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    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010 edited
    Saturday Night Open Mic, wherein you:

    * pledge your allegiance to me

    * vent to me, because on Saturday nights I'm here to listen to you

    * tell me what you're doing tonight

    * and, if I don't know your face, show me a picture so I can put a face to the name.

    I read everything posted here. Tell me what's happening out in the world tonight.
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010 edited
    It's cold, grey and silent in Toronto right now and I'm going to sit around the animation stand and draw, draw , draw, while attempting to find some more new music to listen to on the web and occasionally checking in on Whitechapel( my favorite piece of contemporary art to date- allegiance!) .

    self portrait self portrait while thinking about the city
    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010 edited
    Hi, unckie War-War. Sorry about the cat, that always sucks. But he was old and it sounds like you gave him a good life, all of you.

    Venting: It all sucks. Living with the psychopath, getting worse every day, house owner throwing us all out to get rid of her, me finding out that he can't throw me out over that, him not being very friendly and saying we had a juridically binding spoken agreement when in fact I was just given the message "you have to get out", me having to contact a lawyer on Monday because finding another place this time of year if close to impossible, and still having to go room hunting too in case it fails. My voulenteer job over many years screwing me over because they've heard rumors that they didn't even bother to confront me with. School being overbooked, only giving me two courses when I need another twenty to finish high school some time before turning 30. Being too tired to do what I should do in my technician job, where I'm at the board as responsible for new employees AND have to do the tech job too. Or should be doing. I haven't been. Everything is an effort. Having had nerve problems ever since the psycho lady close to attacked me on Monday, giving me my first panic attack in years. Being too afraid to go out of my room to eat. Being so depressed I'm not even suicidal anymore - even that seems an effort. Humanity being a general crowd of shitheads in these parts of the world. Why does it all have to be so bloody hard and all at the same time too?

    Good things: It can't get much worse now so it has to get better. I have good friends. And family. Who'll support me as much as they can and come over to help me move if I have to. They just got married, my mum and stepdad. And that sure was a good thing.

    Here's them:

    And here's three generations of pretty interesting ladies:

    • CommentAuthorTAL
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010
    I worked at a record store Friday and Saturday while the owner was on a trip with his wife. Which means I will get some money on Monday!
    Then I went to see a movie. From Romania
    Weather is crap, below 10C/50F with lots of rain and wind.

    Here's me last time I was in London.
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    Hail General Suave!

    I return to work on Monday. Work is shit. I was in Crete until Friday morning and the second I got off the plane and onto British soil I caught Space AIDS. Thank the sweet baby Jesus for Sudafed, Benylin and ignoring recommended doses. That's all I actually have to vent, so things could be a lot worse. Wish I felt up to getting good and hammered though.

    Me and my girlfriend just got through eating Chinese and watching Daybreakers. Suitably amusing vampire flick, if not a bit predictable. Lots of blood and motherfuckers exploding/bursting into flames though, so I can't really complain.

    Here I am in Crete.

      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010
    I really enjoy being back in Burbank. Me and a pal are gonna go to the ASSSSSCAT improv show, with the original Upright Citizens Brigade people (All but I assume amy Poehler, at least). I also would love to see Marc Maron's live WTF recording at the UCB theater next time he's there.

    Had a job interview today. I think it went really well. Hopefully I'll get a call tonight to set up a final interview. Year and a half in the desert == no job interviews. 3 weeks back in the city == two job interviews. please please please please :D!!!

    After the interview there was a FOX truck parked giving out free ice cream to promote their sunday line up of cartoons. I wont watch their shows but i will sue as heck take their free ice cream on a 102 degree day.

    Yesterday I got my package from TOP SHELF. LOOKEE LOOKEE
    My loot from the 3 dollar TOP SHELF sale!

    I've been watching VERONICA MARS. It's alright. Almost done with the whole show, will finish that today while doodling. Working on my third minicomic, a single page comic for a website. and a new COLOR cover for my first minicomic.

