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    Thought I'd share a neat thing they do over at PLoS: Biology. Every issue of the Journal contains one "unsolved mystery," an open question in biology that's still not well understood.

    It's kind of amazing the things we don't know. Take this issue, for example. The unsolved mystery is simple: why are we symmetrical? Why is my left index finger the same length as my right one? These two body parts are totally out of communication the entire time a person is gestating. Yet somehow, they match up macroscopically.

    The reason I'm making this a thread and not a blog post or an "around the net" or sticking it in some other thread is that the "Unsolved Mysteries" are written to encourage open discussion. Most of the article deals with establishing the problem and its scientific context. The last section, however, suggests some kind of way to approach solving the mystery.

    These articles are meant to get people talking about scientific rationales and thinking about the kinds of huge questions we still face in our existence. While I wanted to just share them...I wonder if we can't get a discussion going about the unsolved mystery in each issue. Apologies to the Lords of Whitechapel if this seems like a waste of spacetime.

    All the Unsolved Mysteries are here.