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    so basically if you like Avant Garde electronic music...

    I'm your man!

    Also, it says "buy it" but you can pay $0 if you feel like downloading it.
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    Even if you are going to be far from Sydney on August 11, please give this information to everyone you know who might be in the area. It may be vital to their survival.

    Gig flyer - Bat Country

    At his apocalyptic best, Kay Orchison makes sounds that have been compared to Nick Cave drunkenly arguing with the voices in his head - and losing. At, well, other times, he sounds more like an orchestra falling slowly down a slagheap.

    Implements which he has been observed to have used musically so far include acoustic guitar and bass, Dobro, mandolin, theremin, thumb piano, 44 gallon drum, xaphoon, occarina, assorted children's toys (musical and otherwise), a full wine glass, a 1920s alarm clock, a pan of water being hit with a spoon, and his voice, which is the result of his being descended from a long line of policemen and drill sergeants and which if pushed hard enough somewhat resembles circus elephants fornicating on a moving freight train.

    People have been seen leaving his shows in tears for a wide variety of reasons. He is about to win a bet with a Colourful Local Identity regarding the supposed impossibility of writing a genuinely sad song on the ukulele.

    In the words of some justly long-dead reviewer, if listening to Leonard Cohen is like having warm Kahlua poured into your ear, then listening to Tom Waits is like having a fifth of bourbon poured down your tie. With the benefit of significant doubt, we could extrapolate that listening to Kay might be a little like having a schooner of Old poured into your stubbies; or that said reviewer had a drinking problem, being singularly unable to locate the correct orifice.

    Live, you will usually see Kay and a range of stringed instruments, played consecutively rather than concurrently. His voice is deep and wide and makes an indelible impression even when backed by instruments constructed hastily from linoleum and tinfoil instead of by, say, the 1953 Soviet Heavy Military Printing Press Chamber Orchestra.

    Approach with caution, light blue touch paper, and retire to a safe distance.

    Yours since early,

    Senior Clerk
    Office of Revels
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    Alright then, Music Monday for me I guess. Another 3 song EP. This one is called "King Bird" here is the cover:


    And here is the link!
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    I heard you liked weekly EPs...

    Blue Thing

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    Hey WHITECHAPEL MUSICIANS! So I was talking to Texture about this recently and think it could be a whole shitload of fun, and productive because it would expose you to potentially different audiences: a Whitechapel Mixtape. Hmm? I know we're all of different stripes on here, but as far as I'm concerned genre us just another barrier to separate ourselves from one another. Besides, who the fuck says you can't make a mixtape with Shoegaze and Punk and Metal and Hip-Hop and Ambient and whateverthehellelse? Thoughts?
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2012
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2012
    That would be brilliant - I can see no problem with a genre straddler, that'd be a plus even.

    Are we thinking Soundcloud or a deliberate mixtapey site or... something else?
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    I'm not sure about how to go about releasing it, or where. Soundcloud works. Perhaps we could make a WHITECHAPEL soundcloud account, then do it there? Just so it isn't on any one person's page only? I do not know. All I know is we're discussing it, and that is a good thing.
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2012
    Just create a bandcamp account for it. That'd take care of it up to 500 free DLs. Or you could put it up on Free Music Archive - I have a curator login there we could use. Also, I'M IN.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2012 edited
    One of us with dropbox can also upload to a public folder in our account and then put the link here. Then you just copy + paste and you're good. I have a dropbox we can use for said purpose.

    example (also a testrun, let me know if it doesn't work): Here is a mixtape I made for another group of people last year.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeAug 8th 2012
    @Argos: Well, even I managed to get your mixtape onto my laptop, so that must count for something. Some nice stuff on that.

    A Whitechapel Mixtape? If you aural-architects create it, then I will be very happy to listen to it. I've got nothing better to do with my ears, so I might as well make 'em bleed.
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2012
    I do a weekly metal show on Core of Destruction Radio called the Grind.


    You can also download show archives in mp3 format, and look at other random crap, on the Grind blog -

    If you dig the sound of rancid decomposing flesh backing up in an abandoned slaughterhouse toilet... you'll like this show. If you enjoy playing air drums, air guitar, and growling along to popular tunes from the 80's in an death metal style... you'll like this show. If you are a fan of metal - fast, slow, loud, and heavy as fuck... you'll like this show. Screw genres, sub-genres, and all classifications... if it is LOUD, play it LOUDER.
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    So my band, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, keeps putting out videos. The latest is for our big epic ballad "Life is Excellent" It's like a truly bent anti-depressant commercial. Check it out!

    And right now it's trending nicely on Buzzfeed. If you like this video, share it with a depressed friend!
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    Alright. My new record just went public today. It's called "Hills Run Red", again on Black Lantern Music. 3rd full-length as Mild Maynyrd. I have a hard time describing it -- and selling myself in general -- so here's how the BLM guys have described it:

    I know what you're thinking, there's not enough Wild West themed narrative sample based electronica concept albums that are as I just described but manage at the same time to not be cheesy in any way. Well the ever adventurous Mild Maynyrd, who hails from the other side of the pond so is very possibly a cattle rustling gunslinger himself (though I couldn't confirm either way as I value my life), has cooked up 'Hills Run Red' for Black Lantern Music to remedy this! Its a peach, its a trip, and it tells a ripping yarn too.

    LOL... here's the cover:

    LINK: Mild Maynyrd Bandcamp.

    All I ask is you give it a try!
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    I'm back from vacation, so now it's time for a new EP!

    Paper EP by BirdsUseStars
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2012
    Anyone in London on Sunday?

    My band, WRANK, is playing a mini-festival thing in Camden. Info here:

    If you're going, let me know and I'll get you in free.
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2012

    Cheeky bootleg - Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor X Texture - Face Melter

    >>free download<<
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2012
    Here's what we did on our holidays last year:

    Nega - Live at Kuucvaals 2011

    Ambience, noise, distorted beats, ispirational self-help tapes, etc.
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2012 edited
    This happened:



    Been into FPSP and p.WRECKS for a year or two now, their stuff is fucking awesome. Really pleased with the collab.
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    Not hugely interesting, as it all starts in earnest tomorrow.

    But here I'm documenting a month long project (those of you unfortunate enough to know me on twitter have already had me wittering about this!)

    I'd welcome feedback as I go - eventually the plan is that there may be some performance bits bourne out of it, or something... (anyone want to teach me the ways of bandcamp?) Its a huge learning curve at the moment as I'm working on software to make a lot of bits on my phone, and I only have a really basic set up (no studio, no desk... basically nothing I actually know how to use!) and my playing skills are good enough for writing, but only my voice is up to any sort of performance standard!