    This is an old picture. Almost two years old, now, but I dont feel like taking one today D:
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    I'll pledge an unholy allegiance to you, sure. You've got a better philosophy and take of action than most political leaders. And you seem angrier than John Stewart, so why not? So; What do you need done?

    Ah, the vent. Think I'll make it about the sociopathic bent the average citizen of this world is on. Everything is somebody else's fault or problem and hardly anyone is willing to take their personal bull by the horns.

    What I'm doing right now; I just moved some books over to the area I'm going to try and produce some artwork. A friend offered up a space to have a show sometime this winter, so I've got to get some work done. Think I'll be doing some silk screening, so this area at my job back in an unused portion of the office fits the bill. Who knows? It may lead to producing very small shirt runs, too. To illustrate the spot and show the face...

    What's happening in the world; It's starting to actually turn autumn here in New Mexico. Leaves turning, temperatures coming down. Season changes are one of the best experiences in life and so few stop to smell and absorb it. Hell, it is Life. Harlan Ellison has predicted his own death. I hope he's just pulling a Spider Jerusalem and is going off with the other immortal ones. One last note, regarding your cat. You gave Anton a good run from what I read in your post. I'm sure he appreciated that. Good on you.
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010
    Is it really saturday? Damn. How did that happen?

    Tonight, due to my marriage explodivaporating, I am flirting with strangers online. Something I haven't done for a long, long time. It's an odd mixture of pathetic and retro. Mostly pathetic.

    I'm also considering going back to finishing my 'young persons guide to paganism, witchcraft and the occult'. That also feels quite retro, as it was started in the 90s, when such things were popular with the kids. Much less so now, but I sort of feel like doing it anyway.
    • CommentAuthormbakunin
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010
    Wife is way sick with diverticulitis. I myself am suffering from way too much work, far too many demon-possessed clients, and precious little downtime. Election season is in full balls-out destructo-mode. What is it about getting elected to some podunk half-assed local office/position that makes Americans think they've ascended into godhood? Is it the same in Europe, or just something uniquely fouled in our country's gene pool? The older I get, the more I see with absolute clarity that Democracy Doesn't Work; I think we'd be better off eliminating the whole voting thing and substituting a random draft for political office drawn from the general populace. Everyone would have an equal chance to be the asshole in charge at some point, and we'd save millions in political consultants and advertising. And I've got a fiver that says we'd never notice the difference between being governed by drafted congenital morons instead of elected congenital morons.....
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    Hail to the hopefully one of a kind Warren Ellis
    venting:first off I'm a high school senior and I'm a dude. I feel like I'm drifting away from a friend of mine, who I got into this comic but she doesn't read the message boards I have no idea why, and she won't shut up about a dude she is in love with who I met and seemed pretty cool but he has a girlfriend and I don't really trust him
    on my love life still trying to ask out my friend, a different one, and the only thing I can think of is to try to do something like the office but I'm bad at pulling pranks
    unfortunately I rarely take photos since no matter what I turn out looking like a cubist painting
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010
    Evening Sir,

    Tis Saturday night in Manchester. The streets are paved with conference delegates & Gordon is sat comfy in his red couch somewhere inappropriate. I hope the local lapdancers aren't the same ones who entertained Roonie at the Lowry. And I drink in that hotel too but I never knew I could charge that much... Career change. I've written my first book, an agent has the whole thing - and last time this happened I didn't make the deal at the last stage. So, I'm waiting and researching number two wondering if that's delusional or if I should continue .. til I know about the first. Currently plastered on coughmix & chardonnay, wish I had realised the total alcohol level would resemble something vulcan before I drank it and disappeared down the rabbit hole - I saw Neo, he said hurry up & held the door - Trinity had already gone.

    Can't work out how to add a pic but you can see me on twitter - you said nng I said meh earlier this week - so you sort of know my face I think out the thousands. Er.

    And am sorry about your cat.

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    (taking a coffee break from) editing material for our next release and listening to a band's next album that I happen to be mastering.
    Had fun at the Wigtown Book Festival today which had the fabulous Sarah MacIntyre making the grown ups as well as the children drawing aliens.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010
    ...Since you've decided on the title of the month and are now called Baron Suave.

