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    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2008 edited
    I picked up Abe Sapien, Northlander, and Omega the Unknown, but Doktor Sleepless was nowhere to be found. Inquiring at the counter, counter guy one said, That company is really hard to deal with.

    Counter guy two chimed in: They make like seven covers for everything.

    Counter guy one: Yeah, it will be at issue seven and then they'll release a new cover for issue two. Why do I want a new cover for issue two?

    This back and forth made me irrationally mad. I don't care about the covers. I want Doktor Sleepless. You carry Black Summer - what do you care? I want Gravel. I will want Anna Mercury. Stop fucking with me, comic guys.

    I don't want to name names - Curiousity Comics on Johnson - or disparage an otherwise fine store (you suck.) So I went next door and found Doktor Sleepless and probably will never shop at CC again.

    The moral: Customers don't care how hard it is for you to get something. They want product. You sell product. The end.

    Also - are there really that many covers?
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    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2008
    yes. there are that many covers. between originals, variants, guest artists, wraparounds, second printing, second printing variants, it really gets carried away. for some books i could care less about other covers. but, there are a few where i have to get them all.
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    My problem with Avatar (and admittedly it's *my* problem for being thick as shit) is that when I get Previews (for I order by Mail Order) I have to have a serious think about if I have that comic yet or not. As there is a 3/4 month delay between me ordering and the actual comic dropping through the letterbox, and as I have a shite memory this leads to some trouble for me.

    Which ultimately means that I'm genuinely thick.

    (Unfortunately, as I believe that I've read on this very forum, the alternate covers really do sell - and I'm not one to go against capitalist forces, at least not due to my own mental impairment).
    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2008
    If a store doesn't want to order every variant they can just order the regular cover and ignore the rest. To not order any because they were given a choice of covers is really beyond my comprehension. Particularly when their customer base is interested in giving them money for it.

    It's like being a car dealer who won't carry cars that are offered in more than one color.

    I won't even start on the absurdity of a direct market comic book retailer who doesn't get the concept of collectible alternatives.
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    I had a strikingly similar experience with my campus comic shop. The guys couldn't figure out how to order Doktor Sleepless, so I had to go downtown to the guy with a functioning brain.
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    Here in London stores vary. Out of the 3 stores that carry Avatar stuff, 2 only order the regular cover, and the one I frequent usually orders the majority regular covers and a couple of the specials. Personally I am partial to the wrap covers. Back in the day I spent the extra money to get em. I was a little ticked at first that they started releasing new wrap covers in color for DS, but now I kinda like the B&W versions.

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    My boss at the comic shop usually orders all the covers for the first couple of issues. After he gets an idea of what people prefer he'll only order those afterwards. Since he isn't a fucking moron and understands what he is ordering there have never been any problems. At least shop owners get to pick what covers they want from Avatar, and it doesn't end up being a 50/50 split with one crap cover and one good one.

    Question for Avatar peeps: Why do Avatar comics smell so weird? I'm not getting cancer, am I?
    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2008
    I noticed the smell too. Because I only get Warren books from them anymore, I just assumed it was a conspiracy between Warren and William to put some sort of hallucinogen or addictive chemical that is absorbed through the skin into the ink, thereby increasing sales and repeat customers. When the books are late the ants in my arms get angry.

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    From some of the comments on comic stores I have read on here I am eternally grateful to have been born this close to Page 45.

    The only 'issue' I have with Avatar is my own paranoia... I catch sight of something I read on the shelf, but in a different cover and have to go up and look at it to make sure they didn't sneak one by without my noticing.

    As for the smell, I like that. It's the like the forgotten sense in life for a lot of things. If I were making comics I'd want to have it smell the way I want. Cradle of Filth albums have interesting smells too. It's the thing I most appreciate about them these days, I get the CDs out to sniff the booklets more than play them.

