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    Connor, my hero!...
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    Didn't see this coming. But loved it.

    And I'm ill today, but the weather's fine.
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    Obviously you can only upgrade other FreakAngels to the same level ; which is why Mark, Luke, and Arkady are left out, Mark and Luke already being Level 2 and Arkady being possibly Level 3. It would be interesting to see if it's also an all-or-nothing deal (which means that Arkady couldn't do an "upgrade" of her own without upgrading people she might not want upgraded), or whether it's only available during your own upgrade (maybe he's just sharing the "level 2 upgrade experience" around a bit).

    Other questions ; is it possible to earn an upgrade via [ transcendental meditation / gaining sufficient experience points / buying FreakCash from the Future Bank Of Freak Towers / taking your vitamins ]?
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    LOL@NakedCelt -- I think there's a good chance that the ol' page 4/panel 4 treatment could become a Whitechapel meme, ifya nome sane. We just need to remember to use it only for good. Or when we're reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally pissed off (with at least 15 e's).

    Oh yeah, this week's installment? Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Brilliant.
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    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    @muse hick
    Ah, you're probably right, I thought I saw Luke in this episode but I didn't, and he didn't get upgraded in the next one either. So like @dr_barnowl was saying, we're probably thinking "same level" upload.
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    i'm happy that pubic hair still exists in the future...i dunno why. maybe im a bigger perv than i've realized.