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    Thanks for doing this, Warren!

    I am 57 pages into Nathan Sorry a moody thriller about a guy who everyone thinks died in the World Trade Center on 9/11 but is actually hiding out in a small town under a new identity and slowly losing his marbles.

    Nathan Sorry Page 53

    Nathan Sorry Page 54
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2010
    Kid Amnesia is a spin-off web-comic about the childhood of Amnesia, the Super-hero with a Memory Loss Problem. What does it look like growing up and going to school when you can't remember anything? Find out every other Thursday!

    Kid Amnesia ep. 10 -11

    In the archives of you can also find fifty pages of the "Amnesia the Super-hero..." comic, so I hope you take the time and go over them.

    Thanks for this opportunity and any comments and suggestions you might have.
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2010
    Here are a few pages of a comic I've stared. Still working on a site for it. Right now it's on Flickr. It's a teenage zombie coming-of-age type story. I don't know about you guys, but I certainly felt like a zombie during my teenage years.

    Dead Roy

    Dead Roy Cover

    Dead Roy: 1

    I also did a 24 Hour Comics Day variant. Didn't get too many pages done because I used my iPad to draw it -- that and I goofed off a lot. :-)

    Thanks and hope you like it!
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    I write and draw Bashert, which is an exaggerated diary comic mixed with whatever else I'm thinking about at the time.

    my internship with the gotham injustice society

    so i married a robot
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    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2010 edited
    Thank you for doing this Warren. I look forward to also reading the other comics on this list, since Whitchapel has such a fascinating membership.

    My partner Zach Enea and I recently Launched the sci-fi series JUNKYARD ANGELS
    A project we've been working on in various forms for the last two years, and it's finally off the ground. (no relation to Warren's "Freaks-").

    Not all is what it seems when a gay teenager commits a gruesome and shocking suicide in front of his horrified family.
    The mystery deepens as Bobby's friends and loved ones mourn his loss and begin to question why he died, starting an epic tale brought to you bi-weekly from PK Eiselt Zach Enea and DoorQ!


    Page 301


    It saddens me that even though the first chapter was written two years ago, we've suddenly become topical.
    Thank you.
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2010
    @Martin Hekker - I love your drawings! And the format of your site, the presentation of the pages and "dragging" to the right, is one of the smartest things I've seen in awhile. Great job.
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    I draw That's So Kraven!, which is a weekly webcomic where Trina Johnson and I take scripts from That's So Raven (the cancelled Disney show) and replace Raven-Symone with Kraven the Hunter. Updates Wednesdays at noon.

    Webisode Six

    Webisode Eleven

    Click here for more Kravenformation.
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2010
    @Kelly Tindall that is HILARIOUS! :D
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    Jeff is losing control of his violent tendencies. Luke is mired in regret. Infantile PJ learned he was a father-to-be on the day he got laid off. Carly tells herself that she's made the right decision despite what everyone else thinks. Beautiful Lindsey keeps her past locked away in an old crate. Women loath Piper, men fear what she could drive them to do.

    They thought they had seen the worst life had to offer but with their twenties coming to an end they're about to realize that they haven't seen shit.

    This is Aquarium Drinking, a comedy about life's tragedies.

    This is the latest page.

    Page 50
    • CommentAuthorstanyan
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2010
    I do TWO currently updating comics. The first one I illustrate with writer, Kevin Freeman, SubCulture, which is a comic about geek culture featuring characters that hang around Kingdom Comix.

    Sample strip

    The other strip I write and color with illustrator, Jolyon Yates, REVVVelations:

    Imagine the future of this country where corporations have usurped control of the states; where corporate mercenary war fallout has left humanity rampant with genetic mutation; AND, where your TV remote has an on/off button, volume control, and only ONE channel? because you only NEED one channel for the craze that?s sweeping the nation: the RACE!

    This is the world of REVVVelations. Enter Moose and Essie, our fearless guerrilla TV broadcasters, chased by FCC agents into the CoorGen Mountain Regional Race. These two arch rivals are forced to put their social and professional differences behind them and join forces, battling their personal ghosts, to stay alive -- but more importantly -- professionally viable in their quest to deliver REAL news!

    REVVVelations is an action adventure jam packed with humor, religiousity, romantic tension, and mutant disfigurations. Oh, and YES, there is cannibalism, but it's really not polite to talk about, even though everyone knows it happens. [Recommended for Mature Readers]

    I hope this isn't in too bad of taste to post here -- it's a pretty good example of REVVV strips.
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    My name is Kevin Gentilcore. I am currently working on my webcomic Teenage Love Zombies. It is a romantic rock n roll horror comic set in the 60's full of greasers, zombies, pumpkins, monster and mad scientists! It updates every Wednesday!

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    He's a hounded criminal, an unrepentant killer, and a recovering mental patient -- He's THE FOWL, a hero for our times! Catch his ongoing escapades over at Cranky Octopus. It's a hoot and a half, I promise.

    Costumed detectives in a city where every shadow has teeth -- the Private Files of the Fowl, crushing crime weekly since 2007!

