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    • CommentAuthorjoebleak
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    This is my Web Comic The Bleak House. There are 3 episodes posted so far, but is sorta on hiatus till December as I have too many shows to paint.

    You can find it at;

    It's Fun and weird.
    • CommentAuthorcedarseed
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    My name is Joumana Medlej and I'm currently working on volume 4 of my graphic novel series Malaak: Angel of Peace, which is Lebanon's first and only superhero/action comic. I'm not going to NYCC either but instead I'm presenting it at the International Comic Festival in Algiers next week :D
    Here are 2 pages from volume 4:

    Page 2

    Page 15
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    Do I have a web comic? Not exactly. I'm working on one, a peace of a transhumanist punk culture in a futuristic Toronto. Now, let's see if I can actually get my shit together enough to get it going.
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2010 edited
    Stupid Snake, in a nutshell, is a wordless comic that tells the intertwined stories of a bunch of peculiar characters in a (semi)fantasy world.
    I've been working on it for about a year. There are already 14 chapters up (152 pages), which is basically the 1st book. The 2nd book is planned to start serializing in November.
    Here are two completely random pages -
    Stupid Snake - chapter 6, pg 13
    Stupis Snake - chapter 8, pg 9
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    My friend and I have been working on Olympic Dames for years. It's a modern fantasy with superhero elements. It's odd, to say the least, and not for all people. It started as a way for me, the artist, to improve. I think I've gotten pretty far since the beginning.

    I'm not at NYCC because I'm poor and I live in the middle of nowhere.
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2010
    Hello all. I'm Jim Francis, and my science fiction webcomic "Outsider" is located at:

    Humanity takes is first steps into interstellar space, only to find itself caught in the crossfire of a genocidal war between the two regional superpowers: the insectlike Umiak and the elflike, telepathic Loroi. Alex Jardin is the lone survivor of an ill-fated diplomatic mission sent by humanity to seek an alliance that may provide Earth a chance to survive the conflict, who now finds himself in the hands of Loroi combatants who find his physical similarity to them suspicious at best.

    Outsider combines hand-drawn characters (inked and colored in Photoshop) with 3D environments and other elements (generated in Lightwave).

    Front page illustration

    Page 69
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    Thanks to everyone for sharing your comics! Great stuff. I'd like to share a recent page from the comic I'm writing with artist Niki Smith, IN MAPS & LEGENDS.

    IN MAPS & LEGENDS is a contemporary fantasy digital comic with hints of science fiction and steampunk. The comic won the November 2009 competition hosted by DC Comics' now-defunct imprint Zuda Comics, and it ran on a weekly basis in 2010 until the Zuda site closed down.

    We re-launched the comic on September 1st, 2010, and each 22-page issue will come out every 6 weeks or so. Issue 2 comes out this Wednesday, October 13th. The first story arc will last ten issues. Then the next adventure begins…

    Page 5, Issue 2 of IN MAPS & LEGENDS

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    I won't waste too much of your time, but I do a little indie drama webcomic when I get spare time at

    Maybe getting a few of you from here to check it out will kick my butt enough to produce a few new pages.

    Sample Page 1
    Sample Page 2
    • CommentAuthorCarpeChaos
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2010
    I do a webcomic too! It's called Carpe Chaos.

    Carpe Chaos is a scifi space opera. It's about 5 races who learn to travel between stars and follows the ways that their cultures collide and how they solve their problems together. Sometimes they solve them diplomatically, and sometimes it's with violence. Our stories follow their histories over several thousand years, so you can get a really wide perspective on their society and personalities.

    Here are two pages from our comics:

    Page from Moments of Elation

    Page from Rising Up

    The link again is
    • CommentAuthorEMagee
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2010
    Hi, my name's Eoin, I do a webcomic called Diamond Cutter, an action-comedy with robots, dodgeball and street violence.
    dc page
    dc page 2
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2010
    Hi again everyone, and thanks to Warren for the thread as always.

    I'm continuing to do my comic Angry Faerie, which is the ongoing story of the angriest faerie and the other mythological creatures who have to live with her in their midst. The way I've been describing it at conventions is "Tinkerbell meets Dragonball" (not Dragonball Z mind you... Dragonball).

    Recently Angry Faerie was returned to her own home realm, so her parents and brother have been introduced (her mother may or may not be the Murder Faerie), as well as her former best friend and what appears to be a clone of Angry Faerie herself.

    Oh, and 10/20/10 will be the 100th Angry Faerie strip. So now's a great time to catch up at
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    The Cattle Raid of Cooley, my adaptation of the Irish iron age epic, continues apace every Wednesday. Here's a recent silent action sequence...

    The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 95
    The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 96

    I did a 24 Hour Comic at the weekend called "Rise at Sunset", which will be going up on the web when it's scanned. Will let yez know when and where.
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    Yet another plug for The Profane Comedy of Audley Strange.

    Here's a couple of pages from the current storyline. Enjoy!

    • CommentAuthorepalicki
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2010 edited
    You can click HERE to check out THE UNDERTAKER'S DAUGHTER, my series of four-page short comics stories with artist Wendell Cavalcanti.

    In addition, I've just posted the first 22 pages of BAREFOOT, my collaboration with artist Gabriel Andrade, Jr., whose previous work includes Die Hard: Year One for BOOM! Studios. He provided the cover art as well, with graphic design elements on the version below provided by Calliope den Ouden, Whitechapel's own Yskaya.

    Barefoot is less webcomics than it is comics on the web. I posted the pages online so I had a place to direct editors while the pitch makes its rounds to publishers. In the meantime, I thought I'd share.

    An exploration of the personal cost modern warfare. A dragon girl with a tattoo. A talking dog named Harlan.

    And the first page:

    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2010
    hallo! my webcomic is actually written by a friend of mine named Jesse Bausch. he's also written Strange Detective Tales, which sadly, is neither on the web, nor published by any big name so getting ahold of a copy takes some work (worth it though).

    anyway! Godsend is fantasy, and follows a small group as they attempt to wrangle a prophecy gone horribly awry. first page is here.

    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2010
    That's some red hot comics action as per ususal folks. Bravo!

    The latest addition to the Weaponizer Webcomics stable is KINK WALKER, by Whitechapel regular Will Couper and artist Morag Lewis. We also have an eclusive cover for the series by Emma Vieceli, of DRAGON'S HEIR fame!

    Cover by Emma Vieceli

    It's the story of Bryn, a supernatural investigator, and his spirit guide Helen. In this first adventure, they travel to the Australian outback. It's a great read with some stunning art - hope you enjoy!

    • CommentAuthorsisbliss
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2010
    "Repeater's Lament" is a long-form webcomic about an ex-convict seeking redemption.

    Art by Jhomar Soriano and JM Ringuet. Story by Joannie Cheng.


    Repeater's Lament
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2010
    Calamities of Nature is a comic focusing on topics of social commentary, science, religion, and lots of bacon!

    Yo mama jokes for physicists
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2010 edited
    Thanks Warren.

    The Doctor Pepper Show

    • CommentAuthorGregCarter
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2010
    Whoops! Almost missed it! Thanks again, Warren.

    LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD - words by Greg Carter, art by Elliot Dombo:
    Love is in the Blood

    PERFECT AGENT - words by Greg Carter, art by Stephanie O'Donnell:
    Perfect Agent