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    There is no great secret that the true artist holds dear, no secret power passed down from master to apprentice, no secret method that transcends both rational mind and chosen medium, no secret, save one. It is a secret that can not be taught, can not be learned, one that can only be experienced, and even then it can not be captured by skill, or conjured by ritual. The secret is to sublimate the self to the art. To commit the self, the higher consciousness, the intellect, the internal voice, to open the spirit to the demands of the art, and let the soul flow unhindered into the work. All things fall away when this is done; the critical mind’s eye, the needs of the body, the concerns of one’s outside life, the very passage of time, all are secondary to the work, the art becomes all. This is what the true artist strives for, and it is a rare occurrence indeed.

    -- Scieppan Yoin