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    This movie came out in 2003 but I'd only recently heard of it and just finished watching it.

    Quite an interesting sci-fi that downplays the sci-fi elements (which makes it much stronger in my opinion) and looks at the always fun Instinct-vs-Intellect story.

    Plus I can't help but think of Ellis' writings when I hear things like "I took an empathy virus today."

    Anyhow, I'm curious if anyone else around here has seen it and what they thought of it.
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    No, but now I want to.
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    I thought it was clever the way they used very little in the way of special effects or location dressing. The Bladerunner-esque city-sprawl footage was from East Asian megacities, and the favelas around the cities' borders looked like they could be in Africa or South America. The film managed to convey the atmosphere of a future riven by scarcity and massive economic disparity, but with technologically advanced cultral hotzones for the wealthy very convincingly, and without the need for CGI. I found it one of the most thoughtfully constructed SF films of the last few years, although I found the world-building more interesting than the characters or plot.
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    I agree with texture, I appreciated the world more than the plot or characters.

    Wasn't there some kind of deal with paper passports or something, some kind of paper document that gets forged in the movie? I remember certain things like that sticking out and not making much sense, given that this society is supposed to be so advanced and all.
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    I liked Code 46. I used to work at a video store, so I watched tons of movies between 1999 and 2004. Samantha Morton is always great. Two other favorites like this are Primer and The Last Minute. The Last Minute is wild.
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    Haven't seen The Last Minute, Primer was excellent. In terms of recent SF that's really good but less well known, I would heartily recommend Mexican cyberpunk film Sleep Dealer. Really terrific.

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    I agree that the world and atmosphere are more engaging than the characters but that's kind of why I liked it. It took it's sci-fi elements and passed them off as "that's just the way it is now" without it seeming forced, and then told a story of 2 people that wasn't really out of the ordinary (for that world) . I really liked the mixture of languages (english, french, spanish) and again it didn't seem forced, it seemed more natural than other pieces I've seen try to pull that one off.

    Thanks for the other recommendations, I'll have to check out Primer since I keep hearing about it everywhere. And I've never heard of Sleep Dealer but the name alone gets me interested.
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    I'd forgotten about the weird Esperanto touches! Yeah, the script and direction were very clever indeed.
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    i loved code 46, saw it in the cinema two days in a row, because i saw it 1st night and realised it was about to finish its run and i just had to see it all over again.
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    apart from the empathy thing.

    That movie is almost a future documentary.
    Amazing film. I saw Sleep Dealer too a while back.
    Code46 is better.

    Sleep dealer feels like a superior 80s straight to video movie.
    In look and everything.Even the acting.You expect arnie to
    come crashing in at any minute!

    The socioeconomic themes are bang upto date though.