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    Hi. My name is Neil, and I'm a Warren Ellis fan.

    Okay, so it's currently 4:47 AM over here and I woke up about a half hour ago and am not able to get back to sleep. I don't know why, but this is the second day in a row that I've woken up around this ungodly hour. It's frigging awful. So I think to myself: "Hey! It's Saturday night/Sunday morning. I can come on here and ramble." So, here I am.

    This randomly popped into my head last night:
    "Your past is made up of nothing but your memories. To change your past, simply change what you remember. Selah"
    -Neil Baker

    This past week has been really good for me. I got in a minor motor vehicle accident a couple of weeks back. I'll try to keep the description of it brief: (it was late at night on a street that gets no traffic, 2 lanes wide, no room for parking on either side) I got to the end of a driveway, stopped, saw a company van stopped on the left side of the driveway, it wasn't moving so I pulled out to go around it. I got about a foot off the driveway when I realized there was another company van in the other lane (facing oncoming traffic) so I stopped to figure out what to do. Almost right after the first van started pulling forward with the driver still looking out his side window talking to his buddy. I leaned on the horn, he kept slowly rolling forward, and hit the front side of my car. Now, I figure I'm screwed because if the guy lies at all it'll be my fault (I was pulling out of a driveway therefore he had the right of way.) I brought my car in to get it fixed, called the insurance company after I got it back, asked them if it's been resolved and was able to hear the best 6 words I've heard in a long time: "The other party accepts full liability." It was awesome.

    Anyway, I'm going to read some and then try to fall asleep again...

    PS: Here's a picture of me playing with a bouncy ball on a chair with a little girl in Peru:
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    Happy birthday, Brent.
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    @Taphead & Warren -

    Thank you.

    Wasn't a bad day, once I got past the existential dread of middle age (middle-aged angst tops teen angst any day), just not a day much different than any other this year. And who doesn't at least secretly expect their birthday to be something more exciting? But I intend to milk the "birthday" for a few more free drinks for a couple more days.