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    Lots of movies making me excited for the upcoming month: Red, The Social Network, and Let Me In are all sure must-sees for me.

    Anybody seen anything recently they like? Anything you're looking forward to seeing? Discuss!
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    Let Me In looks so Americanized and dumbed down compared to the original.. This is also one of the first in a new trend of "remake a foreign film in barely a couple years since it was released." I just watched a preview where the little boy says "Are you a vampire?" and the girl responds, "I need blood to live" and it felt like they were straight up reading lines off of a page with the smallest amount of emotion involved, and it really turned me off.
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    Went to see "Insideous" ( it's not) at the Toronto film festival last month. I didn't know it was made by the people who did SAW before I went or I wouldn't have gone. It wasn't a bloodbath though but rather a feeble derivitave mockery of a weird tale that copied every horror movie you've ever seen but wasn't scary. If you take a picture of yourself and there is no creepy ghost standing behind you, you have nothing to fear according to this film. 100% Crap hope I saved some of you the time and money.
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    @government spy: That's not a new trend. That's always been going on.
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    Yeah, you're probably right. Now that you mention it, I can think of many examples, none of which involved a decent remake.
    • CommentAuthorjonah
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2010
    Buried I'm really looking forward to this. It has a high potential for terribleness, but at least it's taking risks. I heard it's all in the box, but the budget is 3 million? I'm trying to stay ignorant about it any more plot details.
    • CommentAuthorJECole
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2010
    I am greatly looking forward to seeing Black Swan and Collapse at the British Film Festival and the ICA this month.
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2010
    Red is a given. Monsters looks wild, and Due Date... I am a sucker for comedy.
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    i've been on a movie marathon this last month or so.
    i will pretty much watch any movie that's put in front of me.
    this week i've subjected myself to..

    Machete - not as good as the grindhouse trailer and runs out of steam 2 thirds of the way through.

    Predators - sci-fi by numbers that probably won't kill the franchise but will scrape a little more dirt into it's grave.

    Batman / Superman: Apocalyps
    e - i'm a real sucker for animation but these DC efforts are woefully ugly.

    i do have Four Lions to watch but i've been keeping that as a special treat once i've finished writing the new issue of WWR.
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    @ governmentspy and mybrainhurts- to hell with americinizations and to hell with american films, they are all hokey, propaganda-stuffed and would be better used as stuffing hollyweird's you know what.

    @ian holloway bit of a junkie myself, all the old HAMMER films are watchable on youtube, done like three a day this past week and i can watch those filmsover and over and over again.
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2010
    Monsters looks particularly good
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    @ Hey Apathy!
    the Hammer's are always worth watching. my particular faves are Twins of Evil and the Quatermass trilogy although i pretty much love the lot of em!
      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2010
    I just saw Hatchet 2 and, though I far preferred the first one, this still gave me the classic blood and gore I was hoping for. Hadn't heard of Monster until checking this thread. Sounds like it may be interesting.
    • CommentAuthor256
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2010
    This page of upcoming UK releases may be of interest, for people looking for something to watch. Or perhaps not.

    On the subject of American remakes, I think that Infernal Affairs (HK) & The Departed (USA) make a good pair. Each one is superior to the other in different places, and both are interesting in their own right. Also, honestly, if I hadn't seen The Departed first I would never have worked out exactly what was going on in Infernal Affairs (this still took a couple of viewings) and ended up liking that so much.

    I struggle to think of any other examples, though.
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    @ ian holloway- loved Twins of Evil, Quatermass in a given and also The Devil Rides Out is really amazing (with some great satanic illustrations during the credits).

    @256 - think really, really hard about the subject, meditate, study if you must, but I bet you spontaneously combust before you find another decent american remake.
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    I’ll go see Red and Black Swan. And maybe download The Human Sexipede for laughs. And that documentary about Troll 2 comes to video this month, so I’ll check that out. But right now my real cinema fix is on TV—Boardwalk Empire is really good!
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    @ian holloway I caught FOUR LIONS at Sundance and liked it, but I can see why some viewers may be put off by it. Try showing a film about "the funny side of suicide bombers" in your local theatre.

    Recently seen:

    SPACE, LAND & TIME: UNDERGROUND ADVENTURES WITH ANT FARM--A documentary portrait of a 1970s art/architecture group called Ant Farm, which used the medium of architecture to create musings on people and their relations to space, land, and time. Texas-based Whitechapelers who are familiar with Cadillac Ranch will have seen one of the group's more enduring works. It's also mindblowing to see that some of their ideas got included in the temporary community aspect of Burning Man.

    FIRE OF CONSCIENCE--HK cop drama/actioner about morally grey cops, ruthless arms dealers, and how three apparently unrelated incidents tie together. If you want a simple conspiracy film that goes from A to B, this ain't it. Everything does get explained in the end, but director Dante Lam puts the viewer through some twists trying to figure out how it all fits together.

    MOLOCH TROPICAL--Director Raoul Peck tells of a fictional Haitian president who has left his former idealism behind to embrace political corruption and repression. The story is the political version of a multi-car collision, as the president doesn't realize he's in a no win situation. Lots of ironies abound, such as having the head of the terror paramilitary group be named Mother Teresa. But Peck also manages to put an unexpected spin on "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue."
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    The slow economy is finally catching up to Hollywood. I don't care how much money was spent on THE SOCIAL NETWORK, the fact is it COULD have been made for less than an average episode of THE WEST WING. Expect more shoestring productions like MONSTERS in the coming years.

    This past summer saw the death of a TON of established actors' careers. I mean, it was just a bloodbath. Cruise and Diaz, Kutcher and Heigl, Neeson and Cooper, Aniston and Bateman, Nic Cage, Megan Fox, Michael Cera, and many others will never recover. The era of the "movie star", when all you needed was an established name in the lead to guarantee box office success, is over (if it even ever existed).

    The showdown between RED and JACKASS 3-D is incredibly interesting to me. The JACKASS guys are masters at what they do, but are they still innovative? Backyard stuntmen on YouTube is par for the course these days. You would think each of the JACKASS guys would have exploited their fame into developing their own big screen projects instead of just submitting one new stunt per sequel every four years. 3-D is no longer a guarantee of higher ticket revenue either; the public is onto that scam.

    And in this corner... Willis and his team are going to remind everybody that, yes, acting does still matter, as well as good writing and good source material. Will it be a new franchise? Will it reverse the death of the movie star? It could very well do those things. Lorenzo's movies tend to make money. Whether it will play to young people who came to the theatre to see JACKASS will be the critical factor. Young people equals moolah.
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2010
    someone here is really exaggerating over careers deaths....the most blatant would be the nicholas cage one, seeing how much work does he have had, and stil has, i think he will stil acting long time after our bones will be white washed...
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    Off to see Made in Dagenham very soon indeed - I'm quite excited.