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    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2010
    Rigor Amortis launched today. I'm bouncing with joy because I have a story in it, and because the antho looks (*#&$(#* gorgeous. And it's in the top 100 at Amazon in Horror so far today. :D

    Rigor Amortis by Absolute XPress.

    Excerpt from my piece:

    He stroked the side of her face with his palm. She turned into the stroke and took his thumb in her mouth, swirling her tongue slowly around it. Her mouth was still warm with his blood; wet and sticky. David pushed his thumb against her teeth, reveling in that slight pressure. He nipped at her neck, slid his tongue sinuously along it. He scraped the nails of his other hand slowly across her back.

    She moaned and clenched her jaw against the base of his thumb. He felt the flesh tear, felt her gently strip it from the bone, felt her sucking it off.


    She looked up into his face with the ragged edge of his thumb sticking out from between her lips, her eyes wide with fear and shame. He kissed her. The familiar texture of his own thumb sent a discordant shiver down his body. His thumb was meat. Thick juices seeped from the stub, smeared across her cheek.
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    Nice cover. I was thinking of buying this, but er. I wrote a sex-with-dead-people drabble a year or two ago for Necrotic Tissue... and unfortunately so did many other people in the same issue, and reading all of them kind of put me off the whole concept :P there is just only so much lovingly described decomposing flesh I can handle in one sitting. Or it might just be that most of them weren't very good... IDK. Do you know what the gore ratio is like, generally?