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    This is basically a joke that Ariana and I pull regularly in our joint guise as the International Electrophonic Unit. Basically, we take some of the stupider things I’ve said on Twitter and elsewhere, often in a state of extreme alcoholic refreshment or severe sleep deprivation, and put them on a t-shirt.

    Previously, this was a weekly gag. Summer was a bugger, and made us shift to monthly, and autumn is only looking slightly better. So we're shifting to fortnightly. Until I either run out of dumb ideas or Ariana’s brain explodes.

    So, at the top and the middle of the month, I’ll post the new shirt here, and you can peer at it more at

    Anyway. I present to you the sentiment I wake up with on most mornings: T-Shirt Of The Fortnight #003: BEER:

    This will go very nicely with our LOVE t-shirt, offered again.

    We also now offer, at the same link, a great many perennial "legacy" items, which will be added to on a largely random basis. For instance:

    Thank you for your kind attention.

    • CommentAuthorGreggVL
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2010

    Pretty sure that, if I were to wear this around my hometown of Atlanta, the paw print would lead others to read this as, "I want to get drunk with a large, hairy gay man".

    Which could be fun.
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