    Stop staring at me. I'm not mad!
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    Reynolds-- ditto. I've bought multiple copies of a single issue (Black Gas #2?) because of the alt covers. I was pissed. And what's the deal with the back pages? I'm never ever ever going to buy a Lady Death bikini poster-- knock it off.
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    That company is really hard to deal with.
    I find that hard to believe considering that most LCS use Diamond or another distributor, and not usually a company directly. Good for you for finding another place to spend your money, they obviously don't want it.

    there are that many covers. between originals, variants, guest artists, wraparounds, second printing, second printing variants, it really gets carried away. for some books i could care less about other covers. but, there are a few where i have to get them all.
    Selling comics is how they stay in business. Variant covers sell, and if the book has gone through it's printings and warrants a second print, it makes financial sense to make that second print. I do feel your pain on wanting all the covers, as I do that on a few specific titles.

    And what's the deal with the back pages? I'm never ever ever going to buy a Lady Death bikini poster-- knock it off.
    It's called advertising space for their other projects and products. Other companies push their products in the back of their books, and so does Avatar.
    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2008
    My only (very very very very very) small problem with it is my store always puts variants in my pull box so I can get both if I want or choose which one I want. But lotsa times I don't pay attention and end up buying both.
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    I'm a simple man. I just buy what looks cool.

    That wrap-around with John Hours shredding apart the Oval Office? Yeah, I'll buy THAT issue again...if only for decorating my room. Right now it's my desktop wallpaper.
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    As a retailer, all the subjective choices based on the cover artwork of the alternate and incentive covers made it difficult to order. It was also hard to know if customers were picking up multiple covers of a book accidentally or on purpose. Plus, without UPC codes on the books, our staff were making too many errors at the POS when selling the books. My solution is, for the first issue, to order the estimated (my guess) sales amount of the regular cover, a copy of the wrap cover and an incentive cover if a) I qualify and b) I like it. For issue two and up, I track the regular cover for base sales and do wrap et al as special order.

    Personally, I prefer the wrap cover and ordered those as the 'standard' cover for a few months, but perceived resistance from customers that I wasn't ordering enough of the 'right' cover. Sometimes the Gore covers are popular. I rarely get requests for the Auxiliary covers, but I own all 3 Auxiliary covers of Wolfskin and I think they're teriffic.

    I wish I knew that the Incentive covers for Doktor Sleepless were going to be a series of graphic images. They are great and I would have gone the extra effort to get them. Avatar obviously has a plan for all the covers for a series, and it would be helpful to have all that info and images available from the beginning of the solicitation cycle.

    Avatar recently added UPC's to the comics for which I am exceedingly grateful. Makes retailer life much easier.

    And please God don't ever let me act like Counter Guy one or Counter Guy two.
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    I think my local shop orders all the covers because I seem to be the schmuck buying every single one. But they're so pretty.....
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    I love the variant covers personally, even if I don't go out and buy them, I like choosing through the variety that's offered, which I sometimes get one variant per issue, so I may have a wrap around last month and the regular this month, though only problem is, I often forget which issue I'm on and I buy an extra of that issue, which really isn't a problem, just feel like I'm wasting my own money, nothing to do with Avatar, I'm just stupid.
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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Does anyone ever take a look at a comic without any variant covers and think, "oh, if only there were variant covers to choose from - why, oh why, must there be only 1 cover?"
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    I like to fuck with my Comic Shop folks and I order one copy of whatever cover looked coolest in the Previews. So they are always having to swap the orders up and down. So far they have yet to pull the "wrong" cover though so they must be doing something right!
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    @OctEgon and @thekamisama
    Exactly. How the hell is a Comic Shop buyer supposed to know what looks coolest to any particular person? I know from years of having the same customers that Andy B likes artist Alan Davis and Mike R likes Warren Ellis' writing. Previews orders help, but for rack sales...? Avatar doesn't use the Superstar Artist tactic (thank you!), so I have no idea unless someone tells me.

    No. Nobody. Nope.
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2008
    I'm grateful that Avatar keep their ads in the backpages. I hate having to go through ads that interrupt the actual story every few pages in my Marvel books. And I know I've heard a few writers complain about the ads displacing their reveals to the point the writers actually have to plan around ads when formatting their books. I'll buy Avatar or Image singles over any other company for those reasons alone (plus, they have more of my favorite writers).