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    around 3 or 4 years ago myself and two film-maker friends of mine - Rhodri Thomas and Stephen Jones - for lack of anything better to do embarked on an ambitious video project. A triptych of video pieces. Only two of the three were ever finished so they've never been seen before. A heavily edited version of the second appeared in a couple of gallery shows but this is their first time in public.

    if i may be so bold as to make a suggestion - these are meant to be watched on full screen in a dark room with the music on loud or on headphones.

    I hope you enjoy. i think they're fab but i'm biased.

    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2011
    So, I did that "Ballads and Buildings" tour this summer.

    This is Ballad #1 from Latvia. That was my first time playing without relying on layering or loops, pretty much with just a guitar and amp on 10 and feedback from the Baltics to LEO. It did the brain good.

    (That's the raw recording on a Zoom H4, and it may get incorporated into something else in the future.)
    • CommentTimeAug 16th 2011 edited
    BIG CITY GANG BANG Productions - The Next Great Depression by apefist


    These are all demos in varying degrees of completion. The music is done, but the sampled dialogue still needs some cleanup and levels brought up.
    • CommentTimeAug 16th 2011
    New From Me:

    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2011 edited
    Take a listen to our music, you can download our record here:

    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2011
    We've just put our new album up on bandcamp. 12 tracks that bounce between droney ambient, upbeat dreampop, shoegazey trip-hop and spooky post-punk.

    Golden Gardens - Between the Siren and the Amulet
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011
    Gregg - superb, in the -TO BUY- pile
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2011
    That's wonderful. Thank you for the kind words!
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2011 edited
    This is a concept I wrote down on a scrap of paper (probably while high) when I was about 18 - I think I wanted to do an album of different spellings :-)

    The notes spell the word "deaf" and the Morse code beat spells the word deaf too. A silly idea.

    Found the scrap of paper and decided to make by late teenage dream a reality!

    D.E.A.F. by The Face of Human Error
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    something slow, heavy and made entirely of sludge for your delectation.

    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2011
    My bass/drums combo has a FREE 3 track ep

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    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2011

    Here is my new song:

    L-ov-E, NN11
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    my newest instrument:

    it's a dulcitar, a combination of a guitar and dulcimer. made from scrap wood and nails and things.

    and a clip of it being played...

    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2011
    @offtandiscord - WANT!!!!!!!

    New noise from me today:

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    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2011
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    new release on my Quiet World label by the wonderful Sujo

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    As always, beautiful work. All of you. I'm putting the finishing touches on my next album. In the meantime, I just finished mixing some FELT acapellas with FLAMING LIPS songs. It was a shitload of fun making this, I hope it's nearly as fun to listen to:

    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2011
    Great stuff Sonny!
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2011 edited

    I have a new album out now to buy from iTunes and Amazon

    Or you can listen to it on Last FM or Spotify

    Here's a track right here

    (oh - and I recently joined Facebook if you'd like to like me)