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    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2010
    why she has a penis,

    Spoiler for the original:

    'She' is a boy castrated before puberty.
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    @ Oddcult

    All I can say is they didn't go that route in this movie. Really, you should just watch it for yourself. It's a good film that stands on its own merits even if it is a re-make.

    One thing I will say to everybody about Let Me In is that it works much better if you approach like it's a comedy, a pitch black comedy, but still a comedy.
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2010
    @Miranda's Eyes

    Are you talking about the Mill Valley festival? A couple friends of mine are working the festival this year. I think I'm going to William Vincent on Friday.

    Up here in Sonoma County we (actually meaning me and my friends, not the county proper) do film stuff pretty regular. Our film teacher puts on yearly festivals and screens films on the SRJC campus every week.

    Shoot me an email if you want some info. That really goes for anyone in the area who's interested in film events. We have a showing of a really great German film called Kammerflimmern coming up on November 3rd with the director in conversation. The film never came out in the US save the festival circuit, so this is probably the first public screening on this continent since 2005.

    tedcroland at gmail dot com
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    @tedcroland I am indeed talking about the Mill Valley festival. I was lucky enough to preview several films from the festival. Naomi Watts and Sean Penn as Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson in Fair Game is also worth a look, as is the Italian film Cosmonauta. Young Communists and the early days of the Russian space program--you've got to love that.

    Thanks for your offer about checking out Sonoma County film events. My trouble is I'm limited to public transportation from San Francisco, so going up to Sonoma County is very much a day trip thing.
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2010
    @Miranda's Eyes Yeah, and getting around up here is even worse. To get to campus from the 80 or 101 would probably take around an hour just to go across town!

    We're seeing Heartbeats on Sunday, and I don't know what else we're getting to! A friend is working the festival which is keeping him from going to any of the films, so he's gonna try and get some screeners from his boss, so we may see more stuff that way.

    If you meet Armando or Ethan at the box office say 'hi' for me and blow their minds with roundabout acquaintance insanity. :P
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    So I saw The Social Network this weekend and was thoroughly entertained but it occurred to me that there's much more there than simply entertainment and information. I'm thinking cultural theory as form - check out my thoughts:, here
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    So I finally took a look at "American--The Bill Hicks Story" and was utterly blown away by it. Not only did I get enough samples of Hicks' humor to make me want to check out the videos of his performances, but I kept on rooting for him to get the audiences he clearly deserved. *Sigh* I hate Europeans and Canadians for being farther ahead on the Hicks appreciation curve than Americans.

    Favorite moments from the film include Hicks lighting a cigarette from a burning American flag, the animated magic mushroom sequence (dammit, why didn't the guys doing the recent Grant Morrison documentary think of having something similar), and Hicks' anecdote of the waffle shop waitress who asked him, "What are you readin' for?" If the film ever comes out on DVD, it'll be a part of my collection.
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    Americans have appreciated Hicks' material for years. They just didn't know that most of the smart or funny things coming out of Dennis Leary's mouth were stolen verbatim from Bill.