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    Hey Whitechaplers,
    Just wanted to see if you guys could check out my web comic at :

    <a href="">

    It's going to be a collection of short stories. Some related to each other some not.
    I've started posting the first short story.

    Feedback and critique are welcome. The art is quite experimental at the moment.
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    Just updated this :)
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2010
    I enjoyed the episode you posted yesterday. My only criticism would be the page design - on a laptop screen, the title bar is annoyingly large and clunky, and having to scroll past it to the art each time isn't ideal. The content is good though, I like the style. The art is simplistic but effective. Promising stuff, I'll keep coming back.
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    Hey Texture,
    thanks for the feedback :)
    i Fixed up the large title bar. I got lazy when i set up the web page. It's much smaller now.
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2010
    Good show!
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    Heya peeps,
    new page up :)
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    I've started work on the next short story.

    a moment - pg 1

    a moment page 2

    Yes i do realise that my drawing of figures suck :)
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    just posted a new page. Been so busy and only able to do 1 page a week :(
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    Come heck out my new page. Feedback is appreciated or just say hello :)