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    Thread is open for people who make music to plug their new stuff, drop links to their sites, show off and talk among themselves. We like music here, and need more.

    -- W
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    I'll start!

    Birds Use Stars Soundcloud

    Electronic music which I think is lovely.
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2010
    Ah, a nice blank slate! Lush. Cheers for the reboot of this thread, boss.

    Black Lantern Music

    Black Lantern Music

    All releases free, high quality mp3s under Creative Commons licenses. No DRM. Genres range from electro to dubstep, ambient to math-rock, hip-hop to jazz and back again.
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2010 edited
    My site is here with things to buy as well as things to take for free like This or this or this

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    Finally put out my album in November. Shows will start in October.
    Comic starts in December. I'm updating my website pretty much
    every week with something new.

    (website says October release but I'm pushing it back a month
    due to paypal issues, and well...I'm doing everything myself.)
    • CommentAuthorEvJ
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2010
    Sllt. by Very Sharp Knives. Stereo mix of a multichannel performance, electronics such like. There's a thirty minute full version I haven't gotten around to mixing yet, this one is twentyish. Recorded in August.

    Very Sharp Knives at Alison House Two live recordings from January this year. More electronics. More multichannel performances mixed down to stereo.
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    the future
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    Tonight I have been making Radiophonics.

    So far i've made 6 short pieces.

    This is the only one i've uploaded so far

    there will be more by the end of the week.
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2010
    Golden Gardens, my dream-pop band. Listen if you like Cocteau Twins, Cranes, the Twin Peaks Soundtrack or Curve.

    3 songs up so far.
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2010
    Bandcamp page of my latest release.
    It's my sixth album and the second I don't consider absolute shit. I started making music without any prior experience or musical education two years ago. Making shit, pretty much. By now my shit has evolved to stuff. So please listen to my stuff. All tracks are in chronological order, so the quality should increase throughout the album. Because it definitely does in my overall work.

    Oh, and it's some kind of Internet techno. Dunno what label to plaster on it. Here's a joke (serious) review I wrote myself.
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2010
    @IG Kraschfabrik is brilliant mate, listening now and thoroughly enjoying it.
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    Hello all!

    I'm putting together a compilation based around the works of HP Lovecraft & I'm putting out a call to arms! Anyone interested in contributing a track? Please contact me either through myspace at-

    There are some rules for the compilation so check my blog as well!

    Cheers to you all!

    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2010
    @sympatheticdivision that sounds really interesting. i'll see if my bandmate would be interested in putting something creepy together.
    • CommentAuthorVox Doom
    • CommentTimeSep 10th 2010 edited
    I make this, sometimes.


    Instrumental, synthy, often slow, rarely fast, very drum based noises.

    First one I made was Alarm, it's still my favourite.
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    @ GreggN: Very pretty stuff.

    @ IG: Nice production work!

    As far as me, I don't know what exactly I do. I don't know what to call it. Electronica... I guess. But the last thing I did was an EP w/ B.I.G. acapellas. This time around I'm thinking of doing something a little more turntablism/hip-hop oriented. Or maybe I should do a horror film themed EP for October. I dunno.

    I'm MILD MAYNYRD. This is my Bandcamp page.
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeSep 10th 2010 edited

    My friends and I made the music for this video using a 20 year old korg synthesizer and a modern computer. The cartoons are a bunch of HEY APATHY test animations I did in college that we thought it would be fun to do the score/foley for.

    edit: Forgot to mention I’ll be doing simultaneous projections of a more polished video in the middle of the sidewalk on Queen St. West and on the exterior walls of 401 Richmond St. from 7 pm- 7am, Oct 2 during Toronto’s 2010 Nuit blanche celebrations.
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    @Hey Apathy! Great stuff, absolutely loved the animations too.
    • CommentAuthortoby
    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2010
    Bit Stream - Untitled. A track recorded yesterday by my noise/electro duo Bit Stream. Hope you like it.
    • CommentAuthorbella
    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2010
    Evening all!
    Brighton-based instrumental acoustic guitarist.
    Please check out: Myspace

    Debut album out on iTunes now

    Cheers for ur ears! this is all a one (wo)man operation! Enjoy :)
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    As mentioned a couple of posts back I've been making my own Radiophonic music.

    It's finished and posted up on my Bandcamp page - here

    you can also stream it - here

    i hope you dig it.