    Where would you like your elephant parked at? My indonesian side stems from royals, the odd witchdoctor and the dutch side had voc connections so I'm assured imaginary money, some beasts of burden and should I ever claim them; a debt to the village. An elephant* seems the least I can offer on short notice.

    All is well: I'm building plans, scouring the internets, arting about and trying to think of things that'll make people happy and/or give them shits 'n giggles for 30 mins. straight. Whichever happens first.

    Speaking of which, I'd better get started on the cartoon for Andre. the logo for Erick and of course the 'exposure guaranteed' gig :)

    Good night, have fun and steal the moon!

    *product specifications: when sat on enemies crushes them, carries large amounts of food and furniture around in trade for sharing of food and playing with the furniture. Good with kids.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010
    You don't need a picture of me, I just realized that I look like every other middle aged, bald, fat men, with a goatee. Just google it.
    Vent my ventricle. Work sucks ass. The newest thing is they want us to read this book called "Who Moved my Cheese? It's insipid, and reads like it was written for 8 year olds, or retarded adults. It's 77 pages of large print, double spaced drivel in a 5x8 inch package, that can be summed up by one sentence: Change happens, expect change, get the fuck over it. Except sing Kumbiya. Drivel to keep people working for corporations liking the stick being shoved up their ass(es).

    It's funny that @sgrsickness has his pic with "From the Desk of Warren Ellis" since I bought both Vol 1 and 2 today at my "LCS". Looks like not much has changed in the industry since those were written (at least in the major players).
    Working tonight.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010
    Evening, Internet Jesus.

    Allegiance; here, have mine. It's a small and odd thing, but it looks good on the coffee table.

    Vent! GODDAMN HELSINKI RENT PRICES. Looks like I'll be coughing up about 700 euros a month for a one-room flat. I might be able to drop that to 500, if I went a bit farther afield, but that 200 doesn't give me too many taxi rides a month, and my hobbies tend to go on til past midnight, so public transportation is getting tricky. Also, looks like our family unit will be getting quite a bit of distance, as we're all looking for places of our own. No crisis going on, none of us have just lived alone yet, so we're giving it a shot. I'm actually really eager for the change; I can't wait to have the girls visit me for a change.

    This move also pretty much put the final nail in any tour plans, so that's next year, then. BUT: album #2 will most definitely happen in 2010. New tricks, possibly less improvised. Bass? Maybe, maybe.

    Speaking of instruments, I'm second in line for a really cheap Jazzmaster body blank, and I'm itching to get my shoegaze on.

    Tonight I'm clicking refresh on Whitechapel and nursing a nasty slow-burn hangover after last night's excesses. Free booze, my nemesis! Looks like I'll have some penitence during tomorrow's Detention DJ set. Also, shame and embarrasment are fucking useless emotions. Is there a pill for that?

    Despite the grumps, things are pretty awesome. Changes all around, and change is good. So, a thumbs-up-situation, all in all?

    Hope this finds you well.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010 edited
    All hail, Baron Suave, Love Swami of the United Kingdom.

    This week has been pretty insane, but ended with a one-day trip to Montreal where I met with an old friend who wants to hire me for her wedding in 2012 and I grabbed some dinner with the lovely Veronika Von Volkova where we gushed about photo equiptment we want to use and she told me a bit about her work, which was fascinating to say the least.

    I was kind of struck when my friend stopped to look at me and said "Robin, Montreal really suits you. You have to move here". And really, I think it's true. Every time I'm there I feel more relaxed and in my element. And with the good beer and INCREDIBLY cheap rental costs, I think I may end up moving there soon. I just need a regular paying job based in Montreal and a comprehension of the French language (which has been needed for a while. I've been called a traitor for not speaking a word despite my name being LeBlanc..!)

