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    I want to start a blog. I don't have much to say though, so I'm just going to tape record it any time I have a conversation with somebody who's good looking, then transcribe the conversations, onto the blog. into the blog?

    I've done this with one conversation already and got it edited down to 13 printed pages. So each blog post will obviously span a few clicks. I'm not really interested in cracking Dreamweaver for this so it seems like it's time to choose one of these blog devices they got now.

    I've used Blogger, it's like meh or whatever but then I see they got these TypePads and WordPresses and MovableTypes and shit. So the reason I came all the way to Whitechapel today was I thought this would be a good place to ask people which one of these is the CLASSIEST. Specifically, for a project like mine that's going to have a few long entries as opposed to a lot of short ones.
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    Seems to me that wordpress is the king of all. I'm not sure what you mean by "classiest", but out of all the monkeying around with coding, Wordpress beats everything else hands down when it comes to complete novices cracking it open.

    But why don't you keep it as audio and do a podcast? You could have a look at Loudblog if thats the case.