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    - and Sepultura does Devo -

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    Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay" has a couple of interesting covers out there.



    Of course, anything by Norwegian band "Hurra Torpedo" goes here. They play songs mostly on kitchen appliances.

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    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2010
    I also am gonna have to spend my next day off checking these out.
    But here's one I'm surprised hasn't been posted yet.

    RevCo did a pretty awesome version of "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" as well, but this is just SO GOOD.
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    Almost any cover by Richard Cheese is worth a listen.

    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2010 edited
    An amazing medley of radiohead tracks!

    Venetian Snares cover/remix of Billie Holiday's version of Gloomy Sunday.

    • CommentAuthorsnafu
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2010
    This is my favorite.
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    This actually seems like an unremarkable piece of acapella until you realise that it's all just one guy.

    • CommentAuthorJiveKitty
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2010
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2010

    I love this guy. He's done five and seven part harmonies with HIMSELF.
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2010
    Waylon Jennings' cover of the Kenny Rogers song SWEET MUSIC MAN.

    This song actually means a lot to me...helped me get over a breakup with a guy who fancied himself a singer.

    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2010 edited
    I saw Alice Cooper live in the late seventies, and IMO GWAR are the only act with a stage show equal to Cooper at his peak.

    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2010
    the Pixies doing the Jesus & Mary Chain
    "Head On"
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2010
    Just stumbled upon Bare Egil doing "Umbrella", best version I've heard!

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    that ^ is pure fucking magic!
    i'm going looking for my Killdozer records - i really need some killdozer now.
    in the meantime though...
    • CommentAuthorJiveKitty
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2010
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    Shameless self plug...
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010

    Probably one of my favorite covers of all time.
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2010
    @brittanica - I love that song, but I didn't even know that was a cover ... and by the Bee Gees, no less!