    The week coming up and the week after will all go towards preparing for NYC. Meeting some people in person for the first time, Arryn Fox, Katelan Foisy, a food photographer friend...I'm really looking forward to chatting, taking pictures and relaxing. That said, I'm really pissed off I got an offer to be flown in to Mexico and film Ashley Macisaac and Phillip Glass for ten days which takes place on my NYC vacation. It killed me to turn it down.

    And the final thing, I've lost 56lbs in the last year. With the weight loss, I'm feeling like I should start taking a little more pride in my looks, having only stuck to jeans and a black shirt with something on it. Most of this is because, well, when I was an XXL I couldn't get the clothes I wanted because the largest size in the stores were always a bloody medium. But I might be due for a style change.

    Tonight I'm going to eat cookies or possibly some crisps and watch Bladerunner.

    Here's me.
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    @Oda - shit, the psycho flatmate thing isn't fun... Hope that sorts itself out...

    I pledge my loyalty to Those Who Would Provide Me With Scotch. If that's you, then you have my allegiance. Until I'm lured away by Those Who Would Provide More Scotch Than The Other Guy Did.

    I have a nice bottle of Japanese whisky and am singing to the night in my study, trying to get some music recorded, with considerably more discipline than I've had for some time. I want to get tracks finished and online so that I can feel that I've achieved something creative this year, given that my photography has hit a brick wall of late.

    Concentrating on surviving at the moment. Got to get through work, without being so burned out that I'm a miserable bastard in the evenings and weekends. Four and a half hours commuting a day is really taking it out of me, I don't know what I'm bloody doing half the time. My tomatoes and squashes have succumbed to blight and mildew. That's probably some fucking sign...

    My five year old has a bad case of middle child syndrome, really difficult to deal with her at the moment and she's driving us nuts, seems to be jealousy mainly of her older sister. Who I've got to buy a guitar for as she's going to learn it at school, which is very cool.

    Yeah , on the whole, not a great deal to vent about, but not a great deal to celebrate either.

    Good evening, Whitechapel.

    yeah right

    Edited as something eated my post. Internet fleas or some such.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010
    Warren, aside from wishing I had Jon Carpenter's Japanese whisky (I would like to try it, certainly), here's what I'm up to.

    I spent much of the day on a somewhat comics-related design project. I have hopes of convincing someone to pay for printing it, too, although it will likely only be a locally-distributed item. It's largely local in subject matter anyway.

    Today was a break from writing (although I guess some amount of writing went into the design project, since I'm the entire creative team working on it). I had a kind of moron's epiphany recently that, in addition to being 32 and old enough that I should get around to doing something with my life if I'm ever going to do so, whether or not I'm getting paid for it... it also occurred to me that I've been writing something or other pretty consistently for the past twenty years. And so maybe I should actually start consciously attempting to direct that effort into something other than just blog posts, etc. (Though I'm writing two blogs at present and still debating whether or not I need a third.)

    So now I'm in the midst of researching what will hopefully become a book.

    Matt in a hat
    • CommentAuthorAlexGBYMR
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010
    Evening Sir, condolences for the cat.

    As always, thanks for the space to vent.

    Not really been around these parts recently, life and what not innit.

    Life for me currently isn’t terrible. I am unemployed (I’m a recent graduate, it’s not shocking), but I’m looking. Also I’m reapplying for Uni on a masters/post-grad course (Social Work, I know, I know, go ahead, laugh, its ok). So that’s something.

    Otherwise I’m helping a friend write his screenplay for his 3rd year film and I’m getting ready for the October Album Making Month thing. Distractions, Yeah! The coming week’ll find me buying a new digi-recorder. Get it for spending money I probably shouldn’t.

    Hope this finds everyone else here well.
    (I don’t have any pictures of myself recently; hopefully I’ll get some from my next practices).
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2010
    ""Who Moved my Cheese?"

    Sorry dude, they hand this out before they make redundancies. It's to make them feel less guilty.

    Tower. Rifle. Postman's uniform.

    Just saying.

    Or, collect copies and hang them in the office bathroom with the recommendation that it's used as toilet paper. That might help a little