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    Good news! It appears that my band, American Lesion, is opening for the Misfits in December...the Masquerade in Atlanta...played there quite a few times...oh, and just got the website up here...yeah its pretty bland at the moment but i had to get something up fast instead of directing people to Facebook or Myspace...
    EDIT: so I can showcase some music for all

    The first is about Ed Gein, the second is about Joan of Arc, and the third is our attempt at a music video, but it turned out as a 4 minute snuff film...and yes, we are a twisted bunch
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    @ Ian Holloway Glad you like it ! Really liking the radiophonic stuff...more please !
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    i've been getting fab feedback on that radiophonic thing. It was great fun to do and i'm real glad you dig it.
    I never intended to make it as an actual release but i'm starting to think otherwise now and do a real limited run on mini-cd.
    I don't feel as though the radiophonic urge has gone away yet so there may be another episode coming.

    I've just finished a new longform piece of slow wash drones over an Arizonan friend's field recordings which came together really quickly and i'm pretty happy with. Just got to do the sleeve designing thing now which isn't something I particularly enjoy at all.
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    the latest in my attempt to get all of the Quiet World backcatalogue uploaded to mixcloud and bandcamp.

    here is an album of somnambulant psyche-drone from 2007 from myself and Darren (Ora / Monos) Tate.

    stream it here

    buy it here
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    Flyer for my band's (Five Beats One) first gig next month in S.F., CA., U.S.A.
    Tickets on sale here.
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    I can't stop making this really strange music. I have sorta crappy equipment, and my voice is sorta strange so I'm experimenting with lyrics... and... well. You should listen and gimme some real feedback because I can't get crap outta the people around me. I need some honest music feedback (but in an open-minded, freethinking, anything is music kinda way). Is this stuff enjoyable? Thanks.

    SoWeirdBoy as Eclectic Static Vol.1

    Track 5 and down are my favorites.
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    So my weirdo acoustic band, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, made a rap video this summer. Sort of a summer booty anthem for anarcho-punk chicks. It's called Freaky Baby, and the video is now live: Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, made a rap video this summer. Sort of a summer booty anthem for anarcho-punk chicks. It's called Freaky Baby, and the video is now live:

    We drove our label crazy because the song is not on the album we're trying to promote; it was just an idea that got bigger and crazier and took on a mind of its own. So we turned the rap song into a digital-only EP, which is at itunes and amazon.">
    Freaky Baby digital EP cover art by Janelle Hessig
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    Took me a while to do this (like most of my musical projects).

    Virtually everything I've recorded (that has survived) from 1978-2010 is now on Soundcloud, from guitar abuse to tape-loop pieces, to nearly-pop somewhat krautrocky prototechno, to my more recent sound sculptures (many heard on The 4AM). 50 Tracks.

    Because I don't thing enough people heard most of it 20-30 years ago. And now you can.

    Stream and enjoy!
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    I'm cheating a tiny bit here, but I think my boyfriend's band would appeal to the Whitechapel crowd. I think the musician/comic book line should be crossed as often as possible. The Lumerians are a Bay Area band that just got signed onto Knitting Factory Records, and they have a psychedelic, bootie-shaking, sometimes Brazilian-influenced sound.
    (plus, I took the blurry photo of them lying in a circle)

    Hope you enjoy,
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    thank you.
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    Scratch River Telegraph Company can now be found at all four corners of the internet.

    We have several shows coming up this month, in the Eastern Tennessee area, and are currently trying to raise funds to record a full-length album.

    We appreciate Warren including an early recording of 'The Crawling House' in his 4am podcast, and we always find new and interesting sounds here.
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    Have helped to organise ( in a minor way ) and will be djing/eventually performing at this rejuvenated Brighton monthly electronic/hauntological/prog extravanganza ! Mordant Music this month , with future confirmed headliners and performers ( some regularly mentioned by Warren) to be announced ASAP, and unconfirmed special guests. Strange electronic music and visuals guaranteed.

    Outer Church
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    i love that image ^
    good luck with it.
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    For those of you in or near San Francisco, CA here in the states, there will be an amazing ALL AGES (with alcohol) show tonight at legendary bar Thee Parkside featuring Professorplague's band as mentioned above, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Mac Nuggits and my band The Secretions. We will be celebrating the release of BJE's new music/videos/wackiness. There will be other hijinks such as bicycle dancing and of course, me after the consumption of quite a large amount of whiskey. Check out the flyer:
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    Weren't The Secretions on one of the Springman Records comps from a few years ago? If so then I love you guys.
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    I contributed some vocals to this EP by Harlequinade, also featuring Laughing Gear from the Eaters. It's on a post-apocalyptic sound collage / spoken word / hip-hop tip. It's free to download.

    Download Vortex Cabaret

    Harlequinade's new band's electro EP also came out today - also free, and it's absolutely awesome.

    Church Of When The Shit Hits The Fan
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    • CommentTimeOct 14th 2010
    Rap-Industrial-Rock-Experimental :D

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    The Outer Church curious electronic evening m I'm helping with in Brighton ( see 4 posts above ) got a mention in the Wire this month. Hurrah !
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    The Bumhand Blues

    One of my Tinjo's in Action!

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    We have a music video now for our song Paresseux