, IJ, because I know you made a world where Michele Rodriguez can wear an eyepatch, a black bra and pants and a scorpion belt-buckle, and I no longer want to punch her character in the face. She's uncomplicatedly hot, now. And, Miss Lindsey Lohan's so simple and good in a part that I envision Rodriguez making her a ex-skank nun-dresser blowing her twisted dad's inheritance on vengeance.

    This, of course, is a miracle, and I blame you, sir -- I BLAME YOU.
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2010
    Ah, hello Whitechapel. Hello to everyone, to Warren and Ariana, to the boys and the girls and the whole wide world. I am in a good mood. Why? I've no idea. Nothing is going wrong, as it is, but nothing is going quite right either. I'm not having much success in the job hunt I've embarked on, nor is the homestead particularly warm and welcoming. Failure to find a job means going to school proper for a semester, as I have some loose credits I've got to grab. However, I can apparently get these by working if it becomes available to me. I am in Toronto and the education system here is as wacky as it is everywhere.

    Anyway, I think this week I'm going to start writing something big. I don't know what yet, but I have that feeling in my bones. Shaking and rattling and telling me to get off my bloody ass and create something. The world has waited long enough, as I have waited for it. There are many things to be done, much fun to be had, to be shared, to learn from. I'm on a tired high right now, my second-wind. That bit where I'm too tired to acknowledge it without passing out, and my body juices into turbo to compensate. I'm uncertain of how that works, but I like it. It is time things get done, and I am telling you all this so that it is my word, and I must be true to it. It is my bond once it leaves my head, and so it has and so it is.
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    @trini_naenae: It was translated from Polish. Or... from Chinese. Or perhaps from Chinese to Polish to Chinese and to English again? Cause that could kinda explain the linguistic clusterfuckery going in this sentence (the factory is Chinese/Taiwanese owned).
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    good morning warren. sunlight does not suit me.....

    My flat is completely trashed and there are a lot of chicken bones on the floor in the corner. This is because we had a large dinner party for a wonderful friend of mine last night. She is getting deported back to Canada, so she is leaving next week before the state comes in the night to take her away (or something). It is dark times here in Iceland for foreigners as the state is looking to crack down on all Non EEA people who may or may not be in the country illegally. All....err... 2500 of them. People from non EEA countries have been fining it increasingly difficult to get their work and residency permits renewed this year (a work colleague from Bulgaria tried renewing her residency permit this year only for them to knock her back for no reason. she was accepted on appeal, but only for a year. Her Icelandic fiance wasn´t happy).

    And this week the head of the department of Labor went on TV and said "if you aren´t from the EEA don´t come to Iceland as you won´t get a work permit". What total bullshit. Icelanders NEED people like us to remind them that their lives are gray and full of desperation and ignorance and they need us to remind them of the beautiful wide world out there. But there is a nationalistic mood in the country right now and the desire to literally "Close the gates" and live like peasants for the next 50 years. Hmmmm.......

    On top of this the state ripped me off this week by forcing me to pay the equivalent of a 60% "tariff" on a parcel that was stopped by customs. It contained baby clothes for my nephew and an Mp3 player from my mother. the Customs officer said "it wasn´t clearly marked as a gift". When we paid and received the package, we saw that it WAS clearly marked as bright as the fucking day! when we pointed this out to customs, they then said that as we accepted the package, the case is closed and they won´t look into it any further! That's one hell of a scam they've got going there!

    But right now? the mood is better. I´m about to start cleaning up and sigga is taking to a secret location soon.... Because it is out 2nd Wedding Anniversary tomorrow! Wow time sure flies when you are having fun! will report on it when i get back tomorrow....

    And to everyone here have great and good times. Happy birthday Katie! Good to hear that you are in better spirits Jon. And that is one cute little octopus Glukkake! Needs more severed heads though....
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    It's cheap and would make good research material when you want to write about kids.

    Better than actually having one?
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    @Aurora Borealis: Huh. That is quite interesting.
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    Good morning.

    I'm still up. It's nearly 9am. I've just attended my oldest and best friend's bachelorette party. Myself, her three brothers, her cousins (one of which was the "Mr. Bear" pageant winner in the gay Bears documentary), as well as a few friends (who also appeared in the film). My friend got a few fabulous lap dances in a New York state strip bar, where the ladies are allowed to go topless! I was shamelessly hit on by a gay man and by the husband of my friend's cousin, which was uncomfortable. We went to a diner at dawn, a very NJ thing to do.

    I am sitting on a couch, listening to someone's alarm clock going off for the past hour, with a brother asleep on a couch next to me, a dog snoring at my feet, a cat crawling above, and Fifth Element on the television. I forget how great Willis' comedic timing is. I did not forget how annoying Christ Tucker is.

    I wonder when I will ever sleep.

    I'm going to get my tonsils removed. I'm going to apply to school. I need to figure out how to maneuver these two things and not miss autumn due to being bedridden. Frustrating, being that I've been hiding inside for the horrible heat, and now the weather is starting my favorite season.

    My camera batteries are both dead, and I don't have the charger. This is a terrible position for me to be in, being how rarely I ever leave the house, and I'm going to be itching to take pictures like MAD.

    I'm glad I finally got to participate in a remake/remodel. I can't thank you enough for that, Mr. Ellis. It's done my wonderful things to my head, to have something to put such effort into what I love so.

    Speaking of love, I think I'd like to be in love with somebody who is in love with me back. It's been at least 6 years since I've had at least the illusion of that kind of bond. I wonder how.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2010
    I always get to these threads on the "morning after" and I do the same thing I just did walking to the 24 hour coffee shop around the corner from me; try to piece together what happened in everyone else's evenings.

    For instance, I saw a tool belt laying on the sidewalk, all the contents laid out on someone's lawn, piece by piece, as if someone stole it and did a post theft autopsy right on the street. What the fuck happened here? Very neatly done, but obviously a crime was committed. Then I see a pair of men's y-fronts a block down from that. Perfectly clean, worn but not worn out, just laying neatly on the sidewalk. Again, what happened here?

    Same as here, I feel like the morning after voyeur, but I do appreciate some of the stuff people pour out here; it's rough and spiny and honest. Thanks for letting me walk by...
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2010 edited
    Hello Warren. Hello Whitechapel.

    Life at the moment is . . . . full. My much-loved father is entering the advanced stages of Parkinsons Disease, with all the fun stuff like delusions and hallucinations, physical frailty, violent behavior, incontinence and dementia. Last week we were told Dad won't see the end of the year unless he undergoes a chemo course to treat the lymphoma which turned up in his latest batch of tests. It may be that Dad is too frail to cope with the chemo, and he's made it clear that he doesn't want to hang around being an invalid for years, so We Shall See.

    My wife and I are also preparing to move to Canada next week. Packing, shipping and storing our stuff, filling in reams of immigration documents, cleaning our flat and fighting our crooked property agent for the rental bond, lining up employment and housing in Toronto; all these things need to be completed by the weekend.

    Oh, and I'm holding my first ever art exhibition on Saturday, and I'm spending ten hours a day working on all the stuff I still need to get finished.

    Might go and get my weekly hour of sleep soon.
    • CommentAuthorHenchbot
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2010
    Ive got the whiskey/nyquil hangover but the plague has been beaten to a small pile of pulp, throbbing gently still, but much less than last night. Its 8 am on the West Coast and Im just saying hello....its been awhile.
    S.O.M. always makes for good Sunday reading.
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    Just thought I'd share: went to Balsa Man, a small-scale version of Burning Man (without the nekkid folks or the drugs [mostly]) - I made some streetlights and a small whatsit to burn:

    More pics here: