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    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2008
    Wolfer, you MANIAC!
    Seriously Avatar is great.
    Itchy feet can be explained about a million different ways. I severely doubt that your itchy feet are reacting to the comics, Don.
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    Bag and board?

    Surely you should be vacuum sealing them and placing them in clay pots stored in a cave near the dead sea.... That is the way to make sure they really last.
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2008

    London, Ontario. We're pretty lazy, so we just steal the names from the original, including our Thames River.

    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    turn the page, wash your hands... turn the page, wash your hands...
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008

    I am in such trouble now. My single issues have finger prints all over the covers and the corners are all bent to shit. I have no geek cred. =P

    You don't want to know what the GNs look like. I spilled coffee on one of the Transmet ones Warren signed for me.

    - Z
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    I spilled coffee on one of the Transmet ones Warren signed for me.

    Oh, no.
      CommentAuthorrev'd '76
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2008 edited
    I don't dig the Avatar smell so much myself, though I have been known to stalk the SF sections at used stores in order to huff the A.E. Van Vogt.

    One problem I have w/ a number of comics coming out-- and this is something Avatar used to be bad about, though it seems to have toned down quite a bit, thanks --is plasticizing paper to the point where it's reflective. A comics page should not have glare. Is there a particular reason for this? Does it add to the longevity of the paper? Make it more resistant to humidity and/or UV exposure? I'd like to know.

    As for variant covers, I quite like Avatar's approach to it. They're not using it to pump the market so much as they're doing it for the haplessly dorky. I prefer the primary run of covers for Black Summer-- the partial face series. For Dok Sleepless, I'm trying to cycle them-- normal cover, warning sign, Raulo variant, normal cover again... But it's an option that doesn't really affect anything & one which I can easily live without. As long as the content between versions remain the same and there's not some ridiculous Clue-style merchandising where I have to run from store to store, trying to track down alternate edits of the same story, I don't really care.

    (I sincerely hope The Enemy isn't reading Whitechapel and making notes for next year's spew of 'event' books: "'Clue' editions? Sounds po-mo. Pitch to Grant.")
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    @Thom_Wong -

    I don't want to name names - Curiousity Comics on Johnson - or disparage an otherwise fine store (you suck.) So I went next door and found Doktor Sleepless and probably will never shop at CC again.

    Hey man. I live in Victoria too. I have been picking up Avatar stuff from Curious Comics for years. They don't get a huge amount in, just a couple of each one, but they definitely have them. See their shipping list for this week. I have a pre order in with Bill, you can contact him at he has a pre-order in for me for Black Summer, Anna Mercury, Streets of Glory, Doktor Sleepless, Crossed, no Hero, The Gravel Hardcover. I have never had a problem with them. They are also the only store in town who will get me 2000 A.D., Judge dredd Megazine, and 2000A.D. extreme edition. Other stores won't because they have to order 3 months in advance for titles from the U.K.

    Talk to Jamie or someone else behind the counter next time you go there about getting an account, it gets you 10% of your comics.
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    I kinda like the Avatar smell, i thought i was the only one that notice it until this thread.

    As far the Variants go , I'll purchase just the ones i like. I understand why they do it and i like helping out anyway i can.

    Can't wait for the Freakangels t-shirts to come out.
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2008
    Other people noticed the Avatar smell? I thought that was only me. Yeah, I love it. Something inky. Some books have it as well, but Avatar is pretty unique in terms of how its comics smell. Anybody from Avatar care to comment?

    As for variants, I don't buy them. When there are multiple copies of the same issue for the same price, I'll buy the prettiest or whatever's available. When there are incentives, I don't buy them, because I have a very fixed income and can't afford it, honestly. I have to budget out my disposable income, and sometimes comics have to wait. $3-$4 for fifteen minutes of entertainment just isn't worth it sometimes, so I try to buy only the very best.
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    I suppose this should be in some faq somewhere, but finally, here's the answer to this question:

    It all comes down to two things. 1) Different solvents at different printers. Brenner uses ones that can be easily recycled. Over 90% of the solvents used on our books are recycled. 2) Our books dry by air, not heat set. At the huge printers, all the sheets go through a heat set pass which rapidly cooks in the inks and solvent residue. Our books do not, they air dry, which is obviously slower and seems to allow more of the smell to remain.
    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2008
    As far as all the variant cover Avatar puts out for their books, I just get the wrap-around versions of the books I follow.

    They're just too beautiful to not get. Always.
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2008
    Yeah, the wraps for Doktor Sleepless and Black Summer are both great. I tend to get those when they're in stock.
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2008
    I honestly don't care which cover I get, and it really pisses me off when something gets re-released with new crap in it. Sometimes it's not much, but sometimes it's a really good Back Matter-type thing, or a really good art variant or whatever.

    Relapse Records are famous for doing the same thing with CDs. I bought Mastodon's Remission, and then three weeks later they put out a CD/DVD special edition. I understand the reasoning behind wanting to put out product out there for people to buy that missed it, etc., but I always feel screwed when the people that wait get something better. I guess that's the thing that sucks about being an early adopter?

    Also, I've never had a problem with my shop not ordering something, but I've had dozens of problems with Diamond not shipping things. So maybe it's not Avatar's fault?
    • CommentAuthorHarlotbug3
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2008
    One cent: Do what you have to do, Avatar.

    Two cent: If you're one of the good comic shops that does pulls please be a great one and ASK Avatar subscribers if they want variant covers.

    and half cent/pence: Take a cheap cell phone picture of something Warren draws/scrawls/spits on a napkin. I'll buy that variant cover.
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2008
    @Mark Seifert, @William Christensen, & @Mike Wolfer: thanks so much for your input on this thread, it's great to hear details and how things are on your end.

    I absolutely LOVE the fact that Avatar's got such a selection to choose from. For those who like a certain variant - go get it! For those of us who fall in love with all three covers (as Anna Mercury has me and those at the comic store I work at addicted to), then everybody wins! I heartily second the appreciation that you don't need to order X amount to get the Y or Z variants. We usually stock more of the regular cover, then a few of the others - but I make it a habit if someone shows interest to offer putting in a special order to try getting a particular cover(s) for them. It's great both making people happy with their preference, getting more revenue ourselves, AND giving those extra sales for Avatar, too!
    Most of all, though I know it may confuse some, I love the fact that their multi-printing repeats of past issues have NEW covers with such equally great art on them, instead of some places who either simply run the same cover, or a varient they already had, or even simply copy a page from inside and call it a new cover. It makes those who missed out earlier feel all the more special for being able to pick it up that time around - plus, it gives another artful bonus to those have-all collectors out there!