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    We find out more about the package from following the one person who can best chronicle it, brilliant. The vivid colours and almost Gilliam-esque backdrops just help to keep some of the secrets locked away for later.

    I also love the picture of KK on page 7, any chance we can get this as a t-shirt (maybe with a small FA logo on the back) please ;)
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2010
    why does everyone assume its KK's flying machine? and not say the first wave of Mark's plan? just saying...

    oh. and this week has pretty much sucked. in that low wave passive aggressive fashion that leaves you knackered by friday, which is why its after 9.30pm and i just remembered i hadn't read FA.
    • CommentAuthorAisforAmy
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2010
    why does everyone assume its KK's flying machine? and not say the first wave of Mark's plan? just saying...

    Agreed. It's probably not very likely to be KK's machine, because not enough time has passed for her to put one together, I think. Isn't all of this happening in just a couple of hours? That, and Alice is looking out at more of a downward angle, if I'm not mistaken. I think we just all WANT it to be something KK put together, because they've already suffered so many blows over the past week (in canon) that we can't really accept that any more shit could hit the fan so soon.
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2010
    oh trust me, after the week i've had, i can expect shit hitting the fan so soon ;)
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2010
    Massively Ramified

    Enormously Branched-Out

    And Connor has to listen and remember?

    Are they going to be able to mend the world?
    • CommentAuthorkatefan
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2010
    While I have always enjoyed the art, I thought it was even more stunning than normal this week.
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    1. stunning art and colorrs
    2. booo New York, yay New England...sigh
    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2010
    You are one hell of a drug dealer, Warren.

    Yeah, but you have to admit - when he gets you high, he gets you high as fuck.

    Also: does anyone else think Paul got an 'upgrade' himself when he was sick? Because I'm beginning to wonder...
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    Well last week I mentioned that suicide may have different ramifications for the Freaks...maybe that's what MASSIVELY RAMIFIED could mean? Could it be possible that when the Freaks die KNOWING that it will expand the package, it expands it even more...or less...or something different altogether?

    The upgrade also seems to be a subconscious act, so consciously 'dying for the express intent of an upgrade' could somehow bring about a proverbial 'Special Feature' ?

    ...or maybe...uh, the subconscious makes the...ummm...

    Wait what?

    ...ow, my brain hurts....
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    Don't usually comment on these, but MAN were those last two episodes BEAUTIFUL. Paul Duffield in batshit crazy mode is amazing, and I'm liking the dream color shift. Very cool.
    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2010
    Visual gorgeousness whilst feeding just enough story to make me want to kill for more, and then the Mark / hair frame. Damn you. That teenage part of my brain that hungers for the Bad Man and his clever alpha words kicks in and I am hooked. How dare you make me want Mark.
    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2010
    Very enjoyable. I'm happy to see Connor's character being made more useful - for a while he seemed rather flat, but is filling out nicely.

    Another field bag!

    I already love the one i bought, but that one looks great.
    For those who have been thinking about picking them up, they're rough canvas - very rugged, and ridiculously loaded down with pockets. Very useful, looks great!

    (I feel bad for making them send it out to where i am - the shipping cost more than the bag and they handled it. :( )
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    Also like frequentcontributor, I don't comment on the episodes much, but still:

    Smashing. Now I don't have to take drugs today.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2010
    You should never take drugs,

    Stealing's bad, you should pay for them like everyone else does.

    (exit, pursued by eels)
    • CommentAuthorbobsyuncle
    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2010 edited
    ddrugs are bad? mmkayy? so don't take drugs, mmkayy?
    annd stealings bad? mmkayy? so don't... aw screwit.
    • CommentAuthorbobsyuncle
    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2010
    btw notice all Mark's comments are in the past tense. Mark knows all sees all it's predestiny baby.
    Duck and cover, duck and cover!
    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2010
    Just ran through the entire Freakangels archive in a few days.I'm kinda glad the stories not too far ahead quite yet,so I was able to catch up.I'm wondering,has only one week or so passed in Freakangels time?A few weeks?The first trade paperback was a day,so......
    • CommentAuthorarf
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2010
    Mark's comments have been in the past tense because he's lying unconscious in the 'now' while Connor is talking to Mark from when he first sent Alice in (was it only a week ago???)

    As he said, thinking about time makes your brain hurt. It's all full of timey-wimey eely-weely stuff.
    • CommentAuthorGimbal
    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2010
    Dig the colors in his eyes, page 2. It's like Connor and the Amazing Technicolor Freakangel Psych Trip, or something >< also that "seeing too much thinking" - that's a neat turn on words!

    Can't wait to see what the kite turns out to, and maybe *why* Mark sent the refugees...
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    Losing my country to opportunistic carnivores and businessmen and hatemongers, otherwise fine.

    The comic seems kind of average at the present. Have the past few weeks spectacular twists dulled our eyes to miracles? Or should we maybe expect the comic to peak and fall according to some kind of arcane storytelling rhythm?