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    • CommentAuthorcragum
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2007
    my own background music? that is something far too awesome to pass up. please share how you made this device Demarc.
    • CommentAuthorDemarc
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2007 edited
    It's a pretty simple circuit. You take an 8 ohm speaker and hook the negative wire to the ring portion of the audio jack and the positive wire to the middle leg of a 25 ohm potentiometer. Then connect one of the outer legs of the potentiometer to the tip portion of the audio jack.
    Get an Altoids tin and bore a hole in the short side of it large enough to fit the jack into place. You don't want to put the hole in the middle or you'll run out room inside. Next to the audio jack you put the potentiometer. Bore a hole in the bottom of the tin to fit the knob. Don't let the legs of the potentiometer touch the audio jack or you'll short the circuit.
    With the potentiometer and the audio jack on one side, there should be just enough room left for the speaker. Put it in, with the noise-producing part against the bottom of the tin, and mark where it will rest. Now comes the fun part. Make the speaker grill by punching holes inside the area where the speaker will rest, leaving about a quarter inch along the edge undamaged. You can then put the speaker in and, if you want, glue it down or otherwise secure it. There wasn't much room for mine to move around anyways, so I let it be like that.
    You can then close the lid of the tin and plug in a male-to-male cable between the PAD and the music player of your choice. Put the PAD in your jacket pocket and let your soundtrack be heard.
    (Yes, I know there are technical terms for the tip and ring, but I work with telephones. It makes more sense that way.)
    EDIT: And when I say hooking up the wires, I mean soldering. If you haven't soldered before, just use my method and put giant globs on each connection so that there's no way in hell it's coming undone.