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    This was posted online on Sequential and few other places, we've gotten a few submissions but the not a lot so just to make sure i spread the word a bit farther before the 15th...

    Hey cartoonists!

    It's time for the next Bi-annual Carte Blanche
    The Literary review of the Quebec Writers’ Federation.

    We're taking submissions for graphic fiction, thats comics to you, for the 12th edition!

    The deadline is soon, September the 15th!

    Yep it's soon i know, sorry about that. But we are not looking for you to do all new work for this.
    Repeat not looking for you to do all new work.
    Pre-existing work is just fine. Pull what you think is your best short story or one pager and send us a zip file of it!

    I'm Editing the submissions this year, and we're looking for the best of the sequentail arts to present in what will be an all new site design. So dig into your sketchbooks and archives, and send us your best stories to show off!

    There are no real boundaries on the theme, length, or regional source of the work. While Carte Blanche is backed by the Quebec Writers’ Federation, the journal is open to submissions from anyone anywhere! That’s right, an open opportunity to get your sequential work in a recognized Literary review.

    Previous creators published are Mara Sternberg, Dustin Harbin, Aaron Costain and Francis Raven.

    You can submit using this online Submission Manager: Artists collect your submissions into a single zip file to upload here, save your pages as 72 dpi .png files, 1000 pixes wide.

    If you have any questions or problems uploading write me at!

    Simultaneous submissions: We accept simultaneous submissions. Please indicate in your cover letter if you are sending your piece elsewhere and notify us immediately if your piece is accepted somewhere else.

    Rights: We ask for first world serial rights and the right to archive your work on the website. Copyright reverts to the author upon publication.

    Payment: carte blanche pays a modest honorarium per submission. We hope to increase the amount in the future.

    Salgood Sam