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    Thought I'd join before we ran out of comic. Been reading for a few months now, and don't think I've been this excited yet. Thank you for the clever reference, texture, I really hope it won't be anything like that, though. Is Connor expecting that knocking out all the Freakangels bar Arkady as helicopters approach a good thing? They could totally stop a helicopter with their normal, non-enhanced powers.

    Also, Sirkka is pretty! And very sexy.
    • CommentAuthorkrel
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    Good morning, everybody. Every week, the suspense kills me. How long until they'll wake up? I don't remember Arkady passing out after, but I guess it has been a while.

    I'm on vacation, starting today. Of course I could not sleep in. Have a great day, everyone.
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    I had a feeling in my gut that something like this was going down. The big question - what/who the hell is in the chopper?!

    I can has next Friday please?
    • CommentAuthordaz
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    I love how Connor's stepped up and the contrast with Mark's (& other's) expectations of Connor. Contra Mark's 'you never plan', Connor's always had plans but things have never been so desperate that he's been had to execute his plans. There's always been someone more assertive to take the lead, until now. Now, in the space of a few minutes, Connor's assessed the state of the Whitechapel gang, the implications of upgrade and how to execute it (ha!), the threat posed by Mark, and his motivations, and singled Miki out as the principle figure while he's passed out. And articulated "it's about everyone else, not us".

    I love this free ice-cream. What's the best way to show my gratitude and reward you? Buy anything with Warren or Paul's name on it? Buy something specific with Warren and Paul's name on it?
    • CommentAuthormrutter
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010 edited
    After relentless searching of wikipedia it is a US Military Helicopter due to the insignia, and it is a Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King, which means that it is most likely the US Marine Corps in possible joint operation with the US Navy. Awesome.
    • CommentAuthorFono
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    I am hearting Connor rather a lot. Braaaains? Hmm. Zombie 'Merkins, then..?

    Alright here in the armpit of the midlands ta, debating pasta or rice for lunch. *wave*
    • CommentAuthorarf
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    I've just been OD-ing on 'Plants vs Zombies'

    .... and then I get hit with full panel 'BRAAAINS' !!!!???
    • CommentAuthorAisforAmy
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    My question (after I got done with my AW CRAP moment) is how Mark knew so far in advance that this was coming. Did he do something or say something to the wrong people during his gun running activities? It's been YEARS since the crash, and it's a single helicopter (so far). How long until the pilot is in range of mind-reading?
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    Well at least we'll know how things fared on the other side of the big wet.

    Closed on our house on Monday. Just had the plumbing fixed today.

    Ah, ownership.
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    The Yanks are coming!

    The end of a busy week. At the beginning of the busy week I had a health check and the Doc described me as a walking stroke, so now I need lots more checks. Off to meet William Gibson tomorrow!
    • CommentAuthorTAL
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    Nipples & Helicopters are a good way to bookend an episode.
    • CommentAuthorTorvaun
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    Most likely the Navy, actually. Now, the SH-3 does not have the range to cross the Atlantic without multiple mid-air fuelings. I think it's more likely from an American military base in Europe, and if I had to guess past that, I'd go with Germany. Now the really bad news is, these helicopters are sometimes equipped with nuclear weapons, which could really give "can't die" a workout.
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    Anyone else notice that the Americans appear on page 666 of the comic? Coincidence...?
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    Absolutely amazing final panels; loved that 'focus, focus, oh shit' sequence!
    Also thought Paul's drawing of Sirkka was so beautiful - not to sound too pervy but not all artists get a relaxed woman's breasts right and he just nailed it; gorgeous!

    Bit of a turmoiled week here with family matters and my blood pressure is still a cause for (mostly wifely) concern. But I just heard I had a paper with a student accepted for the best journal in my field, so I'm very happy (and surprised, given how negative the initial referees' reports were). Hey ho, into the weekend we go ...
    • CommentAuthorpixiedust
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    Bloody heck!!!!!
    I love episodes like this, where the thought of a skip week just makes me cry.
    Nice to see Connor coming into his own.

    I have baked the mother of all chocolate cakes to console myself after the writing class I was looking falward to all week was cancelled.
    • CommentAuthorJECole
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
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    Damn, what a way to start the day. First this brilliant new coffee, Freakangels and then look out my window and see this...

    Good way to lead off a Friday, I say.

    I've been wondering if the Alice sequence over the past few weeks was in regard to something latent still in her programming or something she sees coming. Mystery over!
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    Pffft. I'll go ahead and skip politeness.

    Paul, thank you for Sirkka. Absolutely delicious work.
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    a bit of gratuitous (albeit well done) nudity there mr. ellis?

    keeps the fanboys happy I suppose, and I guess the other side of the readership had gratuitous nudity back when luke was getting clobbered by trashcan lids...although I don't think anyone found that very enjoyable (luke isn't very pretty).

    American military choppers. le sigh.
    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    Spent the week locked in mortal combat with full grown trees, subterranean rodents, rusted hulks, and double garage doors. I feel like I've been dragged behind a car for a mile. And then backed up over again.

    Which is pretty much how I think our 'Angels are going to be feeling here in a short bit, eh? Especially Conner.

    Somehow I had a feeling that the Americans were coming. It's the only truly terrible thing I could think of that might actually shake up someone as arrogant as Mark. Okay, that or Cthulhu. But I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be Cthulhu.