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    I haven't apologised but he has done pretty much what I wanted him to,never had owt against him just his actions...subtle difference there and testament to the realisation of the characters.
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    colors are bloody brilliant. great job.

    The americans are coming. the americans are coming!

    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    holy. shit.
    did not see that coming.

    it seems as if the former rebel colonies are coming back ;)

    as always, can't wait till next week :)
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    Rarely, have I felt a need to comment on the episodes. Or I should say lately. But this week really made me want to comment, I love the part [Page 5] where Connor is trying to get them to focus on saving Whitechapel.
    I love how strong his face was portrayed and as the panels began to change there was a pang of sadness, the look a child would give you when they are begging or crying reaching out in a way. A very touching panel, imo.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    @James T:

    Oh shit. Good memory, my friend.
    • CommentAuthorZatoichi
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    Excellent work! Great job - you got the right model of helicopter there too.

    I'm loving this whole thing. Very well done!
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2010
    Isn't there at least one American military base in England, which means that just because it's an American chopper doesn't mean it's Americans (or at least American soldiers) on board?

    Also, consider that Mark is apparently afraid of the people coming to Whitechapel. Given his own abilities, why would he be afraid of regular (or even special ops) soldiers. I think there's something else coming, something much more dangerous than a few "bloody colonials."
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    Great episode.

    @johnjones; good point, they took care of soldiers before. So what IS Mark afraid of?????!?!?!?
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    Has anyone noticed that the American revelations occur on page 666 of the comic?

    And the exclusive Full Frontal Freakangels club extends to include Sirkka. Maybe she and Luke does have a lot in common hyuk hyuk.

    Furthermore, I really hope nuclear weapons doesn't prove the ultimate weapon against superhumans like in what seems like five thousand other comics. The twelve of them together had the power of a type 1 civilization when they were young and inexperienced. (Speculation.) No force on Earth should be able to overcome that kind of magnetic field. I hope.
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    Don't tell me it's Doctor Sleepless coming...
    • CommentAuthorRanRan
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2010 edited
    What could be so devastating as to get Mark's panties in a twist? (This is my theory, lemme know what you think.)

    Loss of power.

    Obviously, he is not afraid of death or capture, therefore it must be something outside of his own personal safety that's got him all frothy.
    Mark is tits over knees in love with having power over other people. So if something should happen to the scant number of survivors, who the hell would he be able to boss around?? The other Freakangels? Lame! He fancies himself a king, and Whitechapel is a lovely little kingdom. But, only if it is full of lovely little subjects (not lame-ass other FAs). So if the Americans, or who-ever, come try to exterminate the FAs with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons, then who will be King Mark's subjects? With no one to laud him, doesn't that mean he is *gasp* a nobody?! God forbid. What a terrifying notion.

    Anyhoo, regardless of whether or not a nuclear bomb could destroy the Freakangels, it would be just like the Americans to drop a nuke on them just to be thorough. Damn the massive loss of civilian life. There's a reason it's called "collateral damage" and it ain't to humanize the enemy.

    Meanwhile, back in the gutter...
    Sheee-it, thems some wicked tatas.
    *sigh* I wish my boobs looked like Sirkka's when laying down...
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2010
    The fact hat that US chopper arrives now, so many years after date, made me wonder.
    If the effect of the FA's act was limited to England, I expect the US army or any other party to react a lot faster to such kind of event. So I suspect that the effect of the FA's action was a bit underestimated and had its consequences worldwide. (that thought first came to me when Arkady first succeeded in spiritually leveling high enough to find out that "things had even become worse" which gave her a fair shock) So I guess that the rest of the world was severly affected too and had to reorganise itself and because of that they saw no earlier opportunity to move troops to the source of the catastrophe.

    With that thought in mind I have a few thoughts of my own:
    1. the US army comes either in peace to help what is left of Brittain or they come to try to fight whoever or whatever caused the world to change in order to restore the order. The fact that they use an army chopper means nothing: those are easier to launch from an aircraftcarrier and good for surveillancetasks as well as troop-transport, so both peaceful and hostile remain possible. I guess we will soon find out if they are "friend or foe"...