    Cranky Octopus offers several other thrilling titles, from sci-fi adventure to teen superhero quirk, like the weekly anthology mags of yore. Cranky Octopus dot com, friends and neighbors. Give it a peek.
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    Bug-Out: An Electric Miscellany. About where the myths go when they get old, to a city policed by people with beetles for heads.

    More pages will follow. Soon.

    (Also, my error page is better than the entire internet's and that is a fact.)

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    Hi my name is Zak Kinsella and to coincide with NYCC I launched my own web comic: Tokens Only.


    The story follow Scot who is on a mission to open his own video game arcade during the mid 1980s during the "golden age." The arcade story is a bakdrop to a lot of the bigger things that we come across in life - but I'm determined not to tell it in a sad bastard way. My work is fun and that's what this comic is!

    Tokens Only #1

    So thank you for your time and if you have questions, comments or rude remarks send them my way!
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    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    I do a few webcomics.

    Malefic Was my first attempt at doing a comic. I took a simple concept and ran with it, initially making it up as I went. Since then I have taken on a co writer and (I think) my art has improved. I barely had a clue when I started and unlike many artists I am NOT perfectionist and rush pages.

    Malefic is about a demonic apocalypse and follows an ensemble cast as they try to survive as our world merges with the demon realm.
    At 115 pages it has barely gotten started, we have large plans for it despite it's throw away nature.

    malefic chapter three cover.

    I also do Malefic tales which is (obviously) tied to Malefic, it is a collection of short stories set within the demonic apocalypse. It features stories written and illustrated by various people and I am always looking for other people to contribute.

    Cubicle is one I illustrate for a guy called Tony Kinnard. It is about a repressed artist who goes nuts working in a cube farm.
    Cubicle page

    And thanks to anyone who cares enough to read any of my work.
    • CommentAuthorTim Simmons
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010 edited
    Ah, been waiting for this thread to reappear, thanks much Warren!

    I write a comic called Spy6teen, which was a former Zuda contestant that we decided to relaunch under our own power-- particularly in light of the fact that Zuda no longer exists.

    It's a fairly mainstream/pop comic about a high school girl who moonlights as a super-spy. Tonally, it's a bit of a love letter to the early 2000's comics that got me back into reading: Ultimate Spider-man, Invincible, and Warren's work on Planetary/Authority-- (although, I consider us an "all-ages" book, so not quite as violent as The Authority...)

    We're only 16 pages in thus far, but we're formatted as a print comic-- so, 6 weeks from wrapping our first issue. I'll be looking at wrapping 'er up into a fancy "digital comic" once we're done.

    I think we're one of the few "full team" webcomics around-- with (in my opinion) a really solid creative team. Our artist is a fellow from Hawaii named DJ Keawekane , who has done some indie work for a comic called Pono Loa. We're colored by Lisa Moore, who flats for Marvel, and lettered by Brant Fowler of Comic Related fame...(ok, maybe not fame...)-- Rounding out our cast is DJ Kirkbride, who was one of the editors for Image's Popgun anthology.

    Oh, and I'm the guy that runs the Comic Book Script, even if you hate the writing, at least you know my scripts are formatted nicely.

    We're all honestly having a blast making this comic-- I hope that enjoyment shows in the reading!

    Here's two pages:
    Page 1--
    Page 1

    Page 15--
    page 15

    Pages update on Monday-- and I do a rambling blog on Thursday...Thanks very much for taking a look!
    • CommentAuthorddav00
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    Hey I'm Dav Yendler and I illustrate The Amazing Adventures of Captain Miskatonic and his Man Fontelroy, Valet Extraordinaire!, written by New York-based writer G.W. Lapid. The Captain and Fontelroy get a new page to their three-page minicomic series every Tuesday- be sure to check 'em out! Our 7th episode, "4th Dimension Crypt Science," will be kicking off next Tuesday. For now, enjoy page 2 from Episode 5: "The Reality Rendering"...

    Episode 5:

    ...and page 1 from Episode 6: "On His Scars, a MURDER!"

    Episode 6:

    The Amazing Adventures of Captain Miskatonic and his Man Fontelroy, Valet Extraordinaire!
    Updated Tuesdays
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    Hey all. My names Jason Brubaker and I have a web-comic called reMIND. It was fully funded to go to print through Kickstarter a few months ago. It also won the Xeric grant this year and should be in the stores by SDCC 2011. Here's the link to read everything online:

    One of my favorite pages below.
    a spread from reMIND
    • CommentAuthorMr. Average
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010 edited
    Well, my name is Mathieu Moyen, and I'm new around these parts, but I am drawing a webcomic, so why not?

    It's called 6-Commando, and is a military sci-fi graphic novel set in an alternate version of the 1990's, with the Cold War edging towards a World War, and the eponymous military unit caught at the front lines. I'm serializing it online, with weekly updates (Mondays), at my site:

    There's a blog, too, Vicious Print, with my other comics, essays and other stuff of general interest.

    • CommentAuthorjohnplatt
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    I do a weekly webcomic called Plattitudes. It's an oddball mix of gags, autobio, Venn diagrams and other weirdness.

    Here's a recent sample:


    Hope you like it,