    2. It may well be possible that Conner too underestimates the gravity and the size of the issue for the FA's themselves: it is not about themselves, it is not even about Whitechapel and those who live under protection of the FA's, it is about he whole world and everyone who survived the catastrophe. Those young people may well be confronted with the immens task to rearrange and reorganize a complete world-order, given time. For of course the rest of the world still has to be convinced of the power and the means of the FA's. (guessing that that rest of the world not yet knows what or who exactly caused that catastrophe to happen)

    What I know for sure: this will be a long, long week for me, while waiting for episode 112 of this great series.
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2010
    There's no question the FA event was world-wide; it's been stated that the windup radios are picking up no signals from anywhere.

    I'm doubting Mark's concern was what's in the heli; it's difficult to reconcile with the timing of the events. The story to this point has progressed only a couple of days from page 1. Mark's plan was set in place some time back (weeks, at least). Alice doesn't seem to know squat about the Americans, so it's a safe assumption that she's not seen them. So if Mark is running in fear of the Yanks, he'd have to have detected them weeks back, set up his plan, kick off the various movements of Alice et. al. towards Whitecastle, get there himself - and then in two days the Yanks jump all the way from where Mark detected them to Whitecastle. That seems unlikely. It seem even unlikelier when you try to explain how Mark could detect them but the other FAs didn't and haven't. So I'm betting that whoever's in the heli and whatever Mark's afraid of are two separate elements.

    Arkady vs Mark, complicated by oncoming external threat or threats. Oh, baby, I'm there.
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    The last few episodes have been very good, lots of heavy implications and hints. I speculate that we may see a heavy military effort from the outside world. They've had six years to figure out what happened and who did it.The government types who were pursuing them may have survived the FA attack and informed any number of foriegn governments about who started all this.Also it may not be as hard as we think to counter at least some of the FA abilities. Assuming Karl's tin hat works, someone could have come up with all kinds of ways to hide themselves from psychic detection....

    BTW; Has anyone else noticed the subliminal googley eyed faces peering out of various surfaces and backgrounds? I think it starts on page three of episode 94 and they have appeared intermittently ever since.
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2010
    @bobsuncle: looked back from the page you mention but did see no eyes... but maybe I am looking wrong.
    But you do have a point though: who or what gave the FA's their package and for what purpose? And is it/he/she supervising what is going on?

    And about protection against the FA's by wearing tin helmets: that does not really help against their powers over matter as well: what good is a protection against willpower over your mind when you are in a crashing helicopter?
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    This is probably the view from the chopper:

    hey look!

    Image found here:
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    A few scary thoughts after scarily thinking about it in my braaaiins.

    Coordinated hostile armed and trained military is the most likely threat. It would close the thematic loophole left after the BIG PUNCH. Mark theorized that if the FA demonstrated their own Hiroshima they would be left alone. He forgot that Hiroshima didn't end the war. It was Nagasaki, which was a second bomb, larger than the first. It was a progressive demonstration of greater force that ended the war. One didn't cut it.

    How did Mark find out about them? HE was the one who "ran guns" and supplied New Cross with their petroleum. He had to have crossed paths with the new threat in his effort to secure more weapons, or he simply deduced it after witnessing the supplies being devoured by someone else, or seeing the effects of their attacks on other civilizations (Arkady's statement "It's gotten worse!")
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2010
    Does Sirkka have no navel?
    • CommentAuthorGewpoe
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2010
    Why is Conner telling Sirkka to "Ignore that constant beating sound"? That's got to be the helicopter, which seems pretty important at this point. Is he telling her to ignore the main thing she should be looking for?
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2010
    "that constant beating sound": I simply assumed that when you suddenly get superconscious of everything, you also hear the constant beating of your own heart also (too) loud and (too) clear. Something you have to ignore, for it won't get less, you just have to put it correctly into its new perspective. Something that Conner already had experienced by shooting himself through the brain, but what was